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Air pollution may cause autism, schizophrenia  Jun 6, 1:03 pm
Washington, June 6 (ANI): A new study has revealed that exposure to air pollution early in life makes people highly prone to autism and schizophrenia.
Delhi Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung plants trees on World Environment Day  Jun 5, 8:49 pm
New Delhi, June 5 (ANI): On the occasion of World Environment Day Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung visited the Garhi Mandu Forest and planted a Jamun tree sapling near waterbody as part of the plantation drive and urged others present to plant trees to reduce the level of air pollution and improve aesthetics.
Air pollution associated with irregular heartbeat and lung blood clots  Jun 5, 11:17 am
Washington, June 5 (ANI): A new study has linked air pollution to irregular heartbeat and lung blood clots.
Olive oil supplements can protect you against health problems due to air pollution  May 20, 10:10 am
Washington, May 20 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that taking olive oil supplements may counteract some of the adverse cardiovascular effects of exposure to air pollution.
WHO report claims New Delhi has world's worst air pollution  May 10, 12:59 pm
New Delhi, May 10 (ANI): A World Health Organisation (WHO) study ranks New Delhi as the world's worst city for air pollution, with an annual average of 153 micrograms of small particulates, known as PM 2.5, per cubic metre.
Improving air quality in NYC could boost kids' future earnings by raising their IQ  May 9, 10:07 am
Washington, May 9 (ANI): Researchers have said that reducing air pollution in New York City would result in substantial economic gains for children as a result of increasing their IQs.
New Delhi has dirtiest air among 1600 cities: WHO  May 8, 11:06 am
Sydney, May 8 (ANI): World Health Organisation has revealed that New Delhi is the most polluted city in the world.
Asian air pollution affecting Northern Hemisphere's weather patterns  Apr 15, 4:19 pm
London, April 15 (ANI): Air pollution in China and other Asian countries is generating sweeping impact on weather patterns across the Northern Hemisphere, it has been revealed.
Air pollution led to seven million deaths in 2012  Mar 26, 10:32 am
London, Mar 26 (ANI): The World Health Organization estimates that seven million people have died as a result of air pollution in 2012.
Chinese media hurls racist comments at departing U.S. 'banana' envoy  Mar 2, 11:37 am
Tokyo, Mar. 2 (ANI): A media organization in China used a racist slur to criticize departing U.S. Ambassador Gary Locke.
Beijing issues three-day pollution alert as smog paralyses life in N China  Feb 21, 1:28 pm
Beijing, Feb. 21 (ANI): Beijing has issued a yellow alert for heavy air pollution over the next three days.
Air pollution may lead to brain cancer  Feb 16, 10:43 am
Washington, Feb. 16 (ANI): A team of researchers is set to conduct a study to determine if several potentially toxic compounds that exist in polluted air are capable of entering the brain from the bloodstream and causing brain cancer.
Air pollution increases hypertension risk in pregnant women  Feb 14, 11:26 am
Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): A new study has found that breathing in harmful toxics during pregnancy increases risk of hypertension in women and may result in deadly complications like preeclampsia.
Extreme air pollution in Asia affecting world's weather  Jan 27, 10:04 am
Washington, Jan. 27 (ANI): Researchers including an Indian-origin have claimed that extreme air pollution in Asia is affecting the world's weather and climate patterns.
Long-term exposure to air pollution increases risk of cardiac arrest   Jan 23, 11:18 am
Washington, Jan 23 (ANI): A new European study has found that exposing yourself to particulate matter in the air for a long period of time can up the risk of heart attack.
Exposure to air pollution raises autism risk in people who carry gene  Dec 2, 1:11 pm
Washington, Dec 2 (ANI): A new study suggests that exposure to air pollution could increase the risk for autism among people who carry a genetic disposition for the neurodevelopmental disorder.
Air pollution leading cause of lung cancer  Oct 18, 11:46 am
London, Oct 18 (ANI): World Health Organization has declared pollutants in the air as leading environmental cause of lung cancer.
Air pollution ups risk of underweight babies  Oct 15, 10:56 am
Melbourne, Oct 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that pregnant women exposed to even low levels of air pollution are at a higher risk of delivering low birth weight babies.
Air pollution linked to increased risk of heart attacks  Oct 9, 11:25 am
Washington, Oct 09 (ANI): The new study has revealed that rising levels of air pollution increases the risk of getting a heart attack among adults.
How air pollution and maternal psychological distress affects kid's behavioural development  Oct 8, 12:51 pm
Washington, Oct 08 (ANI): A new study has revealed that psychological distress combined with exposure to air pollution during pregnancy have an adverse impact on the child's behavioural development.
China plans to control coal use amidst increased air pollution  Sep 13, 10:14 am
London, Sept. 13 (ANI): China has reportedly announced plans to control coal use in a bid to keep a check on the dangerous levels of air pollution in its major cities.
Road side air pollution ups risk of death in bronchiectasis patients  Sep 8, 10:40 am
Washington, Sept 08 (ANI): A new study has revealed that living close to a busy road is associated with a higher risk of death in people with bronchiectasis.
Beijing to impose car congestion fee to tackle pollution by 2017  Sep 3, 4:11 pm
Beijing, Sept. 3 (ANI): Following the footsteps of bigger metropolitan cities like London, Milan and Tokyo, Beijing is set to implement the car congestion fee in order to cut down on air pollution by 2017.
China traffic, home cooking causes 80 percent of air pollution in East Asia: Study  Aug 22, 4:03 pm
Washington, Aug. 22 (ANI): A recent study has revealed that China's city traffic and home cooking is to be blamed for 80 percent soot found in East Asia's atmosphere.
Indian cities less NO2 polluted than other major global counterparts   Aug 20, 9:32 am
Washington, August 20 (ANI): NASA scientists have used satellite observations to measure air pollution's dependence on population in four of the planet's major air pollution regions: the United States, Europe, China and India.