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Continuing dad's legacy, Meadow presents Adrian Grenier 2016 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award  Jun 6, 3:46 pm
Washington D.C., June 6 (ANI): Following her dad's footsteps, Meadow Walker presented actor Adrian Grenier with the 2016 Paul Walker Ocean Leadership Award at the Monterey Bay Aquarium on the World Ocean Day.
Maharashtra CM Fadnavis inaugurates renovated Taraporevala Aquarium  Mar 3, 8:49 pm
Mumbai, Mar. 3 (ANI): Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Tuesday inaugurated the renovated Taraporevala Aquarium, one of the city's oldest aquariums.
Indian zebrafish provides deeper insight into Alzheimer's disease  Aug 20, 3:25 pm
Washington, Aug 20 (ANI): Zebrafish, which are originally from India, but also a popular aquarium fish, has helped researchers to obtain a deeper insight into the Alzheimer's disease.
Scientists discover deep-sea octopus that broods eggs for over 4 years  Jul 31, 12:35 pm
Washington, July 31 (ANI): Scientists have observed a deep-sea octopus that brood its eggs for four and one half years-longer than any other known animal.
Fish can remember things even after 12 days   Jul 2, 5:09 pm
Washington, July 2 (ANI): Contrary to the belief that fish have a memory span of 30 seconds, it turns out that the aquatic creatures are smarter than we think, and can recall context and associations even 12 days later.
Imphal hosts aquarium exhibition-cum-flower show  Apr 22, 12:14 pm
Imphal (Manipur), Apr.22 (ANI): A week-long state level aquarium exhibition-cum-flower show was recently organized by the Manipur Science and Technology Council.
Visual treat of exotic fish, flowers leaves visitors spellbound in Manipur  Apr 13, 4:11 pm
Imphal, Apr.13 (ANI): The display of the rarest breeds of ornamental fishes and flowers at the seven- day state level Aquarium exhibition cum flower show in Imphal left visitors spell bound.
China opens biggest stand-alone building, equivalent to three Pentagons   Aug 27, 3:38 pm
Washington, Aug. 27 (ANI): China has constructed the world's largest stand-alone building, equivalent to three Pentagons.
Google Street View adds zoos to its photographic atlas  Aug 23, 11:15 am
Washington, Aug. 23 (ANI): Search giant Google has taken on a wilder side with its Street View service which has recently added more zoos to its huge photographic atlas.
Peek-a-boo at Warne's lavish 'up-for-grabs' 15 mln-dollar mansion!  Jun 18, 12:24 pm
Melbourne, June 18 (ANI): Pictures of Australian spin legend Shane Warne's luxurious mansion, which has been reportedly put on the market for 15 million dollars, have been revealed to the public.
Cristiano Ronaldo puts up nude portrait of himself at Spanish house  Feb 23, 10:46 am
London, Feb 23 (ANI): Visitors to Cristiano Ronaldo's garish Spanish pad will not just have his grand piano, aquarium and ceiling mirrors to admire about, as the footie ace has hung a larger-than-life picture of himself naked on the wall of his home.
Brit man steals fish from aquarium to win angling prize  Jan 11, 11:34 am
London, Jan 11 (ANI): A man stole a huge bass from an aquarium in Guernsey, and pretended that he had caught it to win a sea fishing contest.
World's largest aquarium opens in Singapore   Nov 25, 3:07 pm
Washington, Nov. 25 (ANI): The world's biggest aquarium which will house more than 100,000 marine animals of over 800 species in 45 million liters of water has opened in Singapore.
Endangered fish species find a new home in aquarium in Manipur  Oct 20, 4:46 pm
Imphal, Oct.20 (ANI): An aquatic exhibition, showing rare varieties of aquatic species, a wide range of ornamental fish and underwater plants, is attracting large crowds in Manipur's capital Imphal.
Zebrafish to give insight into causes and treatment of human diseases  Jul 7, 12:34 pm
Washington, July 7 (ANI): Researchers including one of Indian origin are now using Zebrafish, which are popular as aquarium fish, in research labs as a model organism for studying human diseases.
Thierry Henry scraps plan for giant aquarium in new home  May 18, 12:56 pm
London, May 18 (ANI): Thierry Henry, who was going to build a giant aquarium in his new mansion in England, has dumped plans to build the 40ft-high structure.
Public aquarium set for Indian debut  May 5, 8:44 pm
New Delhi, May 5 (ANI): The National Capital Region (NCR) is all set to get a one of its kind public aquarium at Greater Noida. The Blue Planet, to be built on the lines of international masterpieces like Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium, Dubai's Mall Aquarium and Japan's Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, will be spread over a carpet area of approximately 100000 square feet and is being built by Delhi-based Bhasin Group, in collaboration with Singapore based leisure and tourism attraction company, Andover Leisure Pvt Limited.
Stress makes people not get pregnant, says Khloe Kardashian  Apr 17, 6:45 pm
London, Apr 17 (ANI): Khloe Kardashian, who has been very vocal about getting pregnant, had a tiff with elder sister Kim when she suggested that she should consider in vitro to help her conceive.
Thierry Henry adds Bengal kitten to menagerie   Feb 25, 3:55 pm
London, Feb 25 (ANI): Thierry Henry, who is getting a four-storey aquarium as part of renovation plans for his 6million-pound mansion, has added a 1,000-pound Bengal kitten to his menagerie.
Thierry Henry to rebuild 6m pounds mansion to fit 4-storey aquarium for 300 fishes  Feb 19, 4:50 pm
London, Feb 19 (ANI): Footballer Thierry Henri is so keen to have a 40-feet aquarium stretching from the bottom of his house to the top for his 300 fish, that he wants to rebuild his luxury home to accommodate it.
Sir Elton John an 'embarrassing dad' on day out with dolphins   Oct 4, 4:27 pm
Washington, Oct 4 (ANI): Sir Elton John took his son, Zachary on a behind-the-scenes tour of Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, where an onlooker remarked that the singer looked very much the 'embarrassing dad' in his youthful tracksuit.
Joey Barton's house featuring 'giant tropical aquarium' up for sale  Sep 26, 4:39 pm
London, Sept 26 (ANI): Football's bad boy Joey Barton has put his mansion up for sale for a whopping 1.4million pounds, besides seeking extra 100,000 pounds for his massive fish tank.