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Diets rich in vitamin B3 prevent liver cancer in mice  Nov 21, 12:38 pm
London, Nov 21 (ANI): A new research has revealed that diets rich in nicotinamide riboside, a derivative of vitamin B3, prevent the development of liver tumors and induce tumor regression in mice.
Scientists discover 'power source' of cancer  Nov 20, 2:39 pm
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study has revealed that a similar protein complex and its subunit which is now believed to be a cancer-causing gene that impacts activity of another gene that's tied to tumour growth.
Regular BP medication doesn't heighten breast cancer risk in women  Nov 20, 10:27 am
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): A new study has discovered that women who consume general blood pressure medication don't face increased of developing breast cancer.
How high fibrous food can help you lose weight  Nov 19, 4:30 pm
Washington, Nov 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that dietary fiber can cause a shift in the gut toward beneficial bacteria, reducing the risk of colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and other diseases, while the two specific functional fibers may also have the potential to assist in weight loss when made part of a long-term, daily diet.
Scientists link soap ingredient to liver tumors in mice  Nov 18, 1:36 pm
Washington, Nov 18 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that an antimicrobial commonly that is found in soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and many other household items causes liver fibrosis and cancer in laboratory mice through molecular mechanisms that are also relevant in humans.
Cancer-stricken cartoonist waits eagerly for PM Modi outside Allphones Arena  Nov 17, 11:57 am
Sydney, Nov. 17 (ANI): Ailing cancer stricken cartoonist Ramesh Chandra is eagerly waiting outside the Allphones Arena for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, where he will soon be arriving to address the India community.
Cannabis extracts help slow growth of brain cancer tumours  Nov 16, 11:26 am
Washington, Nov 16 (ANI): A new study has revealed that cannabis extracts can help slow the growth of cancerous tumours when used alongside radiotherapy treatments.
`Magnum P.I. ` creator Glen A. Larson passes away at 77  Nov 16, 9:55 am
Washington, Nov 16 (ANI): Glen A. Larson, creator of 'Magnum P.I.,' 'Knight Rider' and 'Quincy M.E.' has recently died at the age of 77 after suffering from esophageal cancer.
MTV reality star Diem Brown's loses battle to cancer aged 32  Nov 15, 10:47 am
Washington, Nov 15 (ANI): MTV reality TV star Diem Brown recently passed away following a battle with ovarian cancer. She was 32.
Walnuts slow down prostate cancer growth  Nov 14, 1:51 pm
Washington, Nov 14 (ANI): A new study has revealed that diets rich in whole walnuts or walnut oil slowed prostate cancer growth in mice.
Cancer struck Richie Benaud not ready to give up `mike` yet  Nov 11, 2:29 pm
London, Nov 11 (ANI): Former Australian cricketer and legendary commentator Richie Benaud has revealed that he is ready to call again, despite his ongoing battle with skin cancer.
`The Simpsons' co-creator to donate his fortune to charity   Nov 11, 10:10 am
Melbourne, Nov 11 (ANI): The Simpsons' co-creator Sam Simon has decided to give away his million dollars wealth as he enters his final days after suffering from terminal colon cancer, it has been revealed.
Cricket commentating legend Richie Benaud reveals battle with skin cancer   Nov 10, 12:45 pm
Sydney, Nov 10 (ANI): Former Australian cricketer and legendary commentator Richie Benaud has revealed that he has skin cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy for the same.
Scientists beat cancer protein by 'turning it against itself'  Nov 9, 1:29 pm
Washington, Nov 9 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have a new way to beat one of the most hard to pin down target proteins in cancer cells, by turning the protein's own molecular machinations against it.
Hot flushes are going unrecognised leaving women vulnerable: Southampton Varsity study  Nov 5, 11:29 am
London, Nov.5 (ANI): Hot flushes are one of the most distressing conditions faced by women who have been treated for breast cancer, but they are not being adequately addressed by healthcare professionals and some women consider giving up their post cancer medication to try and stop them, a new study by the University of Southampton has shown.
Breast cancer survivors may benefit from exercise therapy, acupuncture   Nov 5, 11:18 am
Washington, Nov 5 (ANI): Scientists have offered hope to breast cancer survivors, who suffer from pain and swelling, by offering a set of therapies which would help in increasing their muscular strength and body image.
Vivek Oberoi cleans Juhu Beach for 'Swachh Bharat Campaign'in Mumbai   Nov 4, 3:20 pm
New Delhi, Nov 4 (ANI): Vivek Oberoi was recently spotted at Juhu Beach, Mumbai, along with the volunteers of Cancer Patient Aid Association (CPAA) as part of the 'Swachh Bharat Campaign'.
Docs give Jonas Gutierrez 'all-clear' in fight against testicular cancer  Nov 4, 12:34 pm
London, Nov 04 (ANI): Newcastle United winger Jonas Gutierrez has reportedly been given the all clear in his fight with testicular cancer.
'Mindfulness' meditation a boon for breast cancer survivors  Nov 4, 12:21 pm
Washington, Nov 4 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that practicing "mindfulness" meditation or being involved in a support group has a positive physical impact at the cellular level in breast cancer survivors.
How 'Aspirin' prevents colon cancer revealed  Nov 4, 10:53 am
Washington, Nov 4 (ANI): A new study has claimed that Aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) protect against the growth of colorectal cancer.
Long-term shift work linked to decreased brain function   Nov 4, 10:37 am
Washington, Nov 4 (ANI): A new study has claimed that long working hours or shift work like chronic jet lag disrupts the body's internal clock and is linked to range of health problems, such as ulcers, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, and some cancers.
Kiwi legend Crowe rejects chemotherapy to treat cancer return  Nov 3, 1:21 pm
Wellington, Nov 03 (ANI): New Zealand cricket legend Martin Crowe's friends have lined up to offer him support as the former skipper has reportedly rejected chemotherapy to treat the return of his cancer.
Terminally Ill cancer patient ends her own life at 29   Nov 3, 12:53 pm
Washington, Nov 3 (ANI): Terminally Ill woman Brittany Maynard, who decided to end her life because of terrible brain cancer, passed away on her own will.
Single blood test may detect many cancer types in future   Nov 3, 12:39 pm
Washington, Nov 3 (ANI): A new study has identified more than 800 markers in the blood of cancer patients that could help lead to a single blood test for early detection of many types of cancer in future.
MJ's prosecutor Tom Sneddon dies of cancer at 73   Nov 3, 10:26 am
Washington, Nov 3 (ANI): Michael Jackson's prosecutor Tom Sneddon, who tried twice to nail the musician on child molestation charges, has passed away at the age of 73 after battling with cancer.