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Posing nude made Charlize Theron recall viewing her first sex scene  Jan 6, 2:16 pm
Washington, D.C., Jan. 6 (ANI): During the photo-shoot for W magazine's movie issue, Charlize Theron recalled the first sex scene she ever watched on television.
Has Charlize Theron replaced Brad Pitt in 'The Gray Man'?  Oct 15, 2:23 pm
London, Oct.15 (ANI): Charlize Theron is reportedly in talks to replace Brad Pitt for the lead role in the upcoming flick 'The Gray Man'.
Michelle Obama, Charlize Theron feel `nothing sexier than smart woman`   Sep 30, 4:09 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 30 (ANI): U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama and Charlize Theron have similar advice for girls who may be afraid to be smart because they might be a turn-off to guys.
`Newly-married` Jennifer Aniston seeking `adoption` advice from pals  Sep 6, 11:11 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 6 (ANI): Jennifer Aniston is definitely planning to start a family with her new husband Justin Theroux as reportedly, she is seeking adoption advice from her single-mother friends Sheryl Crow and Charlize Theron.
Charlize Theron adopts baby girl, names her August  Aug 2, 10:13 am
Washington DC, Aug 2(ANI): Looks like Charlize Theron is expanding her family as the actress has recently adopted another child.
Exes Charlize Theron, Sean Penn snapped together first time post split  Jul 31, 10:14 am
Washington DC, July 31 (ANI): It might be Charlize Theron and Sean Penn's work commitment but re-shoots of their upcoming flick 'The Last Face' has given their fans a chance to see the former couple together for the first time after their split.
'Nervous' Charlize Theron invites President Obama to 'strip club'  Jul 22, 1:31 pm
New York, July 22 (ANI): Charlize Theron got so nervous with the thought of meeting US President Barack Obama that out of the blue she invited the US President to go to a strip club.
Charlize Theron broke up with Sean Penn by ghosting him  Jun 21, 8:25 pm
Washington, June 21 (ANI): American actress Charlize Theron reportedly started ghosting Sean Penn by ignoring the actor's phone calls or speaking with him during the Cannes Film Festival.
'Engaged' Sean Penn, Charlize Theron call it quits  Jun 18, 9:37 am
Washington, June 18 (ANI): Sean Penn and Charlize Theron have broken off their engagement, parting their ways after almost a year and a half together.
Charlize Theron, Sean Penn find new 'besties' in Brangelina  May 19, 12:55 pm
Johannesburg, May 19 (ANI): South-African actress Charlize Theron and beau Sean Penn have claimed to be close friends with star couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.
Charlize Theron feels feminism is such a tricky thing  May 15, 3:44 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Charlize Theron, who will be seen in 'Mad Max: Fury Road', spoke about gender inequality in Hollywood and said that feminism is such a tricky thing.
Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie to team up for 'Captain Marvel'   May 15, 12:02 pm
London, May 15 (ANI): Hollywood A-listers Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie have been line up for next major Marvel comic book adaptation of Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers.
Charlize Theron to play spy in `The Coldest City`  May 10, 4:39 pm
Washington, May 10(ANI): Focus Features has roped in actress Charlize Theron for a spy thriller 'The Coldest City.'
Charlize Theron opens up about relationship with 'love of her life' Sean Penn  May 9, 4:17 pm
London, May 9 (ANI): Charlize Theron has opened up about her relationship with the "love of her life" Sean Penn.
Charlize Theron to marry beau Sean Penn after dating for 18 months  May 5, 5:38 pm
London, May 5 (ANI): Charlize Theron is all set to tie knot with beau Sean Penn after just dating for 18 months, it has been revealed.
Charlize Theron says going bald for 'Mad Max' was 'freeing'  Apr 23, 5:20 pm
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Charlize Theron recently admitted that going bald for 'Mad Max' was "freeing."
Charlize Theron says traumatic moment when mum shot abusive dad `formed her`  Apr 12, 12:37 pm
Washington, Apr 12 (ANI): Charlize Theron has revealed that she drew on the traumatic childhood memory of witnessing her mum shoot dead her abusive dad for her 'Dark Places' film role.
Charlize Theron relates to 'Dark Places' character due to personal 'traumatic' experience  Apr 8, 12:12 pm
Washington, Apr 08 (ANI): Charlize Theron has confessed that she "can relate" to her upcoming movie 'Dark Place's' character, since she had herself witnessed a "very traumatic experience" as a child.
Nicholas Hoult praises co-stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron  Mar 18, 12:43 pm
Washington, Mar 18 (ANI): Nicholas Hoult gushed about his female co-stars Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron recently.
Will RiRi be first black face of Dior as Charlize Theron's replacement?  Mar 12, 2:41 pm
London, Mar. 12 (ANI): Rihanna is all set to replace Charlize Theron as the face of j'adore Dior, which will make her the first black face for the brand, it has been reported.
Jessica Chastain joins 'The Huntsman' opposite Chris Hemsworth  Feb 25, 10:17 am
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Jessica Chastain has joined the star cast of Universal's 'The Huntsman' opposite Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron, it has been reported.
Is Sean Penn planning to marry girlfriend Charlize Theron?  Jan 30, 12:35 pm
London, Jan 30 (ANI): Sean Penn, who has been rumored of getting engaged with girlfriend Charlize Theron, has admitted that he would get married again.
Sean Penn to adopt fiancee Charlize Theron`s son   Jan 24, 11:44 am
Washington, Jan 24 (ANI): Sean Penn has filed for adoption papers to make fiancee Charlize Theron's 3-year-old son Jackson his own.
Sean Penn says not gun collection anymore  Jan 14, 3:26 pm
Washington, Jan 14 (ANI): Sean Penn has revealed that he doesn't miss his gun collection anymore.
Bill Clinton, Charlize Theron help Sean Penn raise $6m for Haiti relief   Jan 12, 11:43 am
Washington, Jan 12 (ANI): Sean Penn was helped by Charlize Theron and Bill Clinton and among other celebs to raise 6 million dollars for earthquake- struck Haiti, it has been revealed.