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Baidu confirms investment in 'under fire' Uber   Dec 18, 1:30 pm
Washington, Dec 18 (ANI): Chinese company Baidu has confirmed that it will be investing in "under fire" taxi firm Uber.
Xiaomi earned net profits worth 56million dollars in 2013  Dec 16, 3:24 pm
Washington, Dec 16 (ANI): Chinese phone maker Xiaomi reportedly earned 56 million dollars in net profit in 2013.
Nearly 300 Chinese fighting alongside IS in Iraq, Syria: Report  Dec 16, 11:33 am
Karachi, Dec 16 (ANI): A report has said that nearly 300 Chinese people are fighting alongside the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria.
Climate summit in Lima reaches standstill as developing nations reject draft deal  Dec 14, 11:23 am
Johannesburg, Dec 14 (ANI): Climate summit in Lima has reached a standstill as developing nations rejected a draft deal saying that it would make rich nations avoid responsibilities to fight global warming and pay for its impact.
Chinese envoy optimistic about trilateral relations with India, US  Dec 13, 4:23 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 13 (ANI): Chinese Ambassador to India, Le Yucheng, on Saturday said he hoped trilateral relations between India, China and the United States would contribute greatly to world peace and development.
Chinese restaurant gives 'heavy' discount to obese men, thin women  Dec 13, 4:23 pm
London, December 13 (ANI): A Chinese restaurant is offering discount on food to men who are overweight and women who are underweight, it has been reported.
Chinese internet giant Baidu to invest 600M dollars in 'under fire' Uber  Dec 13, 1:07 pm
Washington, Dec 13(ANI): Chinese internet giant Baidu is reportedly planning to invest up to 600 million dollars into Uber in a deal with the US firm.
Mukherjee to get first copy of Chinese book 'An Odyssey in Tibet - A Pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar'  Dec 12, 5:47 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 12 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee will receive the first copy of a Chinese book 'An Odyssey in Tibet - a Pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar' on December 15 this year at a function at Rashtrapati Bhavan Auditorium.
Now, Xiaomi accused of lifting new air purifier design from Japanese company  Dec 12, 5:34 pm
Washington, Dec 12 (ANI): Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has been accused of stealing the design of a Japanese company's air purifier for its own product.
China says hypersonic missile tests not directed at any specific country  Dec 11, 3:39 pm
Beijing, Dec 11 (ANI): The Chinese government has said that scientific experiments conducted by the country are not directed at any specific country.
Xiaomi willing to open patent talks with Ericsson post facing temporary ban in India  Dec 11, 1:11 pm
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): Chinese phone company Xiaomi has expressed willingness to open talks over patents with Ericsson after the New Delhi High Court imposed a temporary ban on its smartphones that prevented the company from importing and selling some of its smartphones in the country.
Ex-Chinese security chief Zhou arrested over corruption charges  Dec 6, 10:35 am
London, Dec 06 (ANI): China's former security chief Zhou Yongkang has been arrested and expelled from the communist party following investigation for corruption.
China set to have world's largest subway system by 2020  Dec 5, 2:10 pm
Beijing, Dec 05 (ANI): Chinese Minister of Transport has claimed that the country would soon surpass other nations in the combined length of its Metro systems which is likely to reach 8,500 kilometres by 2020.
China's Naval fleet set to outstrip US' by 2020, says report  Dec 4, 3:14 pm
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): A new report by the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission has suggested that Chinese Naval fleet will outnumber US' by 2020.
Chinese man sues realtor for letting the Kardashians' trash his home  Dec 4, 2:22 pm
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): A Chinese man named Jianxiang Huang is suing a realtor for "aiding and abetting a trespass," after he learned that the realtor let his house be used by the Kardashians.
China slips lower on corruption perceptions index despite high-profile anti-corruption campaign  Dec 3, 5:11 pm
Washington, Dec 03 (ANI): Despite a highly-publicized anti-corruption campaign headed by Chinese President Xi Jinping, China has scored poorly on an international corruption index and has slipped down by several points when compared to the last year.
Chinese medicinal plant may help treat obesity, diabetes  Dec 2, 11:36 am
Washington, Dec 2 (ANI): A new study has revealed that a component of a flowering plant used in traditional Chinese medicine thwarts development of obesity, type 2 diabetes and hepatic steatosis.
Scientists discover China's oldest adhesive in the form of gelatin   Dec 1, 5:04 pm
New Delhi, Dec 1 (ANl): A team of Chinese scientists has discovered a translucent yellow adhesive, gelatin in a tomb which is well known for its mummies preserved in ship-shaped coffins in Xinjiang, northwest China.
1.4 million people apply for 22,200 civil servant jobs in China  Dec 1, 2:34 pm
Beijing, Dec 01 (ANI): As many as 1.4 million Chinese people have applied for 22,200 civil servant jobs and taking the annual national public servant exam which is considered one of the most competitive tests in the country.
At least 15 killed, 14 wounded in 'terrorist attack' in China's Xinjiang region  Nov 30, 4:06 pm
London, Nov 30 (ANI): An attack in the western Chinese region of Xinjiang reportedly killed 15 people and wounded 14 others.
Beijing store bans Chinese from shopping for being 'too annoying'!  Nov 29, 12:40 pm
Beijing, Nov 29 (ANI): A store in Beijing Yabao Road caused quite a stir by putting on a sign that read "Chinese not admitted. Staff excluded."
Meet the Chinese 'testicle-lifter' who swung 80 kilos using only his 'b***s'!  Nov 29, 11:02 am
London, Nov 29 (ANI): A China-based Xi Sui Jing kung fu practitioner has lifted and swung 80 kilograms worth of bricks with his testicles.
China says Indian media reports of it setting up overseas military bases in Indian Ocean untrue  Nov 28, 2:09 pm
Colombo/Beijing, Nov.28 (ANI): A spokesman of the Chinese Defence Ministry has rejected and dismissed Indian media reports of Beijing establishing naval bases in the Indian Ocean area, including in Sri Lanka.
Pakistan: Imran Khan's November 30, 2014 challenge  Nov 27, 2:59 pm
New Delhi, Nov.27 (ANI): Imran Khan has now been at 'it' since August 14, 2014. 'It', of course refers to his 'sit-in' in 'D' Chowk, Islamabad that brought the capital to a grinding halt for days and prevented the Chinese President from visiting. While his brother-in-arms, the mercurial Tahirul Qadri (TUQ), had cried off, Imran had stuck to the daunting task of dislodging an elected government, convinced of the genuineness of his demand- Nawaz Sharif's resignation on the grounds that the 2013 elections were rigged.
Music video celebrating love of China's first couple goes viral online  Nov 26, 1:02 pm
Beijing, Nov 26 (ANI): A music video titled "Xi Dada Loves Peng Mama" that portrays the love story of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife Peng Liyuan has taken the Internet by storm.