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Beyonce's cousin gains limelight with funeral photo  Mar 23, 2:30 pm
Washington D.C., Mar. 23 (ANI): No one knew Beyonce's cousin Kristin Douglas until their Uncle Skip died last week.
Human-Neanderthal relationships may be root of modern allergies  Jan 8, 9:49 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8 (ANI): Passionate encounters between ancient humans and their burly cousins- the Neanderthals, may have left modern people more prone to sneezes, itches and other allergies, researchers say.
`Excited` Sonam Kapoor can't wait to see `Ki and Ka`  Jan 3, 12:58 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 3 (ANI): Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor is very eager to watch her cousin Arjun Kapoor romancing Kareena Kapoor in the upcoming rom-com flick 'Ki and Ka'.
Ancient human ancestors may have lived until dawn of civilization  Dec 18, 3:03 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 18 (ANI): A thigh bone found in China suggests that an ancient species of human, thought to be long extinct, may have lived among our modern cousins.
Manipur boy to get bravery award for exemplary courage  Dec 14, 2:44 pm
Imphal, Dec. 14 (ANI): Master Maurice Yengkhom from Manipur has been chosen for a bravery award for showing exemplary courage in saving the life of his cousin.
Believe it or not, J Law, Jeremy Renner are cuz!  Nov 21, 10:45 am
Washington D.C., Nov. 21 (ANI): Jennifer Lawrence and Jeremy Renner are not just co-stars in award winning 'American Hustle,' they are cousins too.
Bobbi Kristina's 'Brown cousin' not allowed to attend funeral  Aug 4, 4:40 pm
London, Aug 4(ANI): After Leolah Brown was thrown out of Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral, her daughter Aja Scott was also refused to enter the aspiring singer's last ceremony.
NASA's Kepler mission identifies new bigger Earth-like planet  Jul 24, 8:50 am
Washington DC, July 24 (ANI): NASA's Kepler mission has found Earth's older bigger cousin in the "habitable zone" around a sun-like star.
Velociraptor's newly-discovered cousin had bird-like wings  Jul 17, 5:44 pm
Washington DC, July 17 (ANI): If a new research is to be believed, a newly identified species of feathered dinosaur might be the largest ever discovered in China to have a well-preserved set of bird-like wings.
Guddu Rangeela: a social message with a twist of comedy   Jul 3, 11:02 am
New Delhi, 3 July (ANI): The movie revolves around Rangeela (Arshad Warsi) and his cousin brother Guddu (Amit Sadh) who are trying to make a decent living amidst their crime infested surroundings.
Zardari's cousin gets interim pre-arrest bail in ambulance misuse case  Jul 2, 2:10 pm
Karachi, July 2 (ANI): A Pakistani High Court has reportedly granted interim pre-arrest bail worth one million Pakistani rupees to a cousin of former president Asif Ali Zardari in an ambulance misuse case.
New recreational drug equivalently potent as bath salts  May 11, 5:23 pm
Washington, May 11 (ANI): A team of scientists have found out that a new recreational drug alpha-PVP i.e. flakka seems equivalently potent as a stimulant, and, therefore, as addictive, as its chemical cousin MDPV i.e. "bath salts".
T.rex's 'bizarre' vegetarian dinosaur cousin discovered in Chile   Apr 28, 1:17 pm
Washington, Apr.28 (ANI): A bizarre new vegetarian dinosaur has recently been discovered in Chile that was closely related to notorious carnivore Tyrannosaurus rex.
Now, social network Hubhopper that caters 'exclusively' to music, film lovers  Apr 14, 1:49 pm
New Delhi, April 14 (ANI): So are you really, really dying to know what your friend's second cousin thrice removed gave his dog for breakfast?
Are David Cameron, Kim K really cousins?  Apr 1, 12:04 pm
Washington, Apr 01 (ANI): British Prime Minister, David Cameron recently made a surprising revelation saying that he was the 13th cousin of Kim Kardashian.
Kristina Brown's cousin says Nick Gordon has been exploited in bathtub incident  Mar 16, 2:03 pm
Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina Brown's cousin has come to the rescue of Nick Gordon saying that he has been exploited.
Colonel Gaddafi's cousin warns of 'another 9/11' in Europe as IS' army swells  Mar 3, 1:40 pm
London, March 03 (ANI): Colonel Gaddafi's cousin has warned of "another 9/11" in Europe within two years as Islamic State (IS) fighters join the thousands of migrants at the European shores.
Nitish Katara murder case: Delhi HC sentences Vikas and Vishal Yadav to 25 years life imprisonment  Feb 6, 4:09 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 6 (ANI): The Delhi High Court on Friday awarded life imprisonment without remission for 25 years to Uttar Pradesh politician D P Yadav's son Vikas Yadav and his cousin Vishal, who had earlier been convicted for the murder of Nitish Katara.
Badaun case: Court reserves order on CBI's closure report  Feb 3, 9:12 am
Badaun, (Uttar Pradesh), Feb. 3 (ANI): A local court in Badaun district of In Uttar Pradesh has reserved its order on the CBI closure report in the death of two teenage cousins whose bodies were found hanging in an orchard in May last year.
Benedict Cumberbatch, King Richard III are 3rd cousins!  Jan 6, 12:28 pm
London, Jan 6 (ANI): Benedict Cumberbatch is related to King Richard III, claims a DNA test.
Grenade allegedly hurled at PDP MP`s cousin`s house in Srinagar  Dec 5, 9:19 am
Srinagar, Dec. 5 (ANI): Unidentified miscreants on Thursday allegedly hurled a grenade at People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Member of Parliament (MP) Tariq Hameed Karra’s cousin Bashir-A-Wani Kara’s house in Srinagar.
Badaun rape and murder case: Social activists slam CBI's 'suicide' conclusions  Nov 27, 11:52 am
New Delhi, Nov. 27 (ANI): Social activists on Thursday slammed the Central Bureau of Investigation's report on the Badaun case which reportedly stated that the two teenage cousins who were found hanging from a tree in May this year had committed suicide.
Priyanka Chopra attends Music Success Party of sister Mannara's 'Zid'  Nov 26, 3:27 pm
New Delhi, Nov 26 (ANI): Priyanka Chopra was spotted attending the celebrations for the success of cousin Mannara's soon to release film "Zid."
Pak honour killing: Lahore High Court sentences Farzana Iqal's murderers to death   Nov 19, 4:30 pm
Karachi, Nov 19 (ANI): The father, brother and cousin of Farzana Iqbal who was stoned to death in an apparent 'honour killing' have been handed death sentences by Pakistan's Lahore High Court today.
Alex Rodriguez paid nearly 1-mln dollars to buy cousin's silence over sensitive matters  Nov 5, 5:25 pm
Washington, Nov 05 (ANI): Court documents have revealed that doping accused American baseball star Alex Rodriguez shelled out nearly 1 million dollars to buy out his cousin's silence on very sensitive matters.