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Exes Freida Pinto, Dev Patel reunite for charity  Sep 22, 11:01 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 22(ANI): It was a former couple reunion as Freida Pinto and Dev Patel recently came together for the sake of charity.
Freida Pinto claims being 'best friends' with ex Dev Patel despite break-up  Apr 10, 2:08 pm
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Freida Pinto opened up on her spilt with former boyfriend Dev Patel, insisting that they are still "best friends" and will always be.
Rooney Mara set to star in 'Lion' alongside Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel  Apr 8, 11:45 am
Washington, Apr. 08 (ANI): Rooney Mara will be joining Nicole Kidman and Dev Patel in the upcoming movie 'Lion.'
Dev Patel gushes about ex gal-pal Freida Pinto   Mar 6, 12:14 pm
Washington, Mar 6 (ANI): Dev Patel, best known for his role in Academy Award winning movie 'Slumdog Millionaire', seems to be on friendly terms with his former gal-pal Freida Pinto.
Dev Patel reveals Mario Testino branded him 'normal-looking'  Feb 24, 3:19 pm
Washington, Feb 24 (ANI): Dev Patel, who rose to fame since the release of 'Slumdog Millionaire,' has opened up about Mario Testino insult.
Freida Pinto, Dev Patel part ways after nearly 6 yrs  Dec 11, 1:24 pm
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): Slumdog Millionaire co-stars Freida Pinto and Dev Patel have called it quits after dating for almost 6 years.
Dev Patel to star with Nicole Kidman in 'Lion'   Oct 31, 12:39 pm
Washington, Oct 31 (ANI): Dev Patel will be starring alongside Nicole Kidman in the Weinstein Co.'s new drama, 'Lion.'
Richard Gere to star in 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' sequel  Jan 11, 2:34 pm
London, Jan. 11 (ANI): Richard Gere will be starring in 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2' opposite Dame Judi Dench, Bill Nighy and Dev Patel, it has been revealed.
Freida Pinto and Dev Patel can't keep their hands or eyes off each other  Feb 21, 11:51 am
London, Feb. 21 (ANI): Freida Pinto and Dev Patel showed that their love certainly hasn't fizzled out even after four years, as they put on a lovely display of affection while attending a Vanity Fair event on Tuesday evening.
Smitten Dev Patel gazes adoringly at Freida Pinto at BAFTA event   Jan 14, 1:57 pm
London, Jan 14 (ANI): Dev Patel was spotted staring at Frieda Pinto with adoration on the red carpet in LA.
Freida Pinto overwhelmed by fame  May 8, 6:14 pm
Washington, May 8 (ANI): Freida Pinto has admitted that fame was "almost too much" for her after filming 2008 smash hit movie 'Slumdog Millionaire', and she felt her co-star and boyfriend Dev Patel was the only person who "truly understood" what she was going through.
Dev Patel's the most energetic actor I've ever met, says Dame Judi Dench  Apr 30, 5:22 pm
Washington, April 30 (ANI): Veteran actress Dame Judi Dench is all praise for her 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' co-star Dev Patel, insisting that he's the most energetic actor she has ever met.
Dev Patel says he's too young to get married  Mar 18, 2:56 pm
Melbourne, Mar 18 (ANI): Dev Patel has reiterated his stance on marriage saying a wedding is not on the cards, as he is just 21.
Dev Patel keen to become next Jason Bourne  Mar 18, 2:56 pm
Melbourne, Mar 18 (ANI): Dev Patel says he wants to break out of the "Indian" mould and use his martial arts expertise to tackle the action genre.
Freida Pinto wants role as Dev Patel's enemy  Mar 14, 12:17 pm
London, Mar 14 (ANI): Freida Pinto has no qualms in shooting another film with her real-life boyfriend Dev Patel, but her only condition is that they should play onscreen enemies.
Freida Pinto feels being an actress 'not half as difficult' as motherhood  Feb 28, 10:51 am
London, Feb 28 (ANI): Freida Pinto may be dabbling in international cinema and enjoying the life of an actress, but she says that somewhere down the line, she would like to get married and be a mother.
Freida Pinto keeps telling Dev Patel to 'stop being an old man'  Feb 26, 11:07 am
London, Feb 26 (ANI): Freida Pinto says that her real life boyfriend Dev Patel is so 'philosophical and mature' that she has to remind him to act like the 21-year-old he is.
Dev Patel 'uncomfortable' with big roles  Feb 25, 5:47 pm
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Dev Patel has revealed that he feels uncomfortable playing the lead character in a big budget movie and prefers being part of an ensemble cast in a smaller production.
Freida Pinto interested in doing comedy flick with Dev Patel  Feb 24, 10:06 am
London, Feb 24 (ANI): Freida Pinto says that while it may be difficult to recreate the 'Slumdog Millionaire' magic with co-star and real life boyfriend Dev Patel, a comedy with him is something she'd want to try out.
Dev Patel needed energy drinks to keep active on set  Feb 21, 1:40 pm
Washington, Feb 21 (ANI): Dev Patel has admitted that he was so concerned about his energy levels dipping while on the set of 'Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' that he had to consume "12 energy drinks a day".
Freida Pinto loves Dev Patel's 'comic timing'  Feb 21, 10:15 am
London, Feb 20 (ANI): Freida Pinto has revealed boyfriend Dev Patel's funny side and she says that the 'terrific actor' is also good at making people laugh.
Freida Pinto says Dev Patel 'is always the person I go to first'  Feb 19, 5:41 pm
London, Feb 19 (ANI): Freida Pinto, who has been dating her 'Slumdog Millionaire' co-star Dev Patel for three years, says that he knows exactly how to lift her moods when she is down.
Dev Patel says he's too young to marry Freida Pinto  Feb 10, 1:55 pm
London, Feb 10 (ANI): Dev Patel has said that he is too young to settle down and has no plans to marry his 'Slumdog Millionaire' co-star Freida Pinto.
Dev Patel and Freida Pinto move into new $1.5m rental home in LA  Nov 6, 4:14 pm
London, Nov 6 (ANI): Dev Patel and Freida Pinto have moved in together in a posh 1.5 million dollars rental home in Santa Monica.
Dev Patel, beau Freida Pinto act cold with each other on theatre date  Oct 22, 12:49 pm
London, Oct 22 (ANI): Dev Patel and Freida Pinto were pictured looking distant and cold towards each other after having attended West End show 'Crazy For You'.