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Russian weed maker buys for 200,000 dollars  Oct 25, 2:16 pm
Washington, Oct 25 (ANI): Businessman Jon Schultz has reportedly sold for a whopping amount of 200,000 dollars, which he bought for 13,500 dollars in 2008.
IS world's wealthiest terror group: Top US official  Oct 24, 1:14 pm
Johannesburg, Oct 24 (ANI): A top United States administration official has termed the Islamic State (IS) world's wealthiest terror group that generates tens of millions of dollars a month from "deep and diverse" sources that include, black market oil sales, ransoms and extortion.
Apple-1 computer fetches $905K at auction  Oct 23, 3:28 pm
Washington, Oct 23 (ANI): One of the earliest Apple-1 computers was sold at an auction recently, where it fetched 905,000 dollars, making it the most expensive Apple computer ever.
J Lo set to sign Las Vegas residency deal worth $26.3m  Oct 23, 2:37 pm
Washington, Oct 23 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez is very close to signing the Las Vegas residency deal worth 26.3 million dollars, it has been reported.
J Law shells out more than $7m on new LA home   Oct 23, 10:29 am
Washington, Oct 23 (ANI): Jennifer Lawrence has shelled out more than 7 million dollars on her new Los Angeles home, it has been revealed.
iPhone's record breaking sale surges Apple's revenue to 42.1b dollars, in Q4  Oct 21, 3:45 pm
Washington, Oct 21 (ANI): Apple recently announced an impressive fourth quarter earnings of 8.5 billion dollars on revenue of 42.1 billion dollars, which is said to come out as a result of the record breaking iPhone sales.
James Bond's '77 submarine car to fetch $1m on eBay   Oct 21, 10:57 am
Washington, Oct 21 (ANI): The submarine car from 1977's James Bond film 'The Spy Who Loved Me' is up for sale at eBay for 1 million dollars.
Easy Rider motorbike up for grabs at $1.35m  Oct 20, 4:43 pm
London, Oct 20 (ANI): A customized motorcycle that's said to have starred in 1969 film Easy Rider has been put up for auction with a price tag of whopping 1.35 million dollars.
Brad Pitt starrer 'Fury' tops weekend Box office with $23.5M earnings  Oct 20, 10:56 am
Washington, Oct 20 (ANI): Brad Pitt starrer WWII drama 'Fury' topped the box office weekend by collecting 23.5 million dollars, beating David Fincher's thriller 'Gone Girl' that only earned 17.8 million dollars.
Russian Tennis Federation boss fined, banned for taunting Williams 'brothers'  Oct 19, 1:13 pm
Johannesburg, Oct 19 (ANI): Russian Tennis Federation's president Shamil Tarpischev has reportedly been fined 25,000 dollars and banned from the women's tour for a year after referring to world number one Serena and her sister Venus Williams as 'the Williams brothers' on a television chat show last week.
Tiger Woods' ex-wife moves into $100 dollars mansion   Oct 18, 11:19 am
Washington, Oct 18 (ANI): Elin Nordegren, who was earlier married to Tiger Woods, has moved into a mansion she has built with 100 million dollars she got from divorce settlement from the golfer.
Google profits plunges 5 percent YOY, in Q3  Oct 17, 1:15 pm
London, Oct 14 (ANI): Tech titan Google has reported profits of 2.8 billion dollars, for the third quarter, which is down by 5 percent year over year.
Intel records 'best-ever' hike in Q3 revenue  Oct 15, 1:14 pm
Washington, Oct 15 (ANI): As it recorded revenues of more than 14.6 billion dollars, Intel has reportedly revealed that it has sold more than 100 million microprocessors for the third quarter, signaling that its growing work in the embedded space is beginning to take off.
Brooke Shields' nude suit fetches $1.8k at auction  Oct 13, 5:03 pm
New York, Oct 13 (ANI): "Nudes" of Brooke Shields were auctioned recently, where the top bid was for 1,800 dollars.
International contributors pledge to donate 5.6 billion dollars to rebuild Palestine post Gaza war  Oct 13, 11:00 am
London, Oct 13 (ANI): International contributors have pledged to donate a sum of 5.6 billion dollars to rebuild Palestine post the Gaza war where much of the territory's infrastructure has been damaged.
David Fincher's 'Gone Girl' tops box office for second weekend running  Oct 13, 10:02 am
Washington, Oct 13 (ANI): David Fincher's thriller 'Gone Girl' is poised to top the box office for a second week with 26.8 million dollars in ticket sales.
Jessica Simpson shells-out $1000 per week on fake eyelashes  Oct 13, 9:30 am
London, Oct 13 (ANI): Jessica Simpson reportedly shells out 1000 dollars every week on fake eyelashes and spends up to 1 million dollars to look like million bucks.
People paid 32k dollars to hangout with Obama  Oct 11, 2:45 pm
Washington, Oct 11 (ANI): People have paid 32,400 dollars for a full hangout, including talk time, visitor's name on the invitation and all of the other perks, with the U.S President Barack Obama at Gwyneth Paltrow's digs, it has been revealed.
Red-Bull ordered to cough up $13m over false giving drinkers 'wings' claim  Oct 11, 11:42 am
London, Oct 11 (ANI): Red-Bull has recently been ordered to pay up 13 million dollars over false advertising US lawsuit as apparently their slogan 'it gives you wings' isn't true.
US destroys airplanes worth $486M, sells scrap metal for $32,000  Oct 10, 6:00 pm
Washington, Oct 10 (ANI): The US has reportedly destroyed 16 cargo planes worth nearly half a billion dollars that were purchased for the Afghan Air Force, and sold it as scrap metal for 32,000 dollars.
Investment worth 100 billion dollars has applied for visa to India: PM Modi  Oct 9, 2:38 pm
Indore, Oct.9 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Thursday that following his recent summit level interactions with Japan, China and the US, "investment worth 100 billion dollars had applied for a visa to India."
Facebook now officially owns Whatsapp   Oct 7, 2:25 pm
Washington, Oct 7 (ANI): Facebook recently announced the closing of the Whatsapp deal for a whopping 21.8 billion dollars, which means the social media website now officially owns Whatsapp.
iPhone 6 prototype bids reach 100k dollars on eBay  Oct 7, 12:03 pm
Sydney, Oct 7 (ANI): The online shopping portal, eBay has reported the highest bid of 100,000 dollars for an iPhone prototype.
Lena Headey's nude scene cost 'Game of Thrones' producers $50,000 per day   Oct 7, 10:37 am
Washington, Oct 7 (ANI): 'Game of Thrones' producers reportedly shelled out 50,000dollars per day to film the nude scene on Lena Headey.
Fox Star Studios' 'Bang Bang' shows up big at weekend box office with $25.4m earnings worldwide  Oct 6, 10:42 am
Washington, Oct 06 (ANI): Fox Star Studios' 'Bang Bang' has raked in 25.4 million dollars worldwide at the weekend box office, it has been reported.