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Drought-affected Maharashtra demands water, food and fodder from Centre   Dec 17, 5:04 pm
Nagpur, Dec. 17 (ANI): Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis on Wednesday stated that he has asked the Centre to provide drinking water, food and fodder for the drought-affected areas in the state, adding that the government has assured all help in this regard.
Drinking alcohol to sleep can lead to insomnia in future  Dec 11, 4:05 pm
Washington, Dec 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed that alcohol affects the body's sleep homeostasis and can even cause insomnia over time.
Why one should not drink coffee from white mug   Dec 9, 6:17 pm
Washington, Dec 9 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that coffee drunk from a white cup tastes less sweet and more bitter, than drinking from a clear or blue mug.
It's official! Heavy-drinking smokers find it harder to 'kick the butt'  Dec 8, 12:58 pm
Washington, Dec 8 (ANI): Scientists have now confirmed that people drink heavily in addition to smoking, cannot quit cigarettes easily.
Everyone's neighbour  Dec 8, 11:57 am
Jammu, Dec. 8 (ANI): Dunya Maumoon, the Maldivian Foreign Minister, had an emergency to handle on the evening of December 4. The island nation's sole water desalination plant had caught fire and there would be no drinking water for its 100,000 citizens. She rang her Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj in New Delhi that night and, within an hour and a half, the Indian machinery got into action.
Is Kourtney K avoiding marriage to beau Scott Disick over bad drinking habits?  Dec 6, 2:27 pm
Washington, Dec 6 (ANI): Kourtney Kardashian is reportedly not willing to tie the knot to her longtime boyfriend Scott Disick because of his bad drinking habits.
India, Maldives stand shoulder to shoulder: PM Modi  Dec 6, 9:02 am
New Delhi, Dec. 5 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that India and Maldives stand shoulder to shoulder, even as New Delhi mounted enormous efforts to provide assistance to Male after the island nation faced shortage of drinking water in its capital.
'Enormous effort' mounted by India to help Maldives, says MEA  Dec 5, 8:22 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 5 (ANI): The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday said that India has mounted an enormous effort to provide assistance to Maldives, after the island nation faced shortage of drinking water in its capital and sought help from New Delhi in this regard.
India sends drinking water in five C17, IL17 transport aircrafts to Male(Updated)  Dec 5, 6:09 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 5 (ANI): India on Friday sent drinking water in five C17and IL17 transport aircrafts to Male as Maldives is facing massive water scarcity.
First IL-76 with drinking water from India lands in Male: MEA  Dec 5, 3:48 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 5 (ANI): India on Friday sent the first IL-76 with drinking water to Male, after Maldives which is facing massive water scarcity, asked for help from the country.
Drinking a glass of wine equivalent to downing 3 vodka shots  Dec 3, 1:51 pm
London, Dec 3 (ANI): A new study has reported that a large glass of wine is potentially as bad as downing three shots of vodka.
Now, drug that can help reduce harmful side-effects of 'binge drinking'  Dec 2, 12:41 pm
London, Dec. 02 (ANI): Scientists have recently developed a compound that can help reduce harmful side-effects of 'binge drinking,' which may also pave way to treat Alzheimer's and other neurological diseases that can damage the brain.
Here's how dogs drink water  Dec 1, 1:50 pm
Washington, Dec 01 (ANI): A new study has provided a deeper insight into why dogs splash and spill water while drinking.
Gazza reveals nearly 'died 19 times' over past 18 years while battling 'drinking demons'   Nov 29, 3:41 pm
London, Nov 29 (ANI): Former England international Paul Gascoigne, popularly known as Gazza, has revealed that he has nearly died 19 times over the past 18 years, as he opened up on his drinking demons.
Drinking 3-5 cups of coffee may reduce Alzheimer's risk by 20pc   Nov 27, 10:51 am
Washington, Nov 27 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee might help in lowering the risk of Alzheimer's disease by up to 20 percent.
Kim Jong-un try to boost love life by drinking rare 'snake wine'  Nov 24, 1:16 pm
London, Nov 24 (ANI): Kim Jong-un has been guzzling litres of rare snake wine to perk up his love life with wife, it has been reported.
American golfer feels playing golf in Australia is same like drinking beer with friends  Nov 20, 1:12 pm
Johannesburg, Nov 20 (ANI): American golfer Boo Weekley feels that playing golf in Australia is no different to playing at home with friends while drinking a few beers.
'Sober' Gazza is back at work  Nov 16, 1:36 pm
London, Nov 16 (ANI): The football star Paul Gascoigne is not drinking anymore and has even gone back to work.
G20 delegates making beeline for Brisbane's pubs and strip clubs  Nov 15, 3:27 pm
Brisbane, Nov 15 (ANI): According to hoteliers in Brisbane, G20 delegates are making the most of the city's bars and strip clubs and fitting in well with the Australian drinking culture.
IS extremists consuming gallons of Red Bull to stay alert during fights  Nov 12, 11:54 am
London, Nov 12 (ANI): Islamic State jihadists in Syria are reportedly drinking gallons of Red Bull to keep themselves awake and alert during battles.
Moderate drinking has health benefits for only some people   Nov 11, 11:02 am
London, Nov 11 (ANI): A new study has observed that moderate alcohol consumption can protect against coronary heart disease, but only for the 15 percent of the population that have a particular genotype.
Heavy drinking in teens lead to structural changes in brain  Oct 29, 5:41 pm
Washington, Oct 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that heavy drinking during adolescence may lead to structural changes in the brain and memory deficits that persist into adulthood.
Urban Development Minister Venkaiah Naidu inaugurates water ATM in Delhi  Oct 28, 2:35 pm
New Delhi, Oct.28 (ANI): Union Minister of Urban Development Venkaiah Naidu on Monday inaugurated a water ATM (Automated Teller Machine) in New Delhi under the 'Sarvajal' scheme to provide potable drinking water at a nominal price.
Binge drinking in early adulthood can lead to increased risk of high BP in men  Oct 22, 12:42 pm
Washington, Oct 22 (ANI): A new study has revealed that binge drinking in early adulthood is associated with an increased likelihood of high blood pressure in males.
Consuming beer every day doubles fertility in men  Oct 21, 1:49 pm
Melbourne, Oct 21 (ANI): A new study has claimed that drinking around a pint and a half of beer per night could double their fertility rates.