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'Make in India' week to showcase innovation driving manufacturing revolution  Feb 8, 5:24 pm
Mumbai, Feb. 8 (ANI): India's commercial capital is geared up for Make in India Week, a flagship event to provide greater momentum to the Make in India initiative, to showcase to the world the achievements of the nation in its manufacturing sector and to promote India as preferred manufacturing destination globally.
`Driving retirement` puts older adults at health risk  Feb 7, 11:05 am
Washington D.C, Feb 7 (ANI): Families should rethink about seniors' decision of giving up driving as a new study suggests that older adults, who keep driving, are healthier than their non-driving counterparts.
Kejriwal for abolition of Rule 8 of Motor Vehicles Act  Jan 31, 6:31 pm
Bengaluru, Jan. 31 (ANI): Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday demanded abolition of Rule 8 of Motor Vehicles Act that mandates eighth class pass for obtaining auto driving license, saying he doesn't have the same.
Driving cuts dementia risk  Jan 24, 10:31 am
London, Jan 24 (ANI): You may want to keep getting behind the wheel as a new study has revealed that driving can ward off dementia.
Rent a swanky Audi R8 V10 with 'Eco Rent a Car'  Jan 18, 4:27 pm
New Delhi, Jan 18 (ANI): ECO Rent a Car, a leading car rental and ground transportation company has now introduced the Audi R8 V10 Plus to its fleet of premium cars for self-driving, as well as fancy purposes like photo shoots, video shoots, special appearances and others.
Audi hit-and-run: Missing eye witness's brother nails Sohrab as culprit  Jan 17, 10:08 am
Kolkata, Jan. 17 (ANI): Kabir Khan, brother of key eyewitness of Kolkata Audi hit and run case Shahnawaz Ali, has said that Sambia Sohrab who is the prime accused, was driving the car and assserted that his brother has no role to play in the tragic incident.
Google's 'Driving Mode' will determine your destination  Jan 13, 5:09 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 13 (ANI): Internet giant Google will soon make travel a lot easier by making its navigation software even smarter.
Prince George to inherit his dad`s mini Aston Martin  Jan 13, 2:13 pm
Washington, D.C, Jan. 13 (ANI): Vrooom. Prince George is all ready to be driving around in his first sports car!
Tesla curbs autopilot feature for safe driving  Jan 11, 1:19 pm
New Delhi, Jan.11 (ANI): American automotive and energy storage company Tesla Motors, which designs, manufactures, and sells luxury electric cars, has said it is updating the autopilot driving systems in Model S sedans to put new limits on its hands-free operation.
Volkswagen BUDD-e Concept a 'gateway to the future'  Jan 6, 5:06 pm
Las Vegas, Jan. 6 (ANI): German car manufacturer Volkswagen has displayed a small electric van in the ongoing 2016 Consumer Electronics Show which is based on its new Modular Electric Platform.
Nvidia announces new drive PX 2 for self-driving cars  Jan 5, 4:02 pm
New Delhi, Jan.5 (ANI): American technology company Nvidia Corporation has announced an updated version of its computing platform for self-driving cars.
Rodriguez chased down by police for speeding at 200kmph  Jan 2, 3:12 pm
Johannesburg, Jan.2 (ANI): Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez has been reportedly chased by the police for allegedly driving his car at the speed of 200 kmph.
Drake Bell arrested for driving under influence  Dec 24, 1:11 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 24(ANI): Drake Bell was recently arrested in Glendale, California after he was suspected of driving under the influence.
Google, Ford to build self-driving cars: Reports  Dec 24, 12:47 pm
New Delhi, Dec.24 (ANI): Search engine Google has been testing self-driving cars for almost six years and it is now planning a joint venture with Ford to manufacture them.
What makes you Facebook dependent?  Dec 23, 9:28 am
Washington D.C, Dec 23 (ANI): If news, games, feedback on your posts or the chance to meet new friends is driving you to Facebook, then you may be having a dependency, according to a new study.
Despite knowing dangers of driving-texting, teens do it anyway  Dec 5, 9:15 am
Washington D.C, Dec 5 (ANI): A new study has suggested that teens know the dangers of driving and cellphone use, yet do it anyway.
'Public purpose' should drive innovation, not 'market incentives': PM Modi  Nov 30, 10:47 pm
Paris, Nov. 30 (ANI): Asserting that innovation must be backed by the means to make it accessible to everyone, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday emphasised that 'public purpose' should be the driving force behind innovation and not 'market incentive'.
No jail time! John Stamos under 3yrs probation for DUI  Nov 25, 8:11 am
Washington D.C., Nov 25 (ANI): John Stamos, who was arrested in June after being charged with misdemeanor count of Driving Under the Influence (DUI) of a drug, won't face any jail time as his lawyer has pleaded no contest on his behalf in a Los Angeles court, but is presently under three years of probation.
Is Kourtney K's post `break-up blast` driving Scott crazy?  Nov 17, 2:59 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 17 (ANI): If sources are to be believed, Kourtney Kardashian's post break-up phase is driving her former partner Scott Disick crazy.
Japan introduces new technology for eye care and safe driving  Nov 12, 1:06 pm
Tokyo (Japan), Nov.12 (ANI): Work stress and long working hours in modern times lead to serious health problems. The impact is visible on the eyes.
Michael Phelps was in `really dark place` post DUI arrest  Nov 11, 2:24 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 11 (ANI): Michael Phelps has revealed that he was 'in a really dark place' and didn't want to live anymore after his Driving under the Influence (DUI) arrest in 2014.
Mass transit, a healthier commute to work  Nov 9, 10:46 am
Washington D.C, Nov 9 (ANI): You may want to start taking the bus or riding the train to your work as a new study has suggested that taking public transportation instead of driving may be a fast-track to better health.
Eulogies for the Missile man  Oct 15, 2:23 pm
New Delhi, Oct. 15 (ANI): Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday saluted the achievements of India's Missile Man and called his guidance a driving force behind India's leap in defence technology.
`Apologetic` Malika Haqq regrets DUI arrest  Oct 11, 1:12 pm
Washington D.C., Oct 11 (ANI): Khloe Kardashian's bestie Malika Haqq, who was recently arrested on suspicion of driving under influence, has apologised for her actions that hurt others and thanked god for keeping her alive.
Caitlyn Jenner shows Kylie how to drive her new Ferrari   Sep 22, 6:29 pm
Washington. D.C. Sept.22 (ANI): Looks like Caitlyn Jenner is the new driving teacher of Kylie Jenner, as she took her daughter for a spin in Kylie's new Ferrari.