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Early ecosystems were more complex than previously believed  Nov 29, 8:01 am
Washington D.C, Nov 29 (ANI): An organism from 555 million years ago has shown that Earth's first ecosystems were more complex than previously believed.
North India jolted as earthquake hits Afghanistan  Nov 23, 7:02 am
New Delhi, Nov. 23 (ANI): A 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Afghanistan late on Sunday with the epicentre 300 km from Kabul following which tremors were felt in northern parts of India.
Earth may have got its oxygen from blue-green algae  Nov 21, 11:46 am
Washington D.C, Nov 21 (ANI): According to a recent study, a whiff from blue-green algae was likely responsible for the Earth's oxygen.
5.3 magnitude quake jolts Kathmandu  Nov 19, 10:49 am
Kathmandu, Nov. 19 (ANI): A 5.3 magnitude earthquake jolted the Kathmandu valley and neighbouring districts on Thursday morning.
Tremors felt in Kashmir  Nov 18, 9:06 pm
Srinagar, Nov.18 (ANI): Tremors were felt in parts of Kashmir after an earthquake jolted the region on Wednesday.
Why most Earth-like planet is uninhabitable  Nov 18, 8:35 am
Washington D.C, Nov 18 (ANI): In the search for Earth-like worlds beyond the solar system, Kepler-438b seemed to have it all, but a team of scientists has suggested that vast amounts of radiation may be making life impossible there.
Climate more sensitive to CO2 than previously thought   Nov 17, 4:07 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 17 (ANI): A new research has found that earth's climate is more sensitive to carbon dioxide (CO2) than previously thought.
Earthquake strikes Western Greece, no damages  Nov 17, 2:20 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 17 (ANI): The Greek police reported an earthquake measuring 6.7 magnitude struck off the western Greek island of Lefkada on Tuesday.
Wind hurtles across this exoplanet at 5400 mph  Nov 14, 11:46 am
Washington D.C, Nov 14 (ANI): A team of researchers has discovered winds of over 2km per second flowing around planet outside of the Earth's solar system.
Earth's water was here all along  Nov 13, 8:41 am
Washington D.C, Nov 13 (ANI): A new study has provided insights into the origin of Earth's water, suggesting that it is as old as the planet itself.
Newly-found earth-sized rocky planet too hot for life  Nov 12, 1:06 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 12 (ANI): There's a new exoplanet on the galactic map that is uninhabitable, rocky, Earth-sized and near enough for study of its atmosphere.
Markets swarm with Diwali shoppers  Nov 11, 4:52 pm
Bhopal/ Jammu and Kashmir, Nov. 11 (ANI): Markets in Bhopal and Jammu and Kashmir swarmed with people shopping for electric lights, candles, earthern lamps and sweets on the occasion of Diwali.
Tiny fossils push back complex skeleton timeline  Nov 7, 1:52 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 7 (ANI): The fossils of a tiny marine creature unearthed in Namibia has suggested that complex skeletons evolved far earlier than we previously thought.
Diamonds not so rare after all!  Nov 4, 8:09 am
Washington D.C, Nov 4 (ANI): A new research has suggested that diamonds may not be as rare as once believed.
UNICEF concerned over quake-hit children in Afghan, Pak  Oct 29, 1:30 pm
Kabul, Oct. 29 (ANI): The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has expressed concern over children affected in Afghanistan and Pakistan following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck the region on Monday.
Pak rejects foreign aid for quake relief work  Oct 29, 10:11 am
Karachi, ANI (Oct. 29): While acknowledging condolence and concern expressed by other countries after the massive earthquake on Monday, Pakistan has announced that it does not need any foreign assistance for relief work.
Quake death toll rises to 267 in Pak  Oct 29, 10:11 am
Karachi, Oct. 29 (ANI): Over 267 people have died and 1,865 people injured in Pakistan following the 7.7 magnitude earthquake that struck major cities of the country on Monday.
New 'Apollo lunar samples' find solves decades-old mystery  Oct 29, 9:22 am
Washington D.C, Oct 29 (ANI): A recent NASA study has solved an enduring mystery from the Apollo missions to the moon - the origin of organic matter found in lunar samples returned to Earth.
India calls for BRICS involvement in multilateral funding for science, technology and innovation  Oct 28, 8:27 pm
Moscow, Oct.28 (ANI): Science, Technology and Earth Sciences Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said that India supports multilateral funding system which would provide the basis for announcing BRICS Call for Proposal to support multi-country research projects.
'Mysterious space object' set to crash near Lanka on Nov. 13   Oct 28, 5:20 pm
Melbourne, Oct. 28 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that a mysterious object is expected to hit the Earth on November 13 on Friday.
China extends help to Quake-Hit Afghan, Pak  Oct 28, 4:37 pm
Kabul, Oct. 28 (ANI): The Chinese Government has offered disaster relief to earthquake hit regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan.
Death toll from deadly quake reaches 248 in Pak  Oct 28, 10:37 am
Karachi, Oct 28 (ANI): The death toll from the deadly 7.7 magnitude earthquake has reached 248 in Pakistan after the quake jolted the country on Monday.
Nepal earthquake was less catastrophic than feared  Oct 28, 8:44 am
Washington D.C, Oct 28 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the April 2015 Gorkha earthquake that struck Nepal was less intense than might be expected from a magnitude 7.8 quake in the area.
Pak cricketers pledge earthquake relief support  Oct 27, 6:19 pm
Karachi, Oct.27 (ANI): In the aftermath of a massive earthquake that left more than 300 dead in Pakistan, national cricketers of the region have vowed to extend their support towards the relief efforts.
Sharif calls for emergency meeting following deadly quake  Oct 27, 2:54 pm
Karachi, Oct 27 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has called for an emergency meeting a day after a deadly 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.