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Humans, Neanderthals interbred in Europe  Jun 23, 12:20 pm
Washington, Jun 23 (ANI): As per a new study, early Europeans had recent Neanderthal ancestors.
Ukip leader Nigel Farage admits he prefers Indian, Australian immigrants over east Europeans  Apr 23, 1:36 pm
London, April 23 (ANI): UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has reportedly gone on record to say that he would prefer immigrants from India and Australian to eastern Europeans, despite claiming that his party would not discriminate against immigrants on the basis of nationality.
Newly found 55,000-year-old skull suggests early humans had sex with Neanderthals in Israel  Jan 29, 10:36 am
Washington, Jan. 29 (ANI): A newly discovered partial skull in Manot Cave in Israel's West Galilee suggested that early humans mated at some point with Neanderthals in Israel around 55,000 years ago.
Europeans can now relish Indian mangoes again as European Commission lifts ban on imports  Jan 21, 1:50 pm
London, Jan 21 (ANI): A ban that curbed the import of Indian mango into the European Union is to be lifted, clearing the way for them to return to the UK and other member states.
Ancient genomes show earliest Europeans survived worse Ice Age 36000 years ago  Nov 7, 12:06 pm
Washington, Nov 7 (ANI): A new study has revealed that much of Europe was occupied almost continuously through one of the worst ever periods of climate change and the earliest Europeans suffered the worse ice age.
McIlroy warns U.S. Europe 'not done yet' post third successive Ryder Cup triumph  Sep 29, 10:57 am
London, Sep 29 (ANI): Northern Irish golf ace Rory McIlroy warned the United States (U.S.) that the Europeans are not done yet and have no intention of easing up on the Americans after a record-equalling third successive Ryder Cup win.
Ryder Cup: Mickelson, Watson in war of words post Ryder Cup loss   Sep 29, 10:57 am
London, Sep 29 (ANI): United States captain Tom Watson has lashed back at American veteran golf ace Phil Mickelson's criticism, saying that his side absolutely had a winning philosophy, but added that the bottom line is the Europeans kicked their butts.
Furyk warns Poulter and co to stop 'fist-pumping' at Gleneagles  Sep 21, 2:28 pm
London, Sep 21 (ANI): American golf ace Jim Furyk has warned England's Ian Poulter and company to stop their fist pumping in the Ryder Cup at Gleneagles this week.
Paul McGinley says Europeans 'proud to embrace' favourites tag for Ryder Cup  Sep 18, 1:46 pm
Johannesburg, Sep 18 (ANI): After overturning years of United States dominance, Europe Ryder Cup captain Paul McGinley has said that his proud team would embrace being the favourites when the 40th edition of the golf tournament gets underway at Gleneagles next week.
Google set to start removing links on European users' requests: Report  May 31, 2:53 pm
London, May 31 (ANI): Google has reportedly launched a service which allows Europeans to ask for personal data to be removed from online search results.
Europeans had darker skin, hair and eye pigmentation 5,000 years ago  Mar 11, 1:53 pm
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): New analysis from ancient DNA of archaeological skeletons shows that Europeans had darker skin, hair, and eye pigmentation 5,000 years ago.
West Bengal Police arrest three Europeans for possession of 22 satellite phones  Feb 10, 12:54 pm
Jalpaiguri (West Bengal), Feb.10 (ANI): West Bengal Police have arrested three European nationals for possessing 22 satellite phones and not declaring them before the authorities.
Europeans bring in new method of selecting Ryder Cup captains  Aug 17, 12:39 pm
Edinburgh, Aug 17 (ANI): Future European captains for the Ryder Cup will be selected by a new five-man panel that will include the last three players to hold the post, the Tour's chief executive and one representative of the committee.
South Asians advised to exercise more to lower diabetes risk  Jun 28, 10:58 am
Washington, June 28 (ANI): People from South Asian countries like from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are urged to exercise more than white Europeans to achieve the same levels of fitness and reduce their risk of diabetes.
Gene study reveals Europeans are one big family  May 8, 10:39 am
Washington, May 8 (ANI): A modern-day person living in the United Kingdom shares ancestors with people across the Europe, according to a new study of the DNA of people from across the continent.
Phoenicians could have reached America 2,000 years before Columbus  Mar 1, 3:25 pm
Washington, March 1 (ANI): Crossing the great unknown waters between Spain and the Caribbean in 1492, Christopher Columbus became one of the most renowned Europeans to set foot in America.
Australian aborigines have Indian genes  Jan 15, 10:18 am
Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): Australia is thought to have remained largely isolated between its initial colonization around 40,000 years ago and the arrival of Europeans in the late 1800s.
A million migrants from East Europe now live in Britain  Dec 5, 4:04 pm
London, Dec. 5 (ANI): The number of Eastern Europeans living in Britain is equal to 1.5 percent of the population of their homelands, British MPs have been told.
Neanderthals bred with modern humans outside Africa 37,000 years ago  Oct 5, 2:55 pm
Washington, October 5 (ANI): Harvard and Max Planck Institute scientists have estimated the date when Neanderthals and modern Europeans last shared ancestors to explain why Neanderthals are most closely related to people outside Africa.
Romney who? say 'unimpressed' Europeans  Sep 13, 4:04 pm
Washington, Sept. 13 (ANI): Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney speaks French and visited Europe, but most people across the European Union don't know who he is, and those who do, don't think very high of him
South Asians at higher risk of developing diabetes than white Europeans  Jul 25, 11:59 am
Washington, July 25 (ANI): South Asians (people of Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Sri Lanka origin) have higher levels of blood sugar than white Europeans independent of risk factors that influence sugar levels, a new diabetes study at the University of Leicester has found.
Italian police cracks down on tourists taking parts of Rome as souvenirs  Jun 25, 4:59 pm
Rome, June 25 (ANI): In a bid to prevent ancient monuments from getting damaged, the Italian police are cracking down on tourists who are taking cobblestones and marbles from ancient Roman buildings.
37000-year-old limestone carvings could be oldest porn in history  May 15, 1:30 pm
Washington, May 15 (ANI): Anthropologists working in southern France believe they have discovered the oldest example of cave art on a 1.5 metric ton block limestone, which reveals an interest in the female form - and the type of decor that the first Europeans preferred for their living spaces.
Blonde hair 'may have evolved twice'  May 4, 3:38 pm
Washington, May 4 (ANI): Evolution may have had a soft spot for blondes as a new study suggests that golden locks of dark-skinned people from the Solomon Islands in Melanesia have different genetic basis to those of Europeans.
Steven Spielberg rues America's lack of 'regard' for history  Jan 10, 1:08 pm
London, Jan 10 (ANI): Steven Spielberg, whose film 'War Horse' just premiered in Britain, says that Americans don't have the same regard for history as Europeans do.