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Two Israelis charged for setting part of church on fire  Jul 29, 5:51 pm
New York, July 29 (ANI): Two Israeli men, described by authorities as Jewish extremists, were charged on Wednesday for setting fire to part of a church at the site where Christians believe Jesus performed the miracle of the loaves and fishes.
ICAR lab artificially breeds milkfish for first time in India  Jul 29, 4:28 pm
Chennai, July 29 (ANI): For the first time in India, Chennai-based Central Institute of Brackishwater Aquaculture (CIBA) succeeded in artificially breeding milkfish (Chanos chanos), locally known as "Paal Kendai" or "Poo Meen". Milkfish has the ability to grow in brackish water, seawater and even adapts to freshwater conditions.
Eating egg, fish, meat may promote memory loss  Jul 27, 2:21 pm
Boston, July 27 (ANI): While you may love to gorge on eggs, meat and fish, researchers have revealed an amino acid which causes memory loss and is most abundant in such foods.
Scientists tout 'fish toxin' as potential cancer cure  Jul 25, 11:11 am
Washington DC, Jul 25 (ANI): A team of medical researchers have claimed that fish toxin could be used as a potential medication for cancer.
Dolphin study shows `dairy fat` may help curb diabetes in humans  Jul 23, 3:02 pm
Washington DC, July 23 (ANI): A new study conducted on Dolphins has shown that eating foods rich in heptadecanoic acid, a saturated fat present in butter and some fish may help reverse diabetes in humans.
Scientists discover strange new fanged 'blackfish' in volcano on ocean floor  Jul 15, 3:20 pm
London, July 15 (ANI): Scientists have identified a bizarre new species of fanged "blackfish" among other strange creatures while exploring a volcano off the coast of Australia.
China on red alert for fierce Chan Hom typhoon  Jul 10, 3:57 pm
Beijing, July 10 (ANI): Thousands have been evacuated and fishing vessels sent home as a fierce typhoon with wind gusts measuring up to 200 kilometres per hour approaches the eastern coast.
Home return for Indo-Pak fishermen after Modi-Nawaz meet  Jul 10, 1:13 pm
Ufa (Russia), July 10 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif have agreed to release the fishermen of both sides within a period of 15 days.
Sri Lanka arrests Tamil fishermen for smuggling cannabis  Jul 7, 8:11 am
New Delhi, July 7 (ANI): The Sri Lankan navy has arrested four fishermen from Tamil Nadu for allegedly smuggling cannabis.
Kerala suspect boat: 12 accused sent to judicial custody  Jul 6, 7:25 pm
Thiruvananthapuram, July 6 (ANI): The 12 accused arrested in connection with the interception of the suspicious foreign fishing boat by the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) at the Kerala coast, have been sent to judicial custody till July 17.
Interrogation still on, confirms Kerala Govt. after suspicious fishing intercepted off coast  Jul 6, 1:55 pm
Thiruvananthapuram, July 6 (ANI): The Kerala government confirmed that it is still interrogating and investigating the suspicious fishing boat that was intercepted by the coast guard.
ICG intercept suspicious foreign fishing boat at Kerala coast  Jul 5, 7:26 pm
Thiruvanathapuram, July 5 (ANI): The Indian Coast Guard (ICG) has intercepted a suspicious foreign fishing boat at the Kerala coast.
Coast Guard saves six fishermen stranded at sea  Jul 3, 7:52 pm
Kolkata, July 3 (ANI): The Indian Coast Guard on Friday saved six people who were stranded in a fishing boat in Andhra Pradesh's Machlipatnam since the past 15 days.
Chinese trawler takes shelter at Diu cost near Gujarat  Jul 3, 4:55 pm
New Delhi, July 3 (ANI): A fishing trawler from China took shelter at the Diu cost near Gujarat since the sea was not friendly for sailing.
Are these the world's first teeth?  Jun 25, 5:10 pm
Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): The forgotten fossil of 410-million-years-old fish has provided a deeper insight into the origin of what may be called as "world's first known teeth."
88 Pak fishermen released by India, reach Wagah border  Jun 21, 5:32 pm
Wagah (Punjab), June 21 (ANI): 88 Pakistani fishermen, who were released from various jails in Gujarat as part of a goodwill gesture earlier this week, reached the Wagah border on Sunday.
Pak High Commission requests MEA to release remaining nine fishermen  Jun 20, 2:50 pm
Islamabad, June 20 (ANI): The Pakistan High Commission has requested the Ministry of External Affairs to release the remaining nine fishermen and grant counsellor access to 19 others, according to sources.
India frees 88 Pak fishermen  Jun 19, 10:52 pm
New Delhi, June 19 (ANI): India released and repatriated 88 Pakistani fishermen lodged in Gujarat jails on Friday.
India to release 88 Pak fishermen   Jun 19, 10:06 am
New Delhi, June 19 (ANI): India has conveyed to Pakistan that it will release 88 fishermen of the Islamic Republic over the weekend.
Pope Francis calls for action on climate change  Jun 18, 8:33 pm
London, June 18 (ANI): Pope Francis has called for action on climate change, blaming human selfishness for global warming in his encyclical.
Pakistan frees 113 Indian fishermen  Jun 18, 8:14 pm
Karachi, June 18 (ANI): Pakistan has released 113 Indian fishermen following Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call to his Pakistani counterpart on Tuesday to offer Ramazan wishes.
Fish can teach us `a thing or two` about leadership  Jun 18, 3:20 pm
Washington, Jun 18 (ANI): As per a new study, good leaders needing to strike a balance between striving to reach goals and keeping their followers with them has deep evolutionary roots.
Fish oil, low calorie diet and meal replacement combo may tackle obesity  Jun 18, 2:53 pm
Taipei, June 18 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have found that fish oil combined with meal replacement, and a calorie-restricted diet can be effective weight management and improvements in metabolic syndrome.
Fish oil may restore nerve damage in Diabetic neuropathy patients  Jun 15, 2:52 pm
Washington, June 15 (ANI): In a new study, scientists have found that omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil may restore nerve damage in patients suffering from Diabetic neuropathy.
Kerala fishing ban to come into effect on June 14 midnight  Jun 14, 9:32 am
Kochi, June 14 (ANI): The 47-day ban on fishing, which has been imposed to facilitate the breeding of fish, will come into effect along the Kerala coast from midnight today.