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On prez poll eve, task force says India wants peaceful, stable Afghanistan  Apr 4, 7:32 pm
New Delhi, Apr.4 (ANI): Releasing the "Afghanistan Task Force Report: What India Can Do" Ambassador Satinder K. Lambah, Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of India, said Friday: "It is a matter of satisfaction that all the important and formidable candidates in tomorrow's presidential elections in Afghanistan stand for close friendship with India."
Chris Martin got 'friendly' with TV host Alexa Chung at 2013 Glastonbury  Mar 29, 10:10 am
London, March 29 (ANI): Speculations are rife that Chris Martin's friendship with TV host Alexa Chung may have been the reason behind his split with wife Gwyneth Paltrow.
Federer still 'struggles' to make 'fashion statement' despite friendship with Anna Wintour  Mar 22, 11:10 am
Johannesburg, Mar 22 (ANI): Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer has admitted that making a fashion statement is difficult even though he and his wife Mirka are friends with Vogue editor-in-chief and fashionista Anna Wintour.
'Purani Jeans' promises to be 'roller-coaster ride of emotions'  Mar 20, 5:04 pm
New Delhi, March 20 (ANI): Tanushri Chattrji Bassu has promised that her upcoming directorial venture 'Purani Jeans' will take the audience through the most memorable roller-coaster ride of emotions.
Oprah Winfrey opens up about friendship with Gayle King  Mar 14, 1:12 pm
Melbourne, March 14 (ANI): Oprah Winfrey has finally opened up about her friendship with Gayle King.
Ian Wright opens up about 'unhappy' childhood, early football struggles  Mar 12, 2:26 pm
London, Mar 12 (ANI): Former Arsenal footballer Ian Wright has revealed in an interview facts about his unhappy childhood, his determination to make it big in football and his friendship with former teammate David Rocastle, who died aged 33.
Darren Gough splits from wife amid Amy Childs 'friendship' rumours  Mar 6, 11:31 am
London, March 6 (ANI): Darren Gough has admitted that he has left his wife Ana and their family home.
Has Darren Gough left family home over friendship with Amy Childs?  Mar 5, 4:58 pm
London, March 5 (ANI): Darren Gough has reportedly walked out of his family home over his friendship with 'The Only Way Is Essex' star Amy Childs.
Feeling lonely? Use 'Friends for Hire'  Mar 5, 2:50 pm
Sydney, Mar. 05 (ANI): For those bored of spending weekends all by themselves could take help of 'Friends for Hire' that aims to help the friendless find a friend.
Nigella Lawson had late hubby's blessing on 'Charles Saatchi relationship'  Jan 12, 1:08 pm
London, January 12 (ANI): Nigella Lawson had her late husband John Diamond's blessing on her friendship with Charles Saatchi, it has been revealed.
John McCain calls Dennis Rodman a 'dangerous idiot' for aiding 'brutal' Kim Jong   Jan 9, 4:35 pm
Washington, Jan.09 (ANI): US Senator John McCain has called Dennis Rodman an idiot, signaling strong disapproval of the former NBA star's growing friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.
Sylvester Stallone lampoons his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis  Jan 6, 3:42 pm
London, January 6 (ANI): Sylvester Stallone has opened up about his friendship with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.
How people use Facebook to maintain friendships revealed  Jan 5, 2:22 pm
Washington, Jan 05 (ANI): A researcher investigating how individuals use Facebook to maintain their friendships has found that Facebook posts are generally linked to feeling closer to the friend and more satisfied with the friendship.
Ex Westlife bandmates' friendship in trouble over paychecks  Dec 30, 12:36 pm
London, December 30 (ANI): Former Westlife band mates Kian Egan and Nicky Byrne's friendship hit rock bottom over different financial payouts, according to reports.
Paris Hilton says LiLo's dead to her   Dec 24, 1:13 pm
London, Dec 24 (ANI): Paris Hilton has claimed that Lindsay Lohan is dead for her and their friendship is over for good.
Beni dubs Modi-Mulayam friendship similar to Hitler's and Mussolini's  Dec 15, 9:33 pm
Lucknow, Dec. 15, (ANI): Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma on Sunday described the friendship between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi and Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Mulayam Singh Yadav as being similar to the association that prevailed between German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Italian counterpart Benito Mussolini.
Tamchon football tournament attracts many spectators in Delhi  Dec 10, 2:17 pm
New Delhi, Dec 10 (ANI): In an endeavor to promote peace, friendship and unity through games, the Tanghkul Naga Society of Delhi recently organized the seventh annual Tamchon Football Tournament.
How teens choose their pals  Nov 18, 9:21 am
Washington, Nov 18 (ANI): While it is a common perception that teenage friendships are formed by joining cliques, a new study has revealed that the courses students take have powerful effects on the friendships they make.
Mothers' friendships can negatively influence teen's relationships with pals  Nov 7, 3:05 pm
Washington, Nov 7 (ANI): A new study has suggested that mothers' friendships with other adults can impact their adolescent children's relationships with their own friends, particularly the negative aspects of these relationships such as conflict and antagonism.
Oprah Winfrey's first tweet was 'a near-disaster', reveals new book  Nov 6, 2:32 pm
New York, Nov. 6 (ANI): A new book, titled 'Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal,' has revealed that Oprah Winfrey's first tweet was something of a tragedy.
Nawaz says Pak, India must end 'tit-for-tat' policy   Oct 31, 2:46 pm
Islamabad, Oct. 31 (ANI): Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said Islamabad and New Delhi should put an end to their "tit-for-tat" policy to ensure development in both nations.
Sharif reneging on assurances given to Manmohan Singh: Omar Abdullah  Oct 25, 5:56 pm
Ramgarh, Oct. 25 (ANI): Accusing Pakistan of wanting friendship with India, but not converting this goal in action, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Friday said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is repeatedly going back on the assurances he had given to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in New York in September.
'Constructive' grass-root dialogues needed between China, Japan to mend strained ties  Oct 21, 1:37 pm
Beijing, Oct. 21 (ANI): Experts from China and Japan are calling for 'constructive' dialogues at grass-root level between the governments of the two countries to mend strained relations.
Sinitta claims ' sinister hater' conspiring to drive Cowell away from her  Oct 9, 1:51 pm
London, October 9 (ANI): Simon Cowell's former girlfriend Sinitta has claimed that someone is spreading lies about her in a bid to ruin her friendship with the 'X Factor' boss.
Chimp ancestors may have learned to make friends 6 mln yrs ago  Oct 9, 11:42 am
Washington, Oct. 9 (ANI): A new research has found that the ability to form friendship with people like oneself was there in ancestors of chimpanzees and humans.