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International donors' money may flow to Hamas if not supervised, warns Knesset speaker  Oct 13, 2:01 pm
Jerusalem, Oct 13 (ANI): Yuli Edelstein, the speaker of the unicameral national legislature of Israel, Knesset, has warned that the international donors' aid money to rebuild Palestine post the Gaza war might flow to Hamas if the global community did not supervise it.
Pictures of Kurdish fighters' bodies suggest use of chemical weapons by IS in Kobani  Oct 13, 1:15 pm
Jerusalem, Oct 13 (ANI): Recent pictures of Kurdish fighters' bodies seem to suggest that Islamic State (IS) fighters used chemical weapons in the Syrian town of Kobani which is under a serious threat of falling under IS control.
Ocean acidification slowly damaging coral reefs   Sep 30, 1:14 pm
Jerusalem, Sept 30 (ANI): Scientists have found that acidification in ocean can lead to disintegration of the coral reefs.
Violent protests in West Bank leave 2 Palestinians dead, 200 injured  Jul 25, 3:10 pm
London, July 25 (ANI): At least two Palestinians were killed and 200 wounded in the West Bank after residents clashed with police in protest against Israel's campaign in Gaza.
Israel launches ground offensive in Gaza  Jul 18, 11:59 am
Jerusalem, July 18 (ANI): Israel has launched a ground offensive on the Gaza Strip.
Thousands gather in Jerusalem for Palestinian teenager's funeral  Jul 5, 12:11 pm
London, July 05 (ANI): Thousands of people gathered in East Jerusalem to attend the funeral of a Palestinian teenager, Mohammad Abu Khdair, who was murdered recently.
Why octopuses don't get tangled up in knots  May 16, 11:07 am
London, May 16 (ANI): Even though an octopus' has eight arms which are covered in hundreds of sticky suction cups, they never tie themselves in knots. And a new study reveals why.
Israeli archaeologist claims to have 'found King David's citadel'  May 7, 4:10 pm
Washington, May 5 (ANI): An Israeli archaeologist has claimed that he has found the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem.
Israeli PM associates Holocaust to Iran's ambitious nuclear deals  Apr 29, 3:06 pm
Jerusalem, Apr 29 (ANI): Israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has linked the Holocaust to suspected ambitious nuclear deals of Iran.
Iran's 'hands remain on trigger' to attack Israel, says senior commander   Mar 12, 11:19 am
Jerusalem, Mar. 12 (ANI): Iran is prepared and keeping a finger 'on the trigger' to attack and destroy Israel at any time if the needed, a senior Iranian Revolutionary Guard commander has said.
Natalie Portman accused of 'foreign invasion' for filming in Israel  Feb 13, 12:51 pm
London, February 13 (ANI): Natalie Portman has been accused of starting a "foreign invasion" by ultra-Orthodox residents of a neighborhood in Jerusalem.
How `Jesus` face came to be on Shroud of Turin  Feb 12, 1:06 pm
Washington, Feb. 12 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that neutron emissions from an ancient earthquake that rocked Jerusalem may have created the Jesus' face, as well as messed up the radiocarbon levels that suggested that the shroud was a medieval forgery.
Ancient burial box contains earliest reference to Jesus  Dec 26, 2:07 pm
London, Dec 26 (ANI): An ancient burial box claiming to contain the earliest reference to Jesus is set to go on display in Israel after its owner was cleared of forgery.
10,000 year old house uncovered near Jerusalem  Nov 27, 1:55 pm
Melbourne, Nov 27 (ANI): An archaeological excavation near Jerusalem has uncovered a 10,000 year old house showing "evidence of man's transition to permanent dwellings."
Indian delegation meets Israeli President; roots for stronger trade ties  Oct 31, 4:56 pm
New Delhi, Oct 31 (ANI): Indian delegates met Israeli President Shimon Peres in Jerusalem following the successful culmination of the sixth Israel-India Forum, a joint endeavor of the Aspen Institute India, Tel Aviv University and the Confederation of Indian Industry.
US invites Iran to play 'friendly' soccer match in April 2014  Oct 6, 2:23 pm
Jerusalem, Oct 6 (ANI): The US Soccer Federation has reportedly invited the national soccer team of Iran to play a friendly match slated to be held in America during the last week of April 2014, if conditions for the match are upheld.
US, Russia seek Norway's help to destroy Syria's chemical weapons  Oct 6, 1:44 pm
Jerusalem, Oct. 6 (ANI): The United States and Russia have sought Norway's help to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons stockpile.
Mt. Zion dig reveals mansion possibly from Jesus` time   Sep 18, 8:59 am
Washington, Sept. 18 (ANI): An archaeological dig on Jerusalem's Mt. Zion has revealed the well-preserved lower levels of what the archaeological team believes is an Early Roman period mansion, possibly belonging to a member of the Jewish ruling priestly caste.
Assad regime accused of transferring chemical weapons to Hezbollah to avoid international inspection  Sep 16, 3:59 pm
Jerusalem, Sept. 16 (ANI): Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces are smuggling chemical weapons to Hezbollah to escape international inspection, a member of the opposition has said.
Kerry says US threat of military strike against Syria remains 'real'  Sep 16, 10:41 am
Johannesburg, Sept. 16 (ANI): The threat of U.S. military strike against Syria remains real, Secretary of State John Kerry has said.
Working night shifts hazardous to women's health  Sep 2, 3:30 pm
Jerusalem, Sept 02 (ANI): Women who work for years on the night shift are at a higher risk of contracting type-II diabetes as well as overweight and smoking, according to two US studies.
Israel releases 26 Palestinian prisoners in bid to revive long-stalled peace talks  Aug 14, 11:48 am
London, Aug. 14 (ANI): Israel has released 26 long-serving Palestinian prisoners as part of an American-brokered deal allowing the resumption peace talks between the two countries.
Hamas reiterates 'futility' of peace talks with Israel  Aug 13, 11:39 am
Washington, Aug. 13 (ANI): Hamas, who rule the Gaza Strip, has said peace talks with Israel were futile.
Israel to release 26 Palestinian prisoners in bid to re-initiate peace talks  Aug 12, 12:09 pm
London, Aug. 12 (ANI): Israel government has announced the release of 26 Palestinian prisoners on Tuesday to re-initiate the peace talks, in a bid to swap lands occupied by Jews in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.
Messi places wish in Jerusalem's Western Wall during 'peace tour'  Aug 5, 4:42 pm
London, Aug. 5 (ANI): Barcelona footballer Lionel Messi, as part of the team's two-day 'peace tour' of Israel, placed a wish in Jerusalem's Western Wall.