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`Nostalgic` Sushmita Sen reminisces 22 yrs of `Miss Universe` victory  May 21, 3:16 pm
New Delhi, May 21 (ANI): Taking a stroll down the memory lane, Sushmita Sen is celebrating the day, on which she was chosen as India's first Miss Universe in 1994.
Some REM sleep can help you hold on to memories  May 14, 7:57 am
Washington D.C, May 14 (ANI): If you want to hold on to your memories, then hit the sack for some deep sleep as a new study suggests so.
Eating seafood once a week reduces age-related memory loss  May 11, 10:04 am
Washington D.C., May 11 (ANI): A new research says, eating a meal of seafood or other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids at least once a week may protect against age-related memory loss and thinking problems in older people.
Poet-writer Nida Fazli remembered at Akaro-hosted musical evening  May 5, 3:46 pm
New Delhi, May 5 (ANI): The Akaro Association for Education and Social Welfare and Multimedia Communications recently organized a musical evening in memory of popular writer and poet Nida Fazli.
Big-B walks down memory lane on 38 years of 'Trishul'  May 5, 11:36 am
New Delhi, May 5 (ANI): With its grand star-casts and great makers, 'Trishul' indeed is a movie to be ever-remembered and hence, Amitabh Bachchan, on the 38th year of its release, took a stroll down his memory lane to remember the shooting days.
Retweeting makes you forget what you read  Apr 30, 12:33 pm
Washington D.C, Apr 30 (ANI): If you want to remember an interesting post that you came across on the social media, try not to hit the retweet or share button as a recent study suggests so.
Sip on peppermint tea to boost your memory  Apr 29, 8:18 am
Washington D.C, Apr 29 (ANI): According to a recent study, the refreshing scent of peppermint may be just what you need to perk up your mind.
Sniff rosemary to improve your memory  Apr 28, 8:00 am
Washington D.C, Apr 28 (ANI): Sniffing the aroma of rosemary essential oil could help improve the brain power of elderly people, a new study claims.
This will help you remember things in less than 40 secs  Apr 22, 11:54 am
Washington D.C, Apr 22 (ANI): Some people use mind pictures or songs to remember things, but now a study suggests that simply drawing pictures of what you need to remember is a strong and reliable strategy to enhance memory.
Sushant Singh Rajput's throwback pic from his college days  Apr 21, 9:21 am
New Delhi, April 21 (ANI): Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput recently went down the memory lane and shared a picture from his college days.
Remembering Operation Meghdoot:Indian Army's feat of valour in Siachen  Apr 13, 5:09 pm
New Delhi, Apr.13 (ANI): The Indian Army is commemorating April, 13 as Siachen Day in memory of the gallant soldiers of 4 Kumaon, an Infantry unit, launched Operation Meghdoot that culminated with the establishment of the writ of the nation on the Glacier. By so doing the brave soldiers accomplished a feat of valour that has no parallels in the annals of the military history.
Why Alzheimer's patients can't recognise their loved ones  Apr 12, 8:22 am
Washington D.C, Apr 12 (ANI): Alzheimer's steals not only the memory but also the ability to recognise your loved ones and now, a recent study has revealed why it is so.
Qadri Shrine exposes the two faces of Pakistan  Apr 4, 8:30 am
Islamabad, Apr.4 (ANI): A shrine setup in the memory of the Qadri, the assassin of former governor of Pakistan's Punjab province, Salman Taseer, mirrors the two-faced reality of Pakistan -- one face meant for the world and the second and more realistic one, meant for militants like Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri and his associates.
Kareena Kapoor relives her Poo days  Apr 1, 9:26 am
New Delhi, April 1 (ANI): Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor, who will be next seen in R. Balki's flick 'Ki and Ka,' recently, went down the memory lane to relive her Poo days.
Wills-Kate to create some new memories at Taj Mahal  Mar 30, 4:24 pm
Washington, D.C., Mar. 30 (ANI): Prince William and Kate Middleton are all set to make a pilgrimage to the beautiful Taj Mahal, where Princess Diana's memory is said to be kept alive, during their visit to India next month.
Here`s how expectation can help form memories  Mar 29, 10:39 am
Washington D.C, Mar 29 (ANI): When it comes to memory formation, expectation may be essential, according to a recent study.
SRK goes down his 'Mohabbatein' days  Mar 27, 2:51 pm
New Delhi, Mar. 27 (ANI): Shahrukh Khan, this lazy Sunday went down his memory lane to think about the changes he has now after 16 years of 'Mohabbatein' release.
Big-B brands Allahabad's Holis as `best`  Mar 24, 10:56 am
New Delhi, Mar. 24 (ANI): Amitabh Bachchan, who had seen many Holis in different states, went down his memory lane on the eve of the festival of colours to recollect those days and share through his blogpost.
Social activities, computer use cut memory loss risk in oldies  Mar 4, 3:11 pm
Washington D.C, Mar 4 (ANI): According to a recent study, seniors who use computers and participate in social activities have reduced risk of developing age-related declines in memory and thinking.
Here`s how overweightness risks your memory  Feb 27, 1:19 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 27 (ANI): Putting on the extra kilos not only transforms your belly, but also alters your brain, according to a recent study that linked being overweight to poorer memory.
Big B wonders why he was rejected  Feb 22, 10:29 am
New Delhi, Feb. 22(ANI): Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan seems to be going down the memory lane and thinking why was he rejected when he sent a picture for the FilmfareMadhuri Contest.
`Nostalgic` Alia celebrates 2 yrs of `Highway`  Feb 21, 12:28 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 21 (ANI): Alia Bhatt-starrer `Highway` has clocked two years today and the actress took a trip down the memory lane, dubbing the movie as `goose bumps` experience.
Why does sleeping on it help?  Feb 20, 10:15 am
Washington D.C, Feb 20 (ANI): A new study has revealed that brain activity patterns during sleep consolidate memory.
Study reveals past experiences affect recognition, memory  Feb 9, 10:07 am
Washington D.C., Feb. 9(ANI): Researcher claim that their recent research on the brain and memory can help in developing therapies for people suffering from schizophrenia and Alzheimer.
Sonia Gandhi condoles passing away of noted cartoonist Sudhir Tailang  Feb 6, 3:59 pm
New Delhi, Feb. 6 (ANI): Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Saturday condoled the passing away of noted political cartoonist Sudhir Tailang and said that his fearless commitment to the right to artistic expression will forever be etched in memory.