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Adam Sandler's '50 First Dates' evokes idea to treat memory-loss patients  Apr 19, 2:00 pm
Washington, Apr 19 (ANI): Adam Sandler's 2004 movie '50 First Dates' has evoked a brilliant idea to help dementia patients who suffer from morning fog of forgetfulness that can often cause them agitation and fear.
This protein helps improve learning and memory  Apr 13, 1:36 pm
Washington, Apr 13 (ANI): A new research has suggested that running and memorizing are not two different skills and has discovered that physical and mental activities rely on a single metabolic protein that controls the flow of blood and nutrients throughout the body.
Charlize Theron says traumatic moment when mum shot abusive dad `formed her`  Apr 12, 12:37 pm
Washington, Apr 12 (ANI): Charlize Theron has revealed that she drew on the traumatic childhood memory of witnessing her mum shoot dead her abusive dad for her 'Dark Places' film role.
Army commander inaugurates park in memory of freedom fighter Dr.Kalepani  Apr 10, 1:08 pm
Sultanpur Lodhi (Kapurthala,Punjab), Apr.10 (ANI): General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Indian Army's Western Command, Lt. Gen. K J Singh, recently inaugurated the Shaheed Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani Park in memory of the veteran freedom fighter Dr. Diwan Singh Kalepani.
Mice study shows cancer drug may help restore memory in Alzheimer's patients  Apr 1, 10:10 am
Washington, April 1 (ANI): In a new study, scientists tested cancer drug on Alzheimer's mice and found that it restored their memory.
Toshiba develops world's first 48-layer BiCS  Mar 27, 1:58 pm
Tokyo, Mar. 27 (ANI): Japanese multinational conglomerate Toshiba Corporation has announced the development of the world's first 48-layer three dimensional stacked cell structure flash memory 'BiCS', a 2-bit-per-cell 128-gigabit (16 gigabytes) device.
Now, active artificial hand with muscles made from smart shape-memory wires  Mar 25, 1:42 pm
Washington, Mar.25 (ANI): Researchers have recently developed an artificial hand that was able to respond sensitively because of the muscles made from smart shape-memory metal wires.
Congress slams Geelani's 'memory loss' on terrorism  Mar 24, 10:47 am
New Delhi, Mar. 24 (ANI): The Congress party on Tuesday slammed Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani for his 'memory loss', a day after the latter claimed that there is terror in Jammu and Kashmir.
Glenn Maxwell set to play 'semi threatening' role with spin bowling against India in WC semi tie  Mar 23, 2:50 pm
Sydney, Mar 23 (ANI): Australia's swashbuckling one-day cricketer Glenn Maxwell is all set to play a key role against spin happy India with his 'semi threatening' bowling at the SCG, and is hoping that the memory of his side's dominant form against Mahendra Singh Dhoni's men in the summer would be 'pretty clear' in the defending champion's mind when the two sides face each other in the World Cup semifinal on Thursday.
Take 45-min power nap to boost your memory five-fold  Mar 23, 12:38 pm
London, Mar.23 (ANI): A new study has found that a short nap can actually improve memory function five-fold.
Sikh bodies vow to keep spirit of Nanakshahi calendar alive  Mar 20, 5:39 pm
Amritsar, Mar. 20 (ANI): Sikh radical groups while rejecting the recently issued amended Nanakshahi calendar by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) today released the original version of the calendar at a Gurdwara built in memory of June 1984 martyrs within the premises of Darbar Sahib popularly known as the Golden Temple.
Bodily posture critical in boosting infant's memory, learning  Mar 19, 11:57 am
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A robot model for infant learning has shown that bodily posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge.
How cocaine hijacks memory revealed  Mar 11, 12:30 pm
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): A new research has provided a deeper insight into how cocaine hijacks the memory.
Politicos offer last respects to Vinod Mehta  Mar 8, 5:15 pm
New Delhi, Mar.8 (ANI): Leaders across the political spectrum on Sunday united in expressing their grief at senior journalist Vinod Mehta's demise, attending his funeral to pay their respects to the memory of the former editor chairman of the Outlook India magazine.
Teen's amnesia cured by lil brother's hug   Mar 6, 1:27 pm
London, Mar 6 (ANI): In a rare situation, a teenager from England regained her lost memory after a hug from her little brother.
Healthy heart can help prevent Alzheimer's disease  Mar 4, 2:24 pm
Washington, Mar. 04 (ANI): A new study has revealed that healthy heart can help prevent Alzheimer's disease.
This is how brain performs 'mental time travel'  Feb 18, 10:40 am
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Scientists have explained how our brain performs, what neuroscientists have termed as "mental time travel."
Soon, 'tattoo-removal cream' that'll make your bad choices a distant memory  Feb 15, 3:31 pm
London, Feb 15 (ANI): A topical cream that will "fade" away tattoos without the excruciating pain is being developed.
Air pollution boosts risk of detrimental impact to children's brain  Feb 12, 10:06 am
Washington, Feb 12 (ANI): Children living in cities are at risk of harmful impacts to their brains, as a new study claims that air pollution could cause short-term memory loss and lower IQ.
Long-term smoking may hamper your memory  Feb 11, 2:59 pm
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed that long-term smoking can affect the brain by making its cortex thinner.
Lack of mental coach at WC can put 'unnecessary pressure' on Proteas, claims expert  Feb 10, 3:53 pm
Johannesburg, Feb 10 (ANI): A Psychology professor has claimed that confidence is a function of memory, and believes South Africa's decision of not to take a mental coach to the Cricket World Cup 2015 could put unnecessary pressure on the squad.
'Heartbroken' Michael Gambon retires from stage   Feb 9, 4:56 pm
London, Feb 9 (ANI): Professor Dumbledore is taking his leave. Actor Michael Gambon is bidding farewell to his stage career after 53-years, as memory loss has left him unable to learn his lines.
Learning new mentally demanding skills can help older adults to improve memory  Feb 8, 4:20 pm
Washington, Feb 8 (ANI): A new study has examined that older adults, who learn a new mentally demanding skills can improve their cognitive function.
Gardens of Taj Mahal in perfect 'alignment with solstices'   Feb 5, 11:37 am
London, Feb 5 (ANI): A new research has revealed that the gardens of Taj Mahal, the Crown of Palaces, a splendid white mausoleum that was built by Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife Mumtaz Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India, are found to align with the rising and setting sun during the summer and winter solstices.
Red wine, peanuts may help prevent age-related memory loss  Feb 5, 10:40 am
Washington, Feb. 5 (ANI): A new study has recently revealed that compound found in grapes, red wine and peanuts may help prevent age-related memory loss.