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Tiger Woods' ex wife in serious relationship with US billionaire coal magnate  Apr 23, 2:37 pm
New York, April 23 (ANI): Tiger Woods' former wife Elin Nordegren is in a serious relationship with billionaire coal magnate Chris Cline, it has been revealed.
Rare second class Titanic restaurant menu up for grabs at $135K  Apr 23, 1:04 pm
New York, April 23 (ANI): A rare menu from Titanic's second class restaurant is expected to fetch 13,000 dollars at an auction.
Katie Holmes enjoys playing 'strong female characters'  Apr 23, 1:04 pm
New York, April 23 (ANI): Katie Holmes has admitted that she liked playing the strong female lead in her upcoming drama film 'Miss Meadows'.
Man U valuation rises by almost 110 mln-pounds post Moyes' sacking  Apr 23, 11:19 am
London, Apr. 23 (ANI): Manchester United's valuation rose by almost 110 million-pounds in New York during the first hour of trading following David Moyes' sacking as club manager.
Fast cars don't really impress women!   Apr 23, 10:12 am
New York, Apr 23 (ANI): A new survey has shown that women are far more attracted to guys who drive something more practical, like a Prius.
Pose nude and win a chance to earn $25k!  Apr 22, 4:35 pm
New York, Apr.22 (ANI): A fashion photographer is set to pay 25,000 dollars to his subject, but only on one condition - his subject must show full-frontal nudity.
Bryan Singer's sex abuse accuser reveals three more Hollywood biggies in lawsuit   Apr 22, 4:00 pm
New York, Apr.22 (ANI): Bryan Singer's sex abuse accuser Michael Egan III has named three more biggies from Hollywood in his lawsuit.
Ex-intern's standoff with Jay- Z over $30m worth master recordings  Apr 22, 2:49 pm
New York, Apr.21 (ANI): Jay- Z is reportedly being blackmailed by an ex-intern, who allegedly is in the possession of his 50 original master recordings made between 2002 and 2003 and valued at more than 30 million dollars.
Was Kate Upton's Vogue cover 'bumped' by Kimye?  Apr 22, 2:49 pm
New York, April 22 (ANI): Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue's April issue faced yet another slam, this time from the writer of the Kate Upton's feature that he alleges was bumped from the cover in favour of the reality star.
First US testing site for commercial drones now functional  Apr 22, 2:49 pm
Washington, Apr 22 (ANI): The first official commercial drones testing site is now functional at an area in North Dakota that has been certified to begin its tests.
America's first feline coffee shop opening up in NYC  Apr 22, 1:39 pm
New York, Apr 22 (ANI): Cat lovers in New York city will soon have the perfect place to grab their coffee, as pet food maker Purina is opening a pop-up cat cafe at 168 Bowery on Thursday, and billing it as America's first feline coffee shop.
Single currency notes infested with over 3,000 types of bacteria  Apr 22, 1:24 pm
Washington, Apr 22 (ANI): Researchers at New York University's Dirty Money Project found that currency is a medium of exchange for hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, as bank notes are passed on from hand to hand.
Fed court orders Obama administration to release memos justifying drone strikes on Americans  Apr 22, 12:14 pm
Washington, Apr 22 (ANI): The Obama administration has been ordered by a federal appeals court to release a revised version of secret memos justifying the use of drones to kill American citizens suspected of terrorism overseas.
Now, smart pill bottle that help you take your meds on time  Apr 22, 10:40 am
Washington, April 22 (ANI): A New York-based company has created a smart pill bottle that has a built-in cell phone technology, which alerts you to take your medication on time.
Man U shares drop sharply before recovering amid rumours of Moyes' imminent sacking  Apr 22, 10:32 am
London, Apr. 22 (ANI): Manchester United's shares dropped sharply before recovering on the New York Stock Exchange amid rumours suggesting the possibility that their current boss David Moyes would be sacked.
'Disgruntled' Vogue writer takes a jab at Kimye cover   Apr 21, 3:46 pm
New York, April 21 (ANI): Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's Vogue's April issue faced another slam, this time from the writer of the Kate Upton's feature that was bumped from the cover in favour of the reality star.
Iran to hang rape victim unless she apologizes for sex assault claims  Apr 21, 3:19 pm
New York, Apr 21 (ANI): The family of an Iranian man, accused of rape, has reportedly asked the victim to either apologize for making claim of sexual assault or be hanged to death.
How Chelsea's pregnancy could affect Hillary's presidential bid  Apr 21, 3:19 pm
Washington, Apr. 21 (ANI): Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy announcement has triggered a wave of assumptions and speculations among political analysts, who believe that the news could prove to be a game changer for Hillary Clinton.
NYT scribe David Brooks feels Obama has 'manhood problem' when dealing with tough leaders  Apr 21, 1:35 pm
Washington, Apr 21 (ANI): New York Times Columnist David Brooks has said President Barack Obama's policy was not tough enough and that he had 'manhood problems'.
Is Richard Gere 'secretly dating' Padma Lakshmi?  Apr 21, 12:48 pm
New York, April 21 (ANI): Richard Gere is reportedly "secretly dating" Padma Lakshmi.
Discovery Channel cancels 'Everest Jump Live' in wake of deadly avalanche  Apr 21, 12:25 pm
New York, Apr. 21 (ANI): In wake of a disastrous avalanche that killed 13 people at Mount Everest, the Discovery Channel has reportedly announced that it is cancelling its "Everest Jump Live" special.
Meet the first date 'from hell'   Apr 21, 12:24 pm
New York, April 21 (ANI): A man, who stole a dog and a flat-screen TV from a woman on their first date, has now returned the loot back.
Pakistani Taliban infighting putting peace deal in jeopardy: NYT  Apr 21, 11:22 am
New York, Apr. 21 (ANI): The growing internal disputes within the Pakistani Taliban are reportedly raising questions on the outfit's ability to continue peace talks with the government.
Has Uma Thurman called off engagement to Arki Busson?  Apr 21, 9:28 am
New York, April 21 (ANI): Uma Thurman has reportedly called off her engagement Arki Busson.
'Glassy-eyed' Lilo refuses to pay after private lap dances  Apr 21, 9:28 am
New York, April 21 (ANI): Lindsay Lohan reportedly refused to pay after receiving three lap dances at an underground strip party.