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Japanese firm comes up with underwear that ensures good body posture  Jan 28, 3:23 pm
Tokyo, Jan 28 (ANI): A Japanese clothing company has developed wearable underwear which enables to improve body postures.
How to cure bad posture  Oct 29, 2:42 pm
London, Oct 29 (ANI): If you are done with the pain that creeps across the shoulders because of the bad posture at work, then you should stop reaching at a quick-fix for the cramp and focus on a long-term solution.
SpiceJet celebrates International Yoga Day at 35000 feet  Jun 21, 12:25 pm
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): International Yoga Day celebrations reached a new high after SpiceJet crew struck yogic postures during a flight on Sunday.
PM Modi begins demonstration of yogic postures  Jun 21, 7:10 am
New Delhi, June 21 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi has arrived at Rajpath to kick-start the International Yoga Day celebrations in Delhi and has begun the demonstration of yogic postures.
Differently abled in Tripura prepare for International Yoga Day  Jun 18, 9:07 am
Narshinghar (Tripura), June 18 (ANI): As the world prepares for International Yoga Day on June 21, students of special schools for physically challenged are practising various yogic postures here.
'Those who fear India's new posture are reacting': Parrikar  Jun 11, 12:50 pm
New Delhi, June 11 (ANI): Asserting that a simple action against insurgency has led to a change in mindset of the security scenario of the country, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar on Thursday stated that those who fear India's new posture have started reacting. is a low-cost hack that keeps you from slouching at office desk  May 4, 1:13 pm
Washington, May 04 (ANI): Now, a new hardware hack will keep officer workers from slouching and will help them to improve their postures.
Bodily posture critical in boosting infant's memory, learning  Mar 19, 11:57 am
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A robot model for infant learning has shown that bodily posture is critical in the early stages of acquiring new knowledge.
Now do 'pot yoga' to relax, increase flexibility  Dec 22, 11:40 am
Washington, Dec. 22 (ANI): A yoga class in San Francisco has blended yoga postures with pot in order to increase levels of relaxation and flexibility.
First detailed analysis of quails' gait sheds light on dinosaur's locomotion   Dec 10, 2:39 pm
Washington, Dec 10 (ANI): A team of motion scientists has analyzed the gait of birds to know how horizontally forward-facing posture affects the movement of their legs and on their stability when they walk.
Now, `SmartMat` to help you do perfect Yoga  Oct 4, 12:47 pm
Washington, Oct 4 (ANI): A California-based startup has created a yoga mat called SmartMat, which would help one track and adjust their postures.
Now, 'Chairless Chair' that allows you to sit anywhere  Aug 24, 1:38 pm
Washington, Aug 24 (ANI): A Zurich-based Startup Company has come with a "wearable chair" that can offer relief to production line workers and allow for better posture while performing their tasks.
U.S. debating future posture in Afghanistan  Apr 29, 11:35 am
Washington, Apr.29 (ANI): As the two frontrunners in the Afghan presidential elections - Abdullah Abdullah and Ashraf Ghani - prepare to best each other in the second round of voting, the Obama Administration is keeping a careful distance from the process, at least in public, to avoid any taint of trying to wield influence.
Chronic cigarette use can play havoc with your posture   Apr 9, 11:38 am
Washington, April 9 (ANI): Researchers have found that chronic cigarette use continues to impact the brain systems regulating postural stability even during abstinence from alcohol.
Japanese Group meets famed Indian trainer to learn 'yoga'  Mar 20, 10:11 pm
Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh), Mar.20 (ANI): Japanese group visited India to learn various postures and stances of ancient form of balancing mind and body, focusing on physical and mental strength building exercises and postures 'Hatha Yoga', from the famed religious leader and trainer Yogi Adityanath.
Texting while walking can play havoc with posture and balance  Jan 23, 12:21 pm
Washington, Jan 23 (ANI): A new study suggests that texting on your phone while walking alters posture and balance.
New spacesuit 'squeezes' astronauts' bones into shape   Jan 15, 11:47 am
Washington, Jan. 15 (ANI): Researchers have created a new spacesuit, which will help keep astronauts' posture in check, while they are in space.
Now, stylish and wearable 'Lumo Lift' will give better posture   Jan 8, 4:40 pm
Washington, Jan 8 (ANI): A Palo Alto-based company has developed a small and stylish device that will sit unobtrusively on the user's collar or shoulder to enhance his or her posture.
How your posture reflects your power at work  Oct 16, 1:26 pm
Washington, Oct. 16 (ANI): A combination of four studies has discovered that the formerly believed relation between expansive body postures and power actually depends on the person's posture and his or her cultural beliefs.
'iPosture' leading to increased back pain amongst young adults: Study  Oct 2, 1:03 pm
Washington, Oct. 2 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that 18-24 year-old young adults are increasingly experiencing back pain as a result of their slumping shoulders and slouching middle and lower back called 'iPosture' with excessive gadget use
Now, posture-improving belt that nags you to sit straight!  Aug 30, 3:45 pm
Washington, Aug 30 (ANI): Do you often worry about your posture but still slouch while working on the laptop? Well, a new gadget might help you keep your back straight.
China softens stand on Arunachal Pradesh  May 16, 11:02 am
Itanagar, May 16 (ANI): China releasing a Blue book reflecting its softening stand on Arunachal Pradesh as well as reversing its anti-India posture, at an official function coinciding with the visit of India's External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid to Beijing on May 10 last, is only justification of my prediction.
Investing in 'long term' strategic partnership with India: Pentagon  Apr 11, 8:05 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 11 (ANI): As the United States re-balances its defence posture in the Asia Pacific region, the Pentagon has told the Congress it is investing in 'long term' strategic partnership with India.
Posture key for predicting risk of disability in future  Apr 9, 12:30 pm
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): The shape of a person's spinal column may predict their risk for disability in old age, a research has claimed.