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US house approves bill to curb entry of Syrian, Iraqi refugees   Nov 20, 9:47 am
London, Nov. 20 (ANI): US House of Representatives has approved a bill that seeks to block Syrian and Iraqi refugees from entering the US, in a major setback to the refugee policy of the Obama administration.
Prayer for Paris and pledge for world peace on banks of Mother Ganga  Nov 18, 5:59 pm
Rishikesh, Nov. 18 (ANI): In the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, the violence in Beirut and the refugee crisis across Europe, saints, pilgrims, devotees and yogis from all across India and the world joined together to pray and pledge for world peace and humanity,
PM must give package for Hindu refugees: Bhim Singh  Nov 7, 1:09 pm
New Delhi/Srinagar, Nov. 7 (ANI): National Panthers Party (NPP) chief Bhim Singh on Saturday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give a package for Hindu refugees coming from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) and Pakistan.
Dehumaising language used for refugees similar to used before Holocaust, UN official  Oct 14, 6:54 pm
London, Oct. 14 (ANI): Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein, the United Nation (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, criticised politicians for using dehumanising language while addressing the refugees crisis, saying that it was a repeat of the 1938 summit which took place before Holocaust.
Hundreds of refugees rescued by MSF in Mediterranean  Oct 12, 11:45 am
New York, Oct. 12 (ANI): The Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres) have rescued hundreds of refugees in the Mediterranean travelling to Europe in two different rescue operations.
Three million more refugees to flee Syria, Turkey warns EU  Oct 6, 5:58 pm
New York, Oct. 6 (ANI): Turkey has warned the European Union that an estimate of three million more refugees might flee from Syria.
Growing number of refugees returning to war torn Syria after aid cuts  Oct 5, 2:15 pm
New York, Oct 5 (ANI): Increasing numbers of Syrian refugees are returning to their homeland from Jordan due to drastic aid cuts, homesickness and inability to pay smugglers to sneak them into Europe.
Murray pledges to donate 50 pounds per ace to help refugee children  Sep 17, 7:05 pm
London, Sept. 17 (ANI): Extending a helping hand to distressing refugees especially children, British tennis star Andy Murray has pledged to donate 50 pounds for every ace he hits until the end of the year to Unicef, the world's leading children's organisation.
Charlie Hebdo stirs new controversy with Aylan Kurdi's cartoons  Sep 16, 12:58 pm
New York, Sept. 16 (ANI): French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has stirred fresh controversy after illustrators from the publication were criticised on social media for mocking Europe's response to the migrant crisis with cartoons of dead Syrian boy Aylan Kurdi whose body washed up on a beach in Turkey this month, prompting an outpour of sympathy for refugees.
`Generous` Benedict Cumberbatch urges people to donate for refugees  Sep 12, 3:04 pm
London, Sept. 12 (ANI): Condemning the government's slow response to the refugee crisis in Syria and in other neighbouring countries, Benedict Cumberbatch has urged the people to donate money to refugees.
Obama asks administration to take in 10,000 Syrian refuges in next fiscal year  Sep 11, 6:59 pm
New York, Sept. 11 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has told his administration to take in 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next fiscal year amid escalating pressure to demonstrate the country's efforts to join European nations in resettling displaced Syrians.
Japanese technology being used to improve foundation of tsunami-hit land   Sep 10, 1:39 pm
Iwate/Tokyo, Sept. 10 (ANI): Some 1,700 people were killed during by the 2011 tsunami disaster in Rikuzen-Takata city of Japan's Iwate Prefecture.
Australia to extend airstrikes from Iraq into Syria  Sep 9, 10:20 am
Sydney, Sept. 9 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has confirmed that the country will extend its campaign of airstrikes from Iraq into Syria, adding that Australia would accept extra 12,000 refugees affected by the conflict.
Sand artist creates sculpture to pay homage to Syrian refugee toddler  Sep 8, 8:34 pm
Puri, Sept. 8 (ANI): Artist Sudarshan Patnaik created a sand sculpture on the shore of Puri beach in Odisha to pay homage to Syrian refugee toddler Aylan Kurdi who was found dead on the shores of Greek island of Kos.
NHRC takes cognizance of death of Lankan refugee in police custody in TN  Sep 8, 10:55 am
Chennai, Sept. 9 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has taken suo motu cognizance of a media report alleging death of a Sri Lankan refugee, Mohan, aged about 45 years, in the custody of Pallikaranai Police here on September 4.
Netanyahu rejects calls for taking in refugees, to set up 18-mile preventive border fence  Sep 7, 3:36 pm
London, Sept. 7 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced plans for an 18-mile border fence after rejecting calls for providing sanctuary to Syrian refugees.
Austria plans to phase out migrant crisis  Sep 7, 12:19 pm
London, Sept. 7 (ANI): Austria has announced that it plans to phase out special measures that have permitted thousands of refugees to travel from Hungary to Western Europe.
Pope Francis urges religious communities to offer sanctuary to migrant families  Sep 7, 10:40 am
London, Sept. 7 (ANI): Pope Francis has urged all religious communities in Europe to do their part to stem the refugee crisis and offer sanctuary to migrant families.
Cameron faces increasing pressure to crush ISIS as refugee crisis worsens  Sep 6, 12:52 pm
London, Sept. 6 (ANI): British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing increasing pressure from the former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey to "crush" the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as the Syrian conflict worsens, driving increasing number of refugees seeking sanctuary in Europe.
Real Madrid pledge to donate 1m euros to help refugees in Spain  Sep 5, 6:22 pm
Johannesburg, Sep 05 (ANI): Extending a helping hand to distressing refugees, Spanish football giants Real Madrid on Saturday pledged to donate one million euros to help support projects for refugees taken in by Spain.
IOC pledges to donate USD 2m to help ease migrant crisis  Sep 4, 6:57 pm
London, Sep 04 (ANI): Extending a helping hand to distressed refugees, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on Friday pledged to donate two million dollars to help ease the burgeoning humanitarian crisis in Europe.
Britain to accept thousands of Syrian refugees amid migrant crisis: Reports  Sep 4, 12:05 pm
Washington D C, Sept. 4 (ANI): Prime Minister David Cameron is expected to announce that Britain will accept thousands of Syrian refuges as a major migrant crisis engulfs Europe, according to reports.
Bayern Munich to set up training camps for refugees  Sep 3, 9:48 pm
London, Sept 03 (ANI): Extending a helping hand to refugees, German champions Bayern Munich on Thursday have pledged to donate one million euros and also said that they will set up a training camp for those coming into Munich.
Truck filled with chickens and bodies of migrants in Austria shows horrific plight of refugees  Aug 28, 11:20 am
Sydney, Aug. 28 (ANI): The discovery of a truck filled with chickens and decomposing bodies of migrants in Austria has brought to the fore a horrific reality and plight of refugees trying to escape from countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Afghan youth raise their concern on gender inequality through a seminar  Aug 24, 1:08 pm
New Delhi, Aug.24 (ANI): Afghan refugees in Delhi are taking an initiative to create gender equality awareness.