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Astronomers locate eleven 'runaway' galaxies   Apr 24, 10:59 am
Washington, Apr.24 (ANI): Researchers have identified 11 runaway galaxies, for the first time that escaped their original homes and have been flung into space.
Cosmic neighbor Tau Ceti not the next Earth: Study  Apr 23, 1:09 pm
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Researchers have recently reported that the list of potential life-supporting planets just got a little shorter, as the cosmic neighbor Tau Ceti is probably not the next Earth-like planet.
Ebola treatment effective 3 days after infection developed  Apr 23, 11:23 am
Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): A team of researchers has successfully developed a post-exposure treatment that is effective against a specific strain of the Ebola virus that killed thousands of people in West Africa.
Prolonged treatment can 'stress out' drug-resistant malaria  Apr 23, 11:23 am
Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): In the global fight against malaria, researchers have discovered how the malaria parasite protects itself by building resistance against the last-line in antimalarial medications and how a new medical treatment can overcome the parasite's defenses.
South Korean researchers develop app to control smartphones just by tapping  Apr 22, 6:14 pm
Washington, Apr. 22 (ANI): South Korean researchers have developed an Android application based on a sound-based method of controlling smartphones and connected appliances, just by tapping them.
Researchers predict quarter of Britons will be from ethnic minorities within next three decades  Apr 21, 2:39 pm
London, Apr. 21 (ANI): Researchers have predicted that a quarter of Britons will be from ethnic minorities within the next three decades.
We can be trained to 'follow our hearts'  Apr 21, 10:39 am
Washington, Apr 21 (ANI): A team of researchers has studied whether volunteers can be trained to follow their heartbeat and also whether it is possible to identify from brain activity how good they were at estimating their performance.
New automated treadmill mimics the experience of running outdoors  Apr 20, 2:17 pm
Washington, Apr 20 (ANI): A team of researchers have developed a new treadmill that automatically changes speed to match the pace of the runner.
Giant lasers may soon be used to blast space debris  Apr 19, 12:45 pm
Washington, Apr.19 (ANI): Researchers have proposed blasting the space debris out of orbit with a fiber optic laser, in order to combat the increasing amount of miscellaneous trash orbiting around the planet.
Smokers vastly underestimate harm of smoking few cigarettes a day  Apr 19, 12:32 pm
Washington, Apr.19 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that smokers still vastly underestimate the harm of smoking a few cigarettes every day.
Molecular mechanism that makes malaria parasites drug-resistant identified  Apr 18, 11:14 am
Washington, Apr 18 (ANI): A team of researchers has made key malarial drug-resistance finding.
Here's how health-related tweets can help predict emergency room traffic  Apr 16, 12:45 pm
Washington, Apr 16 (ANI): A team of researchers has created a model that was able to predict with 75 percent accuracy how many emergency room visits a hospital could expect on a given day.
El Nino predictions can be improved by learning more about westerly wind bursts  Apr 16, 11:37 am
Washington, Apr.16 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that by learning more about the westerly wind bursts would help them predict El Nino events more efficiently.
Bouncing robots may soon replace rovers on NASA missions  Apr 16, 10:32 am
Washington, Apr.16 (ANI): Researchers are in works to develop bouncing robots that may replace rovers on NASA's future missions.
Richard III managed to hide his scoliosis until death in 1485  Apr 14, 12:45 pm
Washington, Apr 14 (ANI): Richard III kept his physique, not least the scoliosis revealed by forensic examinations of his skeleton, a secret from the public as part of his "propaganda of power," as per researchers.
Mystery behind Saturn's Great White Spots 'tantrums' resolved  Apr 14, 11:36 am
Washington, Apr.14 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that giant storms on Saturn known as "Great White Spots" may be caused by moisture in the planet's atmosphere.
Regeneration of heart cells possible in mice  Apr 14, 10:50 am
Washington, Apr 14 (ANI): A team of researchers has regenerated heart cells in mice.
Mysterious radio waves from space follows mathematical pattern  Apr 13, 3:48 pm
Washington, Apr.13 (ANI): Researchers recently found that radio bursts from space reveal strange mathematical pattern.
Researchers reveal universe's most powerful explosions   Apr 12, 1:38 pm
Washington, Apr.12 (ANI): A new study has provided a deeper insight into universe's most powerful explosions.
Study discovers 'Darwin Nuke' vulnerability in Apple's OS X, iOS  Apr 10, 5:22 pm
New Delhi, April 10 (ANI): Researchers have discovered a vulnerability in the kernel of Darwin - an open-source component of both the OS X and iOS operating systems. This "Darwin Nuke" vulnerability leaves OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 devices exposed to remotely-activated denial of service (DoS) attacks that can damage the user's device and impact any corporate network to which it is connected. The experts call on users to update devices with the OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 software releases, which no longer include this vulnerability.
Researchers one step closer to finding why there's more matter than antimatter in universe  Apr 10, 1:07 pm
Washington, Apr.10 (ANI): Researchers believe that their latest successful experiment holds the key to why there is an abundance of matter over antimatter in the universe.
Fossils of million stars may help unravel formation, evolution of galaxies  Apr 9, 1:30 pm
Melbourne, Apr.9 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that Archaeology of millions of stars may help in unraveling galaxies' evolution and formation.
Virus-blocking Wolbachia may make dengue history  Apr 9, 11:23 am
Washington, Apr 9 (ANI): A team of researchers is plotting the elimination of dengue.
Scientists may have uncovered 'fountain of youth' while researching breast cancer  Apr 9, 10:51 am
Washington, Apr.9 (ANI): Researchers recently stumbled upon the "fountain of youth" while conducting the breast cancer research.
Relationship quality directly linked to mortality, blood pressure   Apr 8, 11:21 am
Washington, Apr 8 (ANI): A team of researchers has directly linked mortality and blood pressure to relationship quality.