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Now, Japanese robots can build infrastructure, save human lives during disasters  Dec 29, 4:03 pm
Singapore /Tokyo, Dec.29 (ANI): Japan has developed robots to help rescue victims during any disaster. The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) recently displayed these robots and the work that they do.
When robots get hurt, we feel it too  Nov 4, 8:32 am
Washington D.C, Nov 4 (ANI): A team of scientists has found that we empathise with humanoid robots in a similar fashion as with other humans.
Walking robots spawned from 'spring-mass' tech  Oct 28, 3:58 pm
Washington D.C, Oct 28 (ANI): A team of researchers has achieved the most realistic robotic implementation of human walking dynamics that has ever been done, which may ultimately allow human-like versatility and performance.
Will we really make `love with robots` by 2050?  Sep 30, 3:47 pm
Melbourne, Sept. 30 (ANI): Technology is now competing really well with every possible sexual desire, as Love and Sex and Robots author David Levy has claimed that sex with robots will become a reality by 2050.
Japan exhibits green technology and robots at Malaysia expo  Sep 15, 2:42 pm
Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Sept.15 (ANI): An annual exhibition and conference for promoting green technology and eco-products, or IGEM, the International Green tech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia was recently held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre.
`Flexible` robots just became more energy `energy efficient`  Aug 25, 4:13 pm
Washington D.C., Aug 25 (ANI): Scientists have suggested that smooth movements of industrial robots can reduce energy consumption by 40 percent.
Would you stay in this `strange` hotel run by `dinosaur robots`?  Jul 30, 2:33 pm
Melbourne, July 30 (ANI): A strange hotel in Japan may be the place for you if you are fascinated by dinosaurs, as it is being run by approximately 80 robots, including dinosaur robots.
Soon, robots with bacteria-controlled brains  Jul 26, 6:05 pm
Washington DC, July 26 (ANI): Scientists have marked a breakthrough discovery by developing a model for robots with bacteria-controlled brains.
'Square' seahorse tails can inspire future 'armored' robots  Jul 3, 4:24 pm
Washington DC, July 3 (ANI): A new research has suggested that cylindrical tail of seahorse, which is organized into square prisms and surrounded by bony plates connected by joints, can inspire the future technological breakthrough in robotics.
New tech lets paralyzed people control robot with thoughts  Jun 24, 4:36 pm
Washington DC, Jun 24 (ANI): Researchers have created a breakthrough that will allow disabled individuals to live more independently by employing mind-controlled telepresence robots to help with daily chores and needs.
Tiny robots get micro-tentacles to handle delicate objects 'gently'  Jun 23, 1:01 pm
Washington, Jun 23 (ANI): A team of engineers has developed micro-tentacles for tiny robots, so that they can handle delicate objects.
How insects' mating behaviour may inspire 'odour-sensing' drones  May 31, 11:14 am
Washington, May 31 (ANI): As per a new study, insect mating behavior has lessons for airborne robots (drones).
'Quick recovering' robots can be great for rescue missions  May 28, 4:44 pm
Washington, May 28 (ANI): If robots can learn how to work in damaged situation, they can prove to be very helpful for our society in the rescue and search missions.
These Handheld robots can guide you in everyday tasks  May 27, 7:33 pm
Washington, May 27 (ANI): A team of researchers have developed a prototype of handheld robots which can understand how best to interact with a tool that "knows and acts".
Scientist warns of humans-turned-robots taking over the world  May 26, 2:25 pm
London, May 26 (ANI): A top boffin has warned that in the future, chances are that the world will be ruled by humans who have turned into cyborgs.
Now, underwater robots to have better cognitive capabilities  May 11, 5:57 pm
Washington, May 11 (ANI): American engineers have developed a new program that gives underwater robots more cognitive capabilities and will allow them to perform high-level activities.
This gel can create 'graceful' shape-shifting robots that move via own energy  May 6, 11:42 am
Washington, May 6 (ANI): A team of engineers has designed, by developing a new computational model, a synthetic polymer gel that can reconfigure its own shape and move using its own internally generated power.
Now human-like robots that read your expressions  Apr 30, 3:23 pm
Washington, Apr.30 (ANI): Scientists have developed ultra-sensitive, wearable sensors that help human-like robots to read people's expressions.
New, tiny gecko-inspired robot can haul up to 2000 times its weight  Apr 28, 11:15 am
Washington, Apr 28 (ANI): A team of Stanford University scientists has developed a series of super-small, super strong robots that can haul up to 100 times their own weight.
Bouncing robots may soon replace rovers on NASA missions  Apr 16, 10:32 am
Washington, Apr.16 (ANI): Researchers are in works to develop bouncing robots that may replace rovers on NASA's future missions.
People throng 'Robo Fest' to see robots dance, talk  Apr 12, 10:46 pm
Bengaluru, Apr. 12 (ANI): Many people gathered at a 'Robo Fest' on Sunday in Bengaluru to see robots dancing and talking.
Now, roly-poly, untethered, combustion-powered robot that jumps  Mar 10, 12:08 pm
Washington, Mar 10 (ANI): A new study has revealed about a novel, fully untethered soft robot capable of repeated jumping and is able to cover half a meter in a single hop-and-roll motion.
Now, household robots that can do your 'laundry'  Feb 15, 11:08 am
Washington, Feb 15 (ANI): A team of artificial intelligence (AI) researchers has demonstrated a robot that is capable of doing laundry without any specific knowledge of what it has to wash.
Now, robots turn 'killers'  Feb 10, 12:20 pm
Melbourne, Feb. 10 (ANI): A Korean woman has recently claimed that her vacuum cleaner robot tried to eat her head.
PCs to fade away, robots to 'take over' and serve people by 2045  Jan 25, 4:03 pm
Washington, Jan 25 (ANI): About 30 years ago the personal computer began to make its way into regular use and it went on to transform society and the way humans live their lives.