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Cassini spacecraft may have documented birth of Saturn's new moon  Apr 15, 8:58 am
Washington, April 15 (ANI): NASA's Cassini spacecraft has documented the formation of a small icy object within the rings of Saturn, which could may be a new moon, and may also provide clues to the formation of the planet's known moons.
Saturn's hexagon's mystery solved  Apr 10, 1:31 pm
Washington, April 10 (ANI): Researchers have now been able to study and measure Saturn's hexagon and also establish its rotation period.
Vast underground ocean on Saturn's moon suggests hospitable habitat for life  Apr 4, 8:54 am
Washington, April 4 (ANI): Researchers have uncovered evidence of Saturn's moon Enceladus harboring a large underground ocean of liquid water, which suggests that it could support life.
Mini-planet with two rings of ice and pebbles discovered  Mar 27, 9:01 am
Washington, March 27 (ANI): Researchers have discovered a miniature planet with two rings of ice and pebbles, located two billion kilometers out in the solar system between Saturn and Uranus.
Scientists detect 'waves' on Saturn's moon Titan  Mar 19, 4:46 pm
London, March 19 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that they have detected the first ever liquid waves on the surface of Saturn's moon Titan.
Usain Bolt could be flying on Saturn's biggest moon Titan  Mar 5, 10:07 am
London, Mar 5 (ANI): Physicists have calculated that if Usain Bolt was to sprint on Saturn's biggest moon Titan, he would actually be flying.
NASA probe gets 360-degree view of Saturn's auroras  Feb 12, 10:41 am
Washington, Feb. 12 (ANI): NASA trained several pairs of eyes on Saturn as the planet put on a dancing light show at its poles.
Saturn's rings revealed to be 4.4 billion years old  Jan 3, 12:12 pm
Washington, January 3 (ANI): Saturn's iconic rings likely formed about 4.4 billion years ago, shortly after the planet itself took shape, researchers say.
NASA's probe reveals clues about Saturn moon's hydrocarbon lakes and seas  Dec 13, 10:08 am
Washington, Dec. 13 (ANI): NASA's Cassini spacecraft is providing researchers with key clues about Saturn's moon Titan, and in particular, its hydrocarbon lakes and seas.
Temperature mystery of planetary atmospheres revealed  Dec 10, 9:55 am
Washington, Dec. 10 (ANI): Researchers have said that they have solved the atmospheric peculiarity that Earth shares with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, claiming that it is likely common to billions of planets.
Researchers mystified over plasma loss mechanisms from Saturn's magnetosphere  Dec 5, 2:17 pm
Washington, Dec. 5 (ANI): Researchers have been left searching for potential plasma loss mechanisms from Saturn's magnetosphere.
NASA probe obtains best views of Saturn's unique six-sided jet stream  Dec 5, 10:42 am
Washington, Dec. 5 (ANI): NASA's Cassini spacecraft has obtained the highest-resolution movie yet of a unique six-sided jet stream, dubbed as the hexagon, around Saturn's North Pole.
NASA's Cassini spacecraft snaps Earth, Venus, Mars and Saturn in tandem  Nov 13, 10:18 am
Washington, Nov. 13 (ANI): NASA has brought out a natural-color photograph of Saturn from space, the first of its kind, in which Saturn, its moons and rings, and Earth, Venus and Mars, all are visible.
New images reveal how lakes were formed on Saturn`s moon Titan  Oct 26, 9:59 am
Washington, Oct 26 (ANI): With the sun now shining over the north pole of Saturn's moon Titan, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has obtained new images of the liquid methane and ethane seas and lakes that reside near Titan's north pole.
Cassini unveils images of Saturn's 'glowing' rings   Oct 18, 11:00 am
Washington, Oct. 18 (ANI): The rings of Saturn and the dark side of the planet can be seen glowing in the newly released infrared images by NASA's Cassini spacecraft.
It may be raining diamonds in Jupiter and Saturn!  Oct 11, 1:06 pm
Washington, Oct 11 (ANI): Scientists have claimed that Jupiter and Saturn just might be filled to the brim with diamonds.
Moon set to dance with 3 planets on Tuesday  Oct 7, 11:42 am
Washington, Oct. 7 (ANI): Moon is going to meet with three planets in the evening sky during an upcoming celestial event on Tuesday.
Saturn's moon Titan harbours household plastic ingredient  Oct 1, 9:43 am
Washington, Oct. 1 (ANI): NASA's Cassini spacecraft has discovered propylene, a chemical that is used to make food-storage containers, car bumpers, on Saturn's moon Titan.
Change in Saturn's moon Titan's surface brightness points towards cryovolcanism  Sep 15, 11:49 am
Washington, Sept. 15 (ANI): Researchers have said that changes in surface brightness on Saturn's moon, Titan, observed over four years, has provided more evidence that cryovolcanism is active there.
Saturn's moon Titan reveals how life on Earth evolved 3.5 billion yrs ago  Sep 13, 1:43 pm
Washington, Sept. 13 (ANI): A researcher has claimed that glimpses of the events, which nurtured life on Earth, more than 3.5 billion years ago are coming from Saturn's moon, Titan, 1 billion miles away.
'Monster' storm pulls water and ammonia ices from Saturn's depths  Sep 4, 12:00 pm
Washington, Sept. 4 (ANI): Once every 30 years or so, or roughly one year in Saturn, a massive storm is formed in the planet which pulls water and ammonia ices from the planet's depths.
Saturn's largest moon, Titan, may be rigid, weathered ice shell  Aug 29, 10:25 am
Washington, August 29 (ANI): An analysis of gravity and topography data from Saturn's largest moon, Titan, has revealed that it's ice shell is rigid and the small topographic features on it's surface are linked with large roots extending into the underlying ocean.
Nazis might have been first to land on moon had they won WW2  Aug 14, 2:15 pm
Washington, Aug 14 (ANI): The German road to space would have been much clearer, had the Nazis won World War 2.
Mystery behind Saturn's water ice jets revealed  Aug 1, 9:49 am
Washington, Aug 1 (ANI): NASA's Cassini spacecraft has found that the intensity of jets of water ice and organic particles that shoot out from Saturn's moon Enceladus depends on the moon's proximity to the ringed planet.
Here's what Earth looks like from Saturn and Mercury  Jul 23, 11:32 am
Washington, July 23 (ANI): NASA has released colour and black-and-white images of Earth taken by two interplanetary spacecraft on July 19.