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E-cigarettes putting your heart at risk  Feb 12, 2:56 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 12 (ANI): While "vaping" has been seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, a new study has provided more evidence on the potential harmful effects of e-cigarettes.
Marijuana getting more potent than it used to be  Feb 10, 2:26 pm
London, Feb 10 (ANI): Smoking pot isn't the same today as it was 20 years ago, according to a new study that suggests marijuana potency is on the rise.
DiCaprio leaves American Lung Association upset by smoking vape pen  Feb 2, 11:45 am
Washington D.C., Feb. 2(ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio might have bagged an SAG award, but he has upset the American Lung Association by smoking an e-cigarette at the ceremony.
Ex-smokers face high lung cancer risk up to 15 yrs after quitting  Jan 27, 11:30 am
Washington D.C, Jan 27 (ANI): Smoking doubles the chance of lung cancer and the risk remains high even years after "kicking the butt," according to a new study.
Here's why e- cigarettes can lead to smoking  Jan 26, 1:30 pm
Washington D.C, Jan. 26 (ANI): A new study has found that teenagers, who try e-cigarettes, are three times more likely to start smoking,
Justin Bieber `smoked up` his New Year resolution  Jan 11, 12:28 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 11(ANI): Justin Bieber has surely not been able to keep up with his New Year's resolution of quitting his smoking habit as he was recently spotted lighting up a cigarette.
E-cigarettes deliver `sufficient` nicotine to suppress smoking desire  Jan 6, 10:25 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 6 (ANI): A recent study found that e-cigarettes share a similar short-term safety profile as Nicorette products and are comparable in reducing tobacco withdrawal symptoms.
Teens giving cigarettes, alcohol the go-by for fruits, veggies  Dec 27, 8:27 am
London, Dec 27 (ANI): Seems like the Goody Two-Shoes generation is taking over the age of the unruly teenager who indulges in illicit drinking and smoking as a new study has revealed that kids in England are turning their backs on cigarettes and alcohol for the fruits and vegetables.
Here's how graphic cigarettes images can help smokers to quit  Dec 22, 12:12 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 22(ANI): The new study has revealed that pictures bearing aftermaths of tobacco and warning signs have more deep impact on the smokers as compared to text warnings.
Fear of smoking-related death made Adele `kick the butt`  Dec 20, 11:29 am
Washington D.C, Dec 20 (ANI): One of the world's most popular singers, Adele, has revealed that after fear of death made her opt for a healthier lifestyle, she quit smoking.
Mentally stronger teens opt for vaping over smoking  Dec 19, 10:31 am
Washington D.C, Dec 19 (ANI): Amidst the booming e-cigarette trend, a team of researchers has found that the teens with moderate emotional health problems do not smoke, but they may vape.
Pregnancy smoking risks baby boy's sportiness  Dec 10, 12:30 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 10 (ANI): Smoking while pregnancy may leave your adult son less sporty, according to a new study.
1D`s Liam Payne resolute to quit smoking  Dec 6, 12:09 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 5(ANI): 2015 is reaching its end and One Direction boys are already up with their New Year's resolutions.
Daisy Shah gave-in everything to look 'smoking hot' on screen  Dec 2, 12:58 pm
New Delhi, Dec 2 (ANI): Bollywood actress Daisy Shah, who debuted in the industry with Salman Khan Starrer 'Jai Ho', says that she has given everything she could to look sexy on screen in her upcoming flick 'Hate Story 3'.
`Skunk-like` weed risks your brain  Nov 29, 8:14 am
Washington D.C, Nov 29 (ANI): You may want to avoid smoking skunk-like weed as a new study shows that high potency cannabis can damage a crucial part of the brain responsible for communication between the two brain hemispheres.
Smoking makes you less intelligent  Nov 18, 12:35 pm
London, Nov 18 (ANI): You may want to quit smoking as a new study has suggested that smoking dumbs down the brain and kicking the habit will make you smarter.
Pregnant ladies! Start shopping to quit smoking  Nov 17, 2:59 pm
London, Nov. 17 (ANI): A new study has revealed that pregnant women are more likely to quit smoking if they are paid in shopping vouchers.
Anti-smoking ads makes smokers 'angry and defensive'   Nov 3, 12:04 pm
Washington D.C., Nov. 3 (ANI): A new study has suggested that anti-smoking advertisements could lower smokers' self-esteem making them angry and defensive which would make it less likely for them to quit.
Rising taxes push smokers toward more danger  Oct 29, 2:07 pm
Washington D.C, Oct 29 (ANI): Increasing cigarette exercise taxes may have the unintended consequence of encouraging consumers to seek higher nicotine content and more dangerous cigarette products, according to a study.
Smoking, an escape to `drowse-free` alcoholism  Oct 28, 8:44 am
Washington D.C, Oct 28 (ANI): A recent study delved into the complex relationship between cigarettes and alcohol has come up with an explanation as to why many boozers also are smokers.
Anti-smoking drug may help treat 'betel nut' addiction  Oct 22, 8:27 am
Washington D.C, Oct 22 (ANI): A team of researchers has found key clues about 'betel nut' addiction that plagues millions worldwide.
Marijuana may not be `gateway` drug  Oct 17, 11:28 am
London, Oct. 17 (ANI): Contradicting the common belief that weed is a gateway drug, a researcher has claimed that smoking pot does not necessarily cause addiction to other drugs.
How e-cigarettes, water pipes may lead to increased tobacco use  Oct 14, 10:11 am
Washington D.C, Oct 14 (ANI): A recent study has revealed that the use of e-cigarettes and alternative tobacco products may lead to increased tobacco use.
`Run` wild to get `high` sans smoking pot  Oct 12, 10:41 am
Wellington, Oct 12 (ANI): You may want to start running if you want to get high without smoking weed as a new study has revealed that a runners high is actually similar to the high experienced when smoking pot.
Got post-heart attack blues? Start exercising and stop smoking  Oct 11, 8:16 am
Washington D.C, Oct 11 (ANI): Smokers, you may want to start exercising and kick that habit if you are suffering from depression after a heart attack as a new study suggests so.