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Green light makes you snooze, while blue disturbs your zzz.  Jun 9, 1:51 pm
Washington D.C, Jun 9 (ANI): If you thought that a calming blue color would help you sleep better, then think again. Turns out, green is the go-to lighting hue.
An alarm clock that gets you out of bed to shut it off  Jan 16, 4:37 pm
London, Jan.16 (ANI): Leaving a cozy bed is never easy, and people are generally used to placing their alarms in snooze mode.
This 'Wallace and Gromit' ejector bed will 'throw' you as wakeup call  Aug 3, 3:49 pm
London, Aug 3(ANI): Tend to reach for the snooze button of your alarm clock every morning? Now, there's a high voltage ejector bed, which will literally throw you to make you wide awake, giving no way to getting late.
Google Inbox now allows controlling the snoozing of the mails  Jul 17, 5:20 pm
Washington, July 17 (ANI): Google's Inbox for Gmail has released a new feature which makes snoozing messages a little more time specific.
Sharapova admits she feels like pressing 'snooze' every time shot-clock goes on in IPTL  Nov 30, 3:21 pm
Johannesburg, Nov 30 (ANI): Russian tennis ace Maria Sharapova was reportedly tormented on Saturday with the inaugural International Premier Tennis League tournament's shot-clock, saying that she feels like pressing the snooze all the time.
Tired Brits lose more than 2 days of sleep a year due to snoozing  Oct 27, 12:40 pm
London, Oct 27 (ANI): A new study has revealed that by pressing snooze button on the alarm clocks everyday Britons lose more than two days of sleep a year.
WobL smartphone stand helps you snooze iPhone alarm with motion  Jan 21, 2:54 pm
Washington, Jan. 21 (ANI): New WobL smartphone stand has been designed to be used with an alarm clock app for iPhone, which allows a user to activate a snooze mode simply through motion.
Japan's sci-fi capsule hotel offers '9hr sleep' at $49!  Nov 12, 4:46 pm
Washington, Nov. 12 (ANI): A capsule hotel in Japan reportedly has a very special service for its guests, that is: check-in, sleep and check-out!
World's best and worst airports for 'layover snoozes' revealed!  Oct 22, 11:38 am
Washington, Oct. 22 (ANI): For air travelers the most important thing that comes after great duty free shopping is comfortable areas within the airports to catch a nap.
Now, formula to snooze off according to how tired you are  Oct 12, 12:16 pm
Islamabad, Oct 12 (ANI): Scientists claim that they have come up with a formula for those who agonise over how to get a better night's sleep.
Snoozing more on weekends can't reverse ill effects of sleeploss during week  Oct 10, 11:51 am
Washington, Oct 10 (ANI): People sacrifice sleep during the workweek to make time for other demands, then snooze longer on the weekends to recoup that lost sleep.
Now, mattress-topped desk that lets workers catch up on sleep at work  Feb 19, 11:56 am
London, Feb 19 (ANI): One designer has created a desk that will let tired workers catch up on their sleep at work and snooze in their office in comfort.
'Snooze button' on biological clocks boosts cell adaptability  Feb 18, 2:22 pm
London, February 18 (ANI): The circadian clocks that control and influence dozens of basic biological processes have an unexpected "snooze button" that helps cells adapt to changes in their environment, according to a study.
It takes us 36 minutes to feel awake  Dec 14, 2:29 pm
London, Dec 14 (ANI): It takes us more than half an hour to feel awake in the morning, a survey has revealed.
Man City wins 'battle of snooze' with Austrian church bells!   Jul 11, 4:57 pm
London, July 11(ANI): Manchester City officials finally got success in convincing a priest at a local church in Seefeld, a small village in Austria, to postpone the ringing of church bells by an hour so that players can relax.
Weekend snooze may help fight obesity for school-age kids  Apr 21, 2:46 pm
London, April 21 (ANI): A weekend lie-in may help reduce risk of obesity in youngsters, say researchers.
'Unsnoozeable' alarm clock allows no excuses for staying in bed  Apr 11, 12:47 pm
Johannesburg, Apr 11 (ANI): A US researcher has come up with an alarm clock that can only be stopped by getting out of bed as it does not have any snooze button.
Hitting snooze button could make things worse for insomniacs   Mar 21, 5:04 pm
London, March 21 (ANI): For those who have trouble sleeping, setting the alarm clock to get an extra few minutes' rest after a disturbed night may do more harm than good, an expert has claimed.
Rihanna demands king size bed on set  Mar 8, 3:42 pm
Washington, Mar 8 (ANI): Rihanna reportedly insists on having a bed on set so she can catch up with her sleep during video shoots.
1 in 4 Brit couples argue over snooze button and getting up in morning  Feb 17, 3:00 pm
London, Feb 17 (ANI): The average Briton spends 29 minutes each morning on snooze in winter, compared to just 17 minutes in summer, a survey has found.
Indian origin scientist finds 'alarm clock' that helps us wake up fresh from sleep   Oct 21, 5:05 pm
Washington, Oct 21 (ANI): An Indian origin researcher has claimed to have found the answer to why a number of people fail to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning despite even having a chance to snooze the alarm button to catch some extra sleep.
'Sleepaholic' James Franco once dozed off while piloting plane!  Aug 11, 11:25 am
Washington, Aug 11 (ANI): '127 Hours star' star James Franco is such a sleepaholic that he once snoozed while piloting a plane!