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Beijing warns countries to stop hyping South China Sea issue  May 26, 5:16 pm
Vientiane (Laos), May 26 (ANI): Chinese Defense Minister Chang Wanquan has in a stern note asserted that certain countries should stop playing up the issue of freedom of navigation in the South China Sea as it has never been a problem.
Big nations should not bully smaller ones: Obama  May 24, 6:42 pm
Hanoi (Vietnam), May 24 (ANI): United States President Barack Obama has said Washington supports Vietnam's territorial claims against Beijing in the South China Sea and promised it greater access to security equipment.
Chinese fighter jets intercept US spy plane over South China Sea: Pentagon  May 19, 11:31 am
Washington, May 19 (ANI): The Pentagon has said that two Chinese fighters have conducted an "unsafe" intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international air space over the South China Sea.
China denounces U.S. warplanes' operation near Huangyan Island  Apr 26, 5:41 pm
Beijing, Apr. 26 (ANI): Responding to reports that six U.S. Air Force planes performed a flight mission in "international airspace" in the vicinity of Huangyan Island in the South China Sea, China said that Washington was pushing militarization in the name of Freedom of Navigation.
China's admits landing an aircraft on disputed Fiery Cross Reef  Apr 18, 4:39 pm
Beijing, Apr.18 (ANI): The Chinese military aircraft has for the first time publicly landed at a new airport on an island built by China in the disputed South China Sea, raising the prospect that the country could base fighter jets there.
India, US agree for logistics exchange to enhance military cooperation  Apr 12, 6:15 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 12 (ANI): Reaffirming the importance of safeguarding maritime security and ensuring freedom of navigation and over flight throughout the region, including in the South China Sea, India and the United States have agreed in principle to conclude a logistics exchange memorandum of agreement and to continue working toward other facilitating agreements to enhance military cooperation and technology transfer.
China sails on in the South China Sea  Mar 28, 2:23 pm
By Ian Cameron
Indonesia to summon Chinese envoy over illegal fishing in South China Sea  Mar 21, 11:29 am
Beijing, Mar. 21 (ANI): Indonesian Minister for Fisheries and Maritime Affairs, Susi Pudjiastuti, has said that she would summon Chinese envoy Xie Feng over a standoff involving a trawler in the South China Sea.
China concerned about U.S. plan to base long-range bombers in Australia  Mar 9, 4:31 pm
Beijing (China)/Canberra (Australia), Mar.9 (ANI): China's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday said that it is concerned over reports that the United States plans to base long-range bombers in Australia within striking distance of the South China Sea.
Japan says seas should be governed by global rules and law  Mar 3, 10:59 am
New Delhi, Mar. 3 (ANI): Amidst the rising tension in the South China Sea following its militarisation by China, Japan's Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Yasumasa Nagamine has reiterated that the use of seas should be governed by international rules and law.
US warns China over increasing militarisation in South China Sea  Mar 2, 5:08 pm
New York, Mar. 2. (ANI).The United States has warned China of consequences regarding China's moves in the disputed South China Sea region.
Vietnam lodges complaint with UN on China's placement of missile battery  Feb 20, 6:43 am
Hanoi (Vietnam), Feb. 20 (ANI): Vietnam has lodged a formal complaint with the United Nations (UN) over China's placement of a surface-to-air missile battery on a disputed island in the South China Sea.
China Condemns US for sending warship near Paracel Island  Jan 31, 5:56 pm
New York,Jan.31(ANI): United States has been strongly condemned by China after a US warship deliberately sailed near the Paracel chain, one of the Beijing controlled islands in the hotly contested South China Sea to exercise freedom of navigation and challenge China's vast sea claims.
India to set up satellite tracking station in Vietnam  Jan 25, 2:56 pm
New Delhi, Jan.25 (ANI): India is all set to launch a satellite tracking and imaging centre in southern Vietnam that will give Hanoi access to pictures from Indian earth observation satellites that would cover China and the South China Sea.
With eye on China, India to build satellite tracking station in Vietnam  Jan 25, 12:40 pm
New Delhi, Jan 25 (ANI): India is all set to build a satellite tracking and imaging centre in southern Vietnam to provide Hanoi a full time access to pictures from Indian earth observation satellites that cover the region, including China and the South China Sea.
South China Sea: India, Japan call upon states to avoid unilateral action  Dec 12, 3:10 pm
New Delhi, Dec. 12 (ANI): Japan and India have said they will work together under the umbrella of the East Asia Summit to promote inclusive, balanced and open regional architecture and maritime security in the region.
South China Sea row: US deploys spy plane in Singapore  Dec 8, 7:32 pm
Singapore, Dec. 8 (ANI): In a series of US military actions in response to China's increasingly assertive claims over territory in the South China Sea, the United States has of late deployed a P-8 Poseidon spy plane in Singapore for the first time.
Territorial dispute with Philippines: China adamant on stance  Oct 30, 11:00 pm
Beijing, Oct. 30 (ANI): Even as the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague announced on Thursday that it would handle the case filed by the Philippines over Beijing's territorial claim for almost the entire South China Sea, China said it would "continue boycotting proceedings" at the court.
China warns US: Minor incident could lead to war  Oct 30, 5:15 pm
London, Oct. 30 (ANI): China has warned the United States that its dangerous provocations in the South China Sea can lead to 'a minor incident that sparks war'.
Vietnam slams China for construction of two lighthouses in disputed South China Sea  Oct 14, 2:24 pm
New York, Oct 14 (ANI): Vietnam has slammed China for constructing two lighthouses in the disputed South China Sea, saying that Beijing has violated Hanoi's sovereignty.
Satellite images suggest China building third airstrip in 'disputed' South China Sea  Sep 16, 12:58 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 16 (ANI): New satellite images analysed by the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) have suggested that China is building a third airstrip in the disputed waters of South China Sea.
China says Japan's 'malicious' defence review will impact peace, stability in Asia-Pacific  Jul 22, 8:13 pm
London, July 22 (ANI): A day after Japan strongly criticised Chinese land reclamation activities and offshore platforms in disputed East China Sea in its annual defence report, Beijing has termed the report 'malicious and misleading,' saying that the report will have a detrimental impact on 'peace and stability' in the Asia-Pacific region.
UN tribunal mulling hearing South China Sea territorial dispute  Jul 7, 4:09 pm
London, July 7 (ANI): A United Nations (UN) tribunal is reportedly mulling hearing a legal case challenging territorial claims in the South China Sea.