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Now you can taste 'Ariana Grande' at Starbucks!  Feb 25, 2:22 pm
Washington, Feb 25 (ANI): Starbucks has come up with a new fancy caffeinated drink dedicated to pop-star 'Ariana Grande'.
Soon, Starbucks to start serving booze and beef in UK outlets  Feb 21, 12:55 pm
London, Feb 21 (ANI): World renowned coffee shop chain Starbucks would soon be serving alcoholic drinks in the evenings at its UK outlets.
Andy Murray spotted 'smooching' girlfriend in Paris' Starbucks  Nov 2, 2:26 pm
London, Nov 2 (ANI): The tennis star, Andy Murray, was seen smooching his girlfriend Kim Sears in a busy Starbucks in Paris.
Derek Jeter may soon marry long term girlfriend Hannah Davis   Oct 4, 4:58 pm
Washington, Oct 4 (ANI): Derek Jeter, the professional baseball shortstop may soon be having a secret wedding at Oheka Castle with his long term girlfriend Hannah Davis, it has been reported.
Now, slurp some 'Guinness-flavored coffee' at Starbucks  Sep 24, 11:34 am
London, Sep 24 (ANI): Starbucks has recently added a "Guinness-flavored coffee" to their range, it has been reported.
Meet woman who inspired Oprah Winfrey's Indian-style tea  Mar 31, 4:59 pm
New Delhi, Mar.31 (ANI): Oprah Winfrey's Indian-style tea was reportedly inspired from Parvati Hedge, who served Winfrey her first spiced Indian tea during her visit to India in 2012.
Starbucks all set to go boozy!  Mar 23, 11:04 am
Washington, March 23 (ANI): Starbucks will be serving alcohol to its customers soon as a part of their "evenings menu".
Starbucks introduces 'Oprah Chai' created by Oprah Winfrey  Mar 20, 4:31 pm
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Starbucks, the world' largest coffee chain, has introduced a new tea based drink called "Oprah Chai", which is created by none other than Oprah Winfrey.
Now, tip Barista with new Starbucks iPhone app   Mar 13, 2:12 pm
Washington, Mar. 13 (ANI): Starbucks is making changes to its mobile application that will allow customers visiting its stores to tip their baristas from their iPhones.
Facebook to remove controversial Sponsored Stories from site in April  Jan 10, 1:39 pm
Washington, Jan. 10 (ANI): Facebook will be phasing out its controversial Sponsored Stories ad units in April.
Meet Beautiful Existence who ate nothing but Starbucks for a year  Jan 4, 3:54 pm
Melbourne, Jan 4 (ANI): In a unique eyebrow-raising challenge, an American woman, named Beautiful Existence, ate nothing but Starbucks for a whole year.
First Starbucks outlet to open in Bangalore  Nov 20, 8:25 pm
New Delhi, Nov.20 (ANI): Famed coffee retailer Starbucks will soon open its first outlet in Bangalore.
Ben Affleck shells out $58 for parking ticket to buy Starbucks coffee  Nov 11, 11:58 am
Washington, Nov 11 (ANI): Ben Affleck paid 58 dollars for a parking ticket, while rolling up to Starbucks in Brentwood for a cup of coffee.
Most followed brands on Instagram revealed  Oct 26, 11:39 am
Washington, Oct. 26 (ANI): Instagram is set to bring ads on its photo-sharing platform, but many brands like The Ellen DeGeneres Show are already profiting by being the most followed on the site.
Starbucks celebrates first anniversary in India with launch of India Estates Blend  Oct 21, 3:12 pm
Mumbai, Oct. 21 (ANI): Global coffeehouse chain Starbucks is reportedly celebrating its first anniversary since debuting in India in partnership with Tata Global Beverages Limited, by launching a special India sourced 'Indian Estates Blend' coffee, as a tribute to its customers, partners, coffee producers and roasters.
George Lucas buys $10mln worth of Starbucks shares  Aug 24, 4:20 pm
Melbourne, August 24 (ANI): George Lucas has bought 10 million dollars worth of shares in the famous coffee chain Starbucks.
Tech giants lag way behind lesser known brands in Forbes' most innovative companies list  Aug 16, 3:58 pm
Washington, Aug. 16 (ANI): Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies has placed cloud computing company at the top spot for the thirst consecutive year, while tech giants lag desperately behind.
When Starbucks turned Pippa Middleton into 'Peppa Pig'  Jul 21, 10:57 am
London, July 21 (ANI): Starbucks staff misspelled Pippa Middleton's name as 'Pepa' on her coffee cup.
Starbucks writes 'Vagina' on coffee cup for woman named Virginia  May 2, 3:36 pm
New York, May 2 (ANI): A Hong Kong outlet of Starbucks misspelled the name of its customer Virginia Goh, writing "Vagina" on her cup.
Brits tired of strangers treating them like old pals  Apr 2, 11:28 am
London, Apr. 2 (ANI): Three in ten people from the UK are fed up with "cold caller chumminess" - total strangers meeting people like old friends, a new survey has claimed.
Apple named 'world's most admired firm' by business execs for sixth time running  Mar 1, 10:10 am
Washington, Mar 1 (ANI): Tech giant Apple has been named the world's most admired company by business executives for the sixth year in a row, a survey has revealed.
I love being single, says Mila Kunis  Feb 13, 3:27 pm
London, February 13 (ANI): Mila Kunis has said that she loves being single despite finding love with her former 'That '70s Show' co-star Ashton Kutcher.
Anand Sharma meets Starbucks Coffee President  Feb 5, 4:23 pm
New Delhi, Feb 5 (ANI): Commerce and Industry Minister Anand Sharma met John Culver, President, Starbucks Coffee China and Asia Pacific and Avani Saglani Davda, Chief Executive Officer of Tata Starbucks Limited (TSL) here today.
Starbucks threatens to suspend million pounds of investment in Britain over 'unfair' tax attacks  Jan 27, 2:40 pm
London, Jan. 27 (ANI): Starbucks has threatened to suspend millions of pounds of investment in Britain and the therat comes after what the US-owned coffee chain described as constant and unfair attacks over its tax affairs by British Prime Minister David Cameron's Government.
US woman vows to eat and drink only Starbucks items for 1yr  Jan 12, 3:03 pm
Washington, January 12 (ANI): A woman from Seattle has sworn that she will eat and drink only Starbucks for 12 straight months as her New Year resolution.