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Gujarat CM makes aerial survey of flood-hit areas  Jun 25, 5:33 pm
Rajkot, June 25 (ANI): Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel made an aerial survey of flood affected areas of Saurashtra in Gujarat on Thursday afternoon.
Patients want to contact doctors via social media  Jun 25, 5:10 pm
Washington DC, Jun 25 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that many Internet-savvy Americans want to be able to email or send Facebook messages to their doctors to chat about their health.
Obama scores well on Indian popularity meter, reveals survey  Jun 24, 8:12 pm
London, June 24 (ANI): A new survey has shown that U.S. President Barack Obama's popularity may have taken a hit in his country, but the leader has gained a more favourable opinion in India in recent years.
Origins of black money needs to be addressed: CEA Subramanian  Jun 23, 3:07 pm
Bengaluru, June 23 (ANI): Speaking on the sidelines of a series of talks on 'Economic Survey: Taking stock of the Indian Economy' Chief Economic Advisor Arvind Subramanian has asked the Centre to focus on the origins of black money rather than chasing it in all corners of the globe if it wants to avoid giving out a "wrong perception about India".
Angola's Luanda still 'costliest city' for expats, Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek 'cheapest'  Jun 18, 2:52 pm
London, Jun 18 (ANI): As per an annual survey by consultancy Mercer, the Angolan capital, Luanda, remains the world's most expensive city for expatriates, while Kyrgyzstan's Bishkek is the "cheapest" one.
Applying for a job? Do it on a Tuesday!  Jun 16, 11:14 am
New York, June 16 (ANI): If your are on the verge of applying for a new job, doing so on a Tuesday would garner more positive results, claims a new survey.
Mums want dads to be more like David Beckham, Simon Cowell  Jun 15, 2:12 pm
London, June 15 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that mums want dads to be more metrosexual like David Beckham and Simon Cowell.
Indian Navy picks up beacon signals of missing Dornier aircraft (Update)  Jun 13, 5:46 pm
New Delhi, June 13 (ANI): A naval survey ship has reportedly picked up signals from the missing Indian Coast Guard's Dornier aircraft.
Jazz fans 10 times likelier to cheat on partners than heavy metal lovers  Jun 12, 1:46 pm
London, June 12 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that Jazz fans cheat on their partners 10 times more than the heavy metal lovers.
We want plumbers or doctors to live next door, not politicians  Jun 10, 4:05 pm
London, Jun 10 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that that people would rather have a plumber, electrician or doctor as a neighbor than politicians or footballers.
50 percent Americans watch more videos on mobile devices in 2015: Survey  Jun 9, 4:09 pm
Washington, June 9 (ANI): An Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) survey has said that 50 percent of the respondents in the United States watch more videos on their mobile devices that they did a year back.
US, UK more 'reluctant' to address climate change than China, says survey  Jun 8, 3:56 pm
London, June 8 (ANI): The United States and the United Kingdom, although the two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases in the world, are more reluctant to address the problem of climate change as compared to countries like China, a survey has revealed.
Malaysia quake: Singapore, Sabah observe 'day of mourning' for victims  Jun 8, 2:45 pm
London, June 8 (ANI): A day of mourning is being observed across Singapore and Malaysia's Sabah state for those killed in the 6.0-magnitude quake that struck Mount Kinabalu in Borneo.
Britons most 'prudish' about going nude on beaches in Europe   Jun 8, 2:06 pm
London, June 08 (ANI): A new survey has revealed that Britons are most "prudish" about going nude on the beaches in Europe, while Spanish and Germans most likely to go commando.
Relegated Hull City voted top in entertaining away fans  Jun 4, 4:31 pm
London, June 4 (ANI): Hull City has topped a Football Supporter's Federation (FSF) survey on entertaining its away fans.
12 injured after 7.8-magnitude earthquake shakes Japan  May 31, 2:04 pm
Washington, May 31 (ANI): At least 12 people incurred minor injuries as businesses returned to normal a day after a massive 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which originated near remote Japanese islands, shook the country.
Massive earthquake strikes Japan  May 30, 6:22 pm
Tokyo, May 30 (ANI): A massive earthquake of magnitude 7.8 on the Richter scale took place off the Japanese coast on Saturday, the U.S. Geological Survey stated.
Secrets of `dark universe` may soon be unraveled  May 30, 1:05 pm
Washington, May 30 (ANI): The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), whose construction officially began at a traditional stone-laying ceremony outside La Serena, Chile on April 14th, is slated to start scanning the heavens in 2022.
New study reveals link between black holes and galaxy merger  May 29, 11:54 am
New Delhi, May 29 (ANI): In a recent survey, scientists have found a clear link between the presence of super-massive black holes that power high-speed, radio-signal-emitting jets and the merger history of their host galaxies.
F1 drivers launch fan survey to help improve sport   May 22, 1:09 pm
London, May 22 (ANI): Formula One drivers have launched a two week survey for fans in order to know their opinion about the sport's future on state level.
Universe's brightest galaxy shining like 300 trillion suns discovered  May 22, 11:54 am
Washington, May 22 (ANI): A remote galaxy shining with the light of more than 300 trillion suns has been discovered using data from NASA's Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE).
Move over Man City, PSG is world's new top-paying team!  May 21, 2:40 pm
Johannesburg, May 21 (ANI): As per a new survey, French football champions Paris Saint-Germain's players have the highest average salary in the whole of sport, beating Real Madrid and Manchester City.
6.9-magnitude earthquake jolts Solomon Islands  May 21, 12:42 pm
London, May 21 (ANI): A 6.9-magnitude earthquake was recorded near the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said Thursday.
Experts predict India's large-scale diabetes screening could be 'ineffective'  May 20, 11:47 am
Washington, May 20 (ANI): The large-scale screening for diabetes in India has been predicted to be ineffective, as per current available survey.
Pollution discolouring Taj Mahal, say ASI officials  May 15, 9:53 pm
Agra (Uttar Pradesh), May 15 (ANI): Centuries of pollution is slowly turning the Taj Mahal yellow despite continuing government efforts to save the historic monument in northern India, officials of the Archeological Survey have said.