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Few `walnuts` a day can keep extra kilos at bay  Feb 10, 8:24 am
Washington D.C, Feb 10 (ANI): Things just got nuttier! Move over salads and green tea as a new study has found that a walnut-rich diet can help you shed those extra kilos.
India reign supreme in South Asian Games weightlifting  Feb 9, 4:17 pm
Guwahati, Feb. 09 (ANI): Sushila Panwar secured another gold medal for the Indian contingent in the last day of weightlifting competition at the 12th South Asian Games here on Tuesday.
A `fishy` way to shed those extra kilos  Feb 8, 3:21 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 8 (ANI): Seafood lovers, this "fishy" way of losing weight is going to make you fall in love with it hook, line and sinker!
Vacations help `creeping obesity` sneak up on you  Feb 5, 8:27 am
Washington D.C, Feb 5 (ANI): You may want to start paying attention to your during holidays as a new study suggests that vacations can lead to weight gain and also contribute to "creeping obesity."
At 54, retired Bruno mulls boxing return  Feb 2, 10:16 am
Johannesburg, Feb.2 (ANI): Retired heavyweight champion Frank Bruno is mulling to make a return to competitive boxing at the age of 54.
Maternal obesity, diabetes putting kids at autism risk  Feb 1, 12:57 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 1 (ANI): A team of researchers has found out that women, who are obese and have diabetes during the time of their pregnancy, are four times as likely to have children with autism than healthy weight mothers without diabetes.
CPL to welcome international stars for 2016 season  Jan 30, 10:59 am
New Delhi, Jan.30 (ANI): The HERO Caribbean Premier League (CPL) is set to feature a galaxy of international talent - including Twenty20 heavyweights Francois "Faf" du Plessis, Martin Guptill, Brendon McCullum, Kumar Sangakkara and Shane Watson - who have all been confirmed into the Player Draft which is set to take place in Barbados on Thursday, 11 February.
Why exercise alone won't get those extra kilos off  Jan 29, 8:28 am
Washington D.C, Jan 29 (ANI): Gym bunnies, you may be wasting your time as a new study has revealed that exercise by itself isn't always enough to shed those extra kilos.
Awarding Parineeti's weight-loss 'not worth', feels Rishi Kapoor  Jan 28, 5:00 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 28 (ANI): The recent victim of actor Rishi Kapoor's outspoken nature is none other than the very bubbly Prineeti Chopra and that too because of her 'weight-loss'.
More the expenditure on food, healthier the diet and weight  Jan 28, 11:46 am
Washington D.C, Jan 28 (ANI): You may want to start spending more on food to keep those extra kilos at bay as a new study suggests so.
Flavonoid-rich fruits, veggies a day can keep the kilos away  Jan 28, 10:32 am
Washington D.C, Jan 28 (ANI): In the war against the weight, you may want to add apples, pears and berries to your arsenal as a recent study has revealed that flavonoid-rich fruits and vegetables can keep the extra kilos at bay.
Bizarre fitness test for police constables in Dehradun  Jan 27, 1:53 pm
Dehradun, Jan.27 (ANI): In a bizarre fitness test conducted by the Uttarakhand Police, the overweight constables were asked to carry seniors on their backs.
Photo diary can help you shed those extra kilos  Jan 22, 11:56 am
Melbourne, Jan 22 (ANI): People who are having difficulty losing weight should consider keeping a photo journal as a new study suggests that taking photo of yourself each week can help you ditch those extra kilos.
Kim K teams up with Atkins to shed post-baby fat  Jan 20, 11:40 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 20 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who recently welcomed her second child Saint West, has teamed up with Atkins, a popular low-carb diet program, to shed off her post pregnancy weight.
Reduce plate size to reduce weight  Jan 13, 8:45 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 13 (ANI): Besides running on treadmill for hours to cut down unnecessary fat from your body, using smaller plates can also be highly effective.
Racism exists in boxing: Floyd Mayweather  Jan 6, 9:46 am
Melbourne, Jan. 6 (ANI): UFC star Floyd Mayweather has delivered the ultimate backhanded compliment to former UFC women's Bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in a rant about racism in the sport, saying her to be "a good looking woman, when she put it on".
Amazon Echo to help people get in shape  Jan 3, 4:32 pm
New Delhi, Jan.3 (ANI): We have all heard about the benefits of exercise. In fact, we all aim for a healthy living which means more energy, better mood, weight loss and stronger bones. We often depend on personal trainers in the gym to get in shape, but what if a device helps you in work out.
Non-believer Kim K sets 2016 resolutions  Jan 1, 12:48 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 1 (ANI): Kim Kardashian does not believe in New Year resolutions, but has made them anyway.
Adele said `goodbye` tea to lose weight   Dec 31, 9:10 am
Melbourne, Dec. 31(ANI): Adele has revealed the secret behind her weight loss, and it is not a rocket science as the songstress just gave up tea for her new trimmed figure.
Breaking the most common weight loss myth  Dec 26, 2:47 pm
London, Dec 26 (ANI): A recent study has shown there's more to the old "it takes a 3500 calorie deficit to lose a pound" formula.
Why it's nearly impossible to shed those extra kilos  Dec 26, 2:04 pm
London, Dec 26 (ANI): A new chart has been revealed that shows why it's nearly impossible to lose weight and keep it off.
Now, a `super-strong` metal that is also light  Dec 26, 10:46 am
Washington D.C, Dec 26 (ANI): A newly developed blend of magnesium and ceramic silicon carbide nanoparticles is likely to bring about a revolution in the production of airplanes, spacecraft and cars.
Soon, your personal weight-loss program  Dec 24, 11:24 am
Washington D.C, Dec 24 (ANI): One-size-doesn't-fit-all when it comes to fat-shedding programs, but now, a new study has revealed that weight-loss programs tailored to a person's genome may be coming soon.
Moms need to be cautious while dealing with daughters' weight  Dec 23, 10:17 am
Washington D.C, Dec 23 (ANI): If you are a mother and are concerned about your daughter's health, then this is how you should support your daughter around her eating and her weight.
Weight-loss surgery goes long way in cutting diabetes, heart risk  Dec 23, 8:08 am
Washington D.C, Dec 23 (ANI): A new study has associated bariatric surgery with long-term weight loss and health risk reductions.