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Iran nuclear talks: Netanyahu warns US against striking 'bad deal' that will make way for nuclear bomb  Mar 4, 12:04 pm
London, March 04 (ANI): As negotiations to reach an agreement on Iran's nuclear program continue, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has warned the U.S. against striking a "bad deal" which could pave the way to a "nuclear bomb" rather than blocking it.
'Short -tempered' Azealia Banks considers running for White House  Mar 2, 5:40 pm
London, Mar 2 (ANI): Azealia Banks has revealed that she is working on her anger as she desires to become the next America's first female presidents.
Kerry says more needs to be done to tackle 'extremism' than just killing extremists  Feb 20, 2:01 pm
Johannesburg, Feb 20 (ANI): United States Secretary of State John Kerry has reportedly asserted that killing existing extremists will not tackle extremism or prevent more people from joining their ranks.
Apple CEO Tim Cook says everyone entitled to privacy, security  Feb 14, 1:17 pm
Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): Apple CEO Tim Cook says that every person has a right to privacy and security.
Charlie Sheen wants to run for US Presidency in 2016  Feb 13, 5:56 pm
Washington, Feb. 13 (ANI): Charlie Sheen, who confessed that he's a "constitutional Republican," expressed his desire to run for the White House in 2016 with his father, Martin Sheen, as Vice President.
Ukraine conflict: White House welcomes 'new Minsk agreement'  Feb 13, 10:07 am
London, Feb 13 (ANI): Shortly after the four-way talks between France, Germany, Russia and Ukraine concluded in Minsk, the White House welcomed the new deal as a "potentially significant step" but expressed concern over reports of fresh clashes in eastern Ukraine.
Michelle Obama gives White House family dining room 'bold' makeover  Feb 11, 2:27 pm
Wellington, Feb 11 (ANI): Michelle Obama has refurbished the old family dining room of White House in modern style, which is the private dinning room of the First family.
White House calls climate change greater threat to country than terrorism   Feb 11, 2:01 pm
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): The White House says that climate change is a bigger threat to Americans than terrorism.
US announces new cybersecurity agency to respond to enhanced cyberthreats   Feb 11, 12:50 pm
Washington, Feb 11 (ANI): The White House has reportedly announced the formation of a new agency that will foil cyberattacks by sharing intelligence across agencies during a crisis.
New book on White House to spill secrets about Presidents  Feb 10, 5:09 pm
London, Feb 10 (ANI): A new book 'Party Like A President' will be spilling out all the secrets of White House and Presidents of America.
Kerry says IS 'on road' to defeat despite claims of terror outfit spreading beyond Middle East  Feb 9, 10:30 am
Washington, Feb 09 (ANI): The United States' strategy to take on the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria is working, Secretary of State John Kerry and a top White House official said amid concerns that the U.S. needed to do more to defeat the terror group following the killing of two hostages.
White House may reveal secret sections of 9/11 report hinting at Saudi funding to al Qaeda  Feb 7, 1:17 pm
London, Feb 07 (ANI): The White House is considering revealing the secret sections of an official report into the 9/11 terrorist attack that refer to possible Saudi Arabian support to al Qaeda following the statement of a former operative of the militant group that said that major Saudi figures funded the group.
Obama to 'formally ask' Congress to authorise use of military force against IS  Feb 6, 2:47 pm
Washington, Feb 06 (ANI): United States President Barack Obama is expected to formally ask the Congress to authorize use of military force in the fight to take on the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, even as lawmakers contended that devising such a measure would be a challenge.
Obama drinks beer made of honey from White House garden   Feb 2, 11:34 am
Washington, Feb 2 (ANI): US President Barack Obama recently revealed that he drinks beer made of honey from First Lady Michelle Obama's garden.
Secret Service detains man for climbing over temporary bicycle rack outside White House  Feb 2, 11:34 am
Washington, Feb 02 (ANI): The United States Secret Service has reportedly arrested a man who climbed over a temporary bicycle rack outside the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Hagel says US may need 'non-combat ground troops' in Iraq to push back IS  Feb 2, 11:34 am
Washington, Feb 02 (ANI): Outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has reportedly gone on record to say that the United States may need to send "non-combat ground troops" to Iraq in order to push back the Islamic State (IS).
New IS propaganda video threatens to behead Obama, convert US into Muslim state  Jan 29, 1:33 pm
London, Jan 29 (ANI): A new beheading video released by the Islamic State (IS) has reportedly threatened to behead United States President Barack Obama "in the White House and transform America into a Muslim province."
White House spokesman says Taliban not a terrorist group  Jan 29, 12:24 pm
Washington, Jan 29 (ANI): White House deputy press secretary Eric Schultz has said that the Taliban is not a terrorist group.
Man behind White House drone crash incident claims was a 'recreational accident'  Jan 27, 12:24 pm
Washington, Jan 27 (ANI): Shortly after a drone was recovered within the precincts of the White House, the man operating the drone has called on the United States Secret Service to "self-report" his involvement after seeing reports of the incident on the news.
Obama cuts short India trip to visit Saudi Arabia following King Abdullah's death  Jan 24, 7:32 pm
Washington, Jan 24 (ANI): U.S. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama will fly to Saudi Arabia on January 27 to pay respects to the late King Abdullah's family, cutting short their India trip, a White House spokesman said.
U.S. says Obama's decision to visit India, not Pak 'in interest of all three countries'  Jan 23, 11:08 am
Karachi, Jan 23 (ANI): A senior White House official has said that United States President Barack Obama's decision to visit India but not Pakistan is "in the interest of all the three countries".
White House jokes about Obama's 'tan suit' prior to State of the Union speech   Jan 21, 12:45 pm
Washington, Jan 21 (ANI): Barack Obama hadn't even appeared for the 2015 State of the Union speech, but White House staffers started gossiping about his to-be-worn tan suit for the occasion.
Woman suing White House event for $4m post tumble on wet floor   Jan 20, 6:33 pm
Washington, Jan 20 (ANI): A Fairfax Station woman has filed a 4 million dollars lawsuit over a tumble she took at the 2012 White House Easter Egg Roll, blaming her fall on wet flooring outside a group of portable toilets at the event.
Multiple shots fired from vehicle speeding past Biden's Delaware home  Jan 19, 10:07 am
London, Jan 19 (ANI): Shots have been fired outside the residence of United States Vice-President Joe Biden in the state of Delaware but he was away at the time, a Secret Service official said.
Sony hack: U.S. authorizes new sanctions on North Korea   Jan 3, 12:55 pm
London, Jan 03 (ANI): The United States has imposed new sanctions on North Korea as a response to the country's "provocative, destabilizing and repressive actions" in Sony Pictures' cyberattack incident, said the White House.