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Toughest job for Bobby Brown was to "let his daughter" go  Jun 4, 2:15 pm
Washington, D.C., June 4 (ANI): Bobby Brown recently got emotional while opening up about his late daughter Bobbi Kristina.
Nick Gordan reveals Bobbi Kristina Brown suffered 2 miscarriages prior death  Apr 28, 11:44 am
Washington D.C., April 28 (ANI): Almost after a year of Bobbi Kristina Brown's demise, her boyfriend Nick Gordon recently made some revelations regarding her.
Ariana Grande marks first SNL with impression, scandals and more  Mar 14, 2:46 pm
Washington D.C., Mar. 14 (ANI): Ariana Grande finally hosted her first 'Saturday Night Live' and it seems like she had a blast.
Nick Gordon`s attorney: He tried saving Bobbi Kristina Brown  Mar 9, 12:15 pm
Washington D.C., Mar. 9 (ANI): Nick Gordon attorney has recently claimed that he tried to save Bobbi Kristina Brown's life.
Bobbi Kristina Brown's fake nurse booked   Jan 20, 12:38 pm
Washington D.C, Jan. 20 (ANI): The woman, who took care of the late Bobbi Kristina Brown, has been charged with posing as a nurse without a license.
Nick Gordon now accused of injecting Bobbi Kristina with toxic mixture  Oct 10, 11:35 am
Washington D.C., Oct. 10(ANI): According to a new document released by the court, Nick Gordon is now being accused of injecting Bobbi Kristina Brown with a fatal toxic mixture.
`Grief-stricken` Bobby Brown opens up about late daughter's `tragic death`   Sep 12, 3:49 pm
London, Sept 12 (ANI): After a long silence, Bobby Brown has finally opened up about the devastation he felt after saying goodbye to his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, who died in July after staying in comma for 7 months.
`Holographic` Whitney Houston will take centre stage in 2016  Sep 12, 10:20 am
Washington D.C., Sept. 12(ANI): She might have passed away in 2012, but Whitney Houston will be taking center stage in a country-wide tour beginning in 2016 through her hologram avatar.
Tyler Perry releases `heart touching` tribute for Bobbi Kristina   Sep 7, 8:21 am
Washington D.C., Sept 7(ANI): Tyler Perry has recently released a heart touching tribute he produced for Bobbi Kristina's private funeral.
`Banned` from funeral, Nick Gordon mourned Bobbi Kristina at `favourite` beach  Aug 5, 12:27 pm
Washington DC, Aug. 5 (ANI): Though Nick Gordon was banned from attending Bobbi Kristina's funeral, the baseball player mourned his lady love on the couple's favourite beach the day she was laid to rest.
Is Whitney Houston's pal suspecting Nick Gordon for Bobbi Kristina's death?  Aug 3, 9:22 am
Washington DC, Aug. 3(ANI): Looks like there is another problem for Nick Gordon as Whitney Houston's long time friend Kelly Price thinks that the baseball player is worthy of suspect status in Bobbi Kristina's death.
Bobbi Kristina's funeral ends with final goodbye from Whitney Houston  Aug 2, 10:13 am
Washington DC, Aug 2(ANI): With all the ceremonies for Bobbi Kristina's funeral coming to an end, late Whitney Houston became the one to give her daughter a final goodbye.
`Emotional` Tyler Perry has `no words` on Bobbi Kristina's death  Jul 29, 2:33 pm
Washington DC, July 29 (ANI): As the time is passing by, people close to Brown and Houston's family are coming over the shock and expressing their sadness over Bobbi Kristina Brown's tragic death and recently Tyler Perry took to Twitter to express his pain.
Bobbi Kristina's funeral arrangements to take place in Georgia  Jul 29, 11:27 am
Washington DC, July 29 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina's loved ones will come together in Georgia on August 1 to mourn and celebrate Bobby Brown's daughter's too-short life at her funeral.
Bobbi Kristina's `bathtub` history may see Nick Gordon go free  Jul 29, 9:16 am
Washington DC, July 29 (ANI): Late Bobbi Kristina's history of falling asleep in bath tub can act as a window for Nick Gordon, as recent claims reveal that Kristina even fell asleep drunk in bathtub the day before her mother died.
Bobbi Kristina heard late mom Whitney Houston's music in her last moments  Jul 28, 1:40 pm
Washington DC, July 28 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina Brown last moment was an emotional one as her family played her late mother Whitney Houston's music to mark singer's presence in her final time.
Bobbi Kristina may rest next to late mom Whitney Houston  Jul 28, 1:01 pm
Washington DC, July 28 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina Brown, who recently died at the age of 22 after lying unconscious for last 7-months, will reportedly rest next to her late singer mother Whitney Houston.
Late Whitney Houston's will to decide the flow of her money  Jul 28, 10:23 am
Washington DC, July 28 (ANI): Whitney Houston left a bag full of money for her daughter when she died but Bobbi Kristina's tragic death is now hyping the question on the successor of the money, well Houston's will has the answer.
Bobbi Kristina's reunion with mother is giving strength to Bobby Brown  Jul 27, 9:18 am
Washington DC, July 27 (ANI): Revealing his daughter's death can be hard for any father, Bobby Brown is holding it together more than anyone could expect as the singer is comforted with the fact that Bobbi Kristina is with her mother now.
Hollywood stars pay tribute to Bobbi Kristina Brown on Twitter  Jul 27, 9:02 am
Washington DC, July 27 (ANI): Soon after the news of late Whitney Houston and RandB singer Bobby Brown's only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown's death spread, Hollywood star took to Twitter to mourn.
Whitney Houston's only daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown passes away at 22  Jul 27, 8:25 am
Melbourne, July 27 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of late music star Whitney Houston and RandB singer Bobby Brown, has died. She was 22.
`Close-pal` Tyler Perry asks for `decency`, `respect` for Bobbi Kristina  Jul 19, 10:16 am
Melbourne, July 19 (ANI): American filmmaker Tyler Perry, a longtime friend of the late Whitney Houston, has called for 'decency' and 'respect' for Bobbi Kristina Brown as she receives care at an Atlanta hospice.
Bobbi Kristina's beau Nick Gordon served with $10M lawsuit  Jul 15, 1:07 pm
Washington DC, July 15 (ANI): Nick Gordon has been officially served with a 10 million dollars lawsuit, filed on behalf of Bobbi Kristina, which accuses him of both physically assaulting and stealing thousands from her.
Browns didn't take Bobbi Kristina's death bed pics, claims Bobby Brown's sister   Jul 10, 10:29 am
Washington DC, July 10 (ANI): After being banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina, Bobby Brown's sister Leolah Brown is now pointing a suspicious finger at Whitney Houston's family claiming that the Browns had nothing to do with the death bed photo.
Family ready to say goodbye to Whitney Houston's daughter, take her off medication  Jun 25, 11:20 am
Washington DC, June 25 (ANI): Bobbi Kristina has been finally taken off medications with the family finally ready to say goodbye to her.