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Ariel Winter marks 18 b'day with her `Modern Family`  Jan 29, 10:12 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 29 (ANI): Ariel Winter recently celebrated her 18th birthday with her on-screen `Modern Family,' who shared sweet messages for her on the social media.
Rapper claims Kylie Jenner cheated on Tyga with him  Sep 24, 2:14 pm
London, Sept. 24(ANI): A rapper named Stitches has recently claimed that he had a one-night stand with Kylie Jenner, who is dating rapper Tyga after her 18th birthday.
Nitro-Jagermeister shots made teenager's 18th birthday miserable|  Sep 18, 3:26 pm
London, Sept. 18 (ANI): An 18-year old was left in unbearable pain on her birthday, when she tried Nitro-Jagermeister shots at a bar in England's Lancaster town and felt her stomach exploding.
Caitlyn Jenner's warm wishes to daughter Kylie on 18th birthday  Aug 11, 4:18 pm
Washington DC, Aug 11 (ANI): Caitlyn Jenner took to Instagram to give special birthday wishes to Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday.
Tyga gifts $260K Ferrari to Kylie Jenner on 18th b'day  Aug 11, 9:18 am
Washington DC, Aug. 11 (ANI): Kylie Jenner's boyfriend Tyga has presented her a new toy on her 18th birthday, a bit expensive one though as it is a Ferrari 458 convertible.
Scott Disick tends to kids as Kourtney K celebrates Kylie's 18th birthday  Aug 10, 12:39 pm
London, Aug 10 (ANI): While Kourtney Kardashian was busy in celebrating Kylie Jenner's 18th birthday, Scott Disick took up the role of a good daddy and treated his kids to pizza in California.
`Kind-hearted` Kylie Jenner marks 18th birthday by donating to kids  Aug 8, 2:40 pm
Washington DC, Aug 8 (ANI): Kylie Jenner showed her softer side when she decided to mark her 18th birthday by donating a generous amount to kids at Children's Hospital, Los Angeles recently.
Kylie Jenner to have `booze` filled 18th b'day bash in Canada   Jul 31, 11:05 am
Washington DC, July 31 (ANI): Kylie Jenner is heading to Canada for her 18th birthday on August 10 to get legally wasted.
Prince Jackson pays tribute to father Michael on big birthday eve  Feb 14, 3:04 pm
Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): Michael Jackson's son Prince has celebrated his 18th birthday on 13Feb 2015 by thanking his late father in a heartfelt letter.
'Super single' Justin Bieber quashes Hailey Baldwin dating rumors   Dec 16, 10:50 am
Washington, Dec 16 (ANI): Justin Bieber has quashed the rumors about him dating Stephen Baldwin's daughter Hailey Baldwin, which was sparked after the duo was spotted together at her big 18th birthday party in November.
Meet the Indian origin girl who gets photographed every day of her life  May 16, 5:02 pm
London, May 16 (ANI): An Indian origin girl has a photograph for every single special moment of her life starting from the ultrasound scan to her 18th birthday.
Jack Wilshere says 'non-English' Januzaj must not play for Three Lions  Oct 9, 11:39 am
London, Oct 9 (ANI): Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere has said that Manchester United's young star Adnan Januzaj must not play for England, hitting out at flawed selection rules that say a player can qualify to play for a country if he lives in that nation for five years after his 18th birthday.
Kate Upton hated being treated like 'toy' after first Sports Illustrated cover   Aug 9, 12:20 pm
Wellington, Aug 09 (ANI): Kate Upton, who did her first bikini shoot with Sports Illustrated on her 18th birthday, has revealed that she "felt terrible" about herself for a solid month after she landed the career-making cover in 2012.
Child bride Courtney Stodden offered porn movie roles after turning 18  Aug 30, 5:09 pm
Washington, August 30 (ANI): US actor Doug Hutchison's wife Courtney Stodden has been inundated with offers to star in porn films on her 18th birthday.
Muslim woman 'beaten, hair hacked off' for kissing 'white' boy in UK  Aug 25, 12:49 pm
London, Aug 25 (ANI): A Muslim woman in the UK was attacked by her siblings for kissing a white boy during her 18th birthday celebrations.
Plastic surgeon gave his daughter breast implants when she turned 18  Mar 21, 5:23 pm
London, Mar 21 (ANI): An American cosmetic surgeon father, who performed a boob-job operation on his daughter for her 18th birthday, does not regret his decision at all.
Adele refused record deal on 18th birthday  Mar 16, 5:55 pm
Washington, Mar 16 (ANI): Adele reportedly turned down a record deal to make preparations for her birthday celebrations back when she was 18.
Justin Bieber gifts himself $10.8 million mansion on his 18th b'day  Mar 6, 6:31 pm
London, Mar 6 (ANI): Justin Bieber, who celebrated his 18th birthday on Thursday, has treated himself to a special present by splurging on a 10.8million dollars house in the Hollywood Hills.
Justin Bieber only had eyes for Selena Gomez on his 18th birthday  Mar 4, 4:08 pm
London, Mar 4 (ANI): Justin Bieber showered his girlfriend Selena Gomez with kisses on his 18th birthday party, as the singer/actress flew from Florida specially for the evening.
Justin Bieber gets eco-friendly vehicle on 18th birthday  Mar 2, 5:46 pm
London, March 2 (ANI): Justin Bieber was gifted an eco-friendly Fisker Karma vehicle for his 18th birthday by his manager Scooter Braun.
'Teen heartthrob' Bieber turns 18  Mar 1, 7:12 pm
Washington, March 1(ANI): Teen star Justin Bieber is celebrating his 18th birthday on Thursday.
US plastic surgeon gave daughter 'bigger boobs' on her 18th b'day  Feb 24, 2:39 pm
New York, Feb 24 (ANI): An American plastic surgeon has revealed that he gave her daughter breast implants on her 18th birthday.