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Abbey Crouch ditches blonde WAG look for brunette  Jul 14, 2:06 pm
London, July 14 (ANI): Football ace Peter Crouch's wife Abbey has unveiled a new sophisticated new brunette look.
Abbey Crouch needs to fatten up, says Katie Price  Apr 13, 5:14 pm
London, April 13 (ANI): Katie Price who recently mocked Kelly Brook's figure by describing her as "a heffer," has now targeted Abbey Crouch who posed naked for Hunger magazine this week.
Abbey Crouch clicks pic of herself in see-through net dress  Mar 21, 4:11 pm
London, Mar 21 (ANI): Abbey Crouch ended up revealing a little more of herself when she took a picture of herself in a see-through net dress.
Abbey Crouch posts wedding snaps on Twitter  Mar 3, 3:55 pm
London, Mar 3 (ANI): Abbey Crouch shared a series of her wedding snaps with hubby Peter on Twitter, which captured the couple's intimate moments on their special day.
Abbey and Peter Crouch enjoy a smooch on Dubai beach  Feb 19, 1:22 pm
London, Feb 19 (ANI): Abbey and Peter Crouch were seen enjoying a smooch as they lay on sun loungers on a day spent on the sands in Dubai.
Abbey Crouch shows off tiny frame in skinny jeans on date night with hubby Peter  Feb 13, 1:44 pm
London, February 13 (ANI): Abbey Crouch who came under fire for her super-skinny figure last week, proudly paraded her slim pins in a pair of tight-fitting skinny jeans as she headed out on a date night with her husband Peter on Monday.
Abbey Crouch gets a parking ticket and commits fashion faux pas all on same day  Feb 12, 1:44 pm
London, February 12 (ANI): Abbey Crouch was spotted driving down a one-way street the wrong way, while out with husband Peter in Alderley Edge on Monday.
Abbey Crouch branded 'too thin' after tweeting revealing photo  Feb 9, 3:22 pm
London, February 9 (ANI): Model Abbey Crouch received harsh criticism about her slender frame on Thursday when she posted a revealing picture of herself to her Twitter page.
Abbey and Peter Crouch treat daughter to fast food on day out   Feb 9, 1:34 pm
London, February 9 (ANI): Peter Crouch and his wife Abbey were spotted on Friday enjoying a day out in Liverpool with their daughter Sophia and the model's brother Sean.
Peter Crouch holds wife's hand on a trip to dentist after football injury  Jan 18, 5:05 pm
London, Jan. 18 (ANI): Peter Crouch, who lost two teeth during a match in December, was seen visiting a dentist's clinic holding his wife Abbey's hand.
'Incredibly slender' Abbey Crouch displays razor sharp cheekbones  Jan 10, 4:28 pm
London, Jan 10 (ANI): Abbey Crouch was spotted displaying her razor sharp cheekbones and incredibly slender figure, as she headed to a restaurant with husband Peter Crouch.
Abbey Crouch hides mouth on way out from beauty salon  Jan 5, 2:27 pm
London, Jan 5 (ANI): Abbey Crouch covered her mouth as she left her favourite beauty salon on Friday leading to speculation of new lip-boosting treatment.
Abbey Crouch takes Alex Gerrard's help to get into nightclub after being denied entry  Dec 28, 2:31 pm
London, Dec. 28 (ANI): Abbey Crouch had to rely on Alex Gerrard to get inside Playground nightclub in Liverpool's Hilton Hotel, after she was denied an entry to the hotspot on Wednesday.
Abbey Crouch makes fashion faux pas on night out  Dec 8, 4:38 pm
London, Dec. 8 (ANI): Abbey Crouch committed a fashion faux pas, as she chose to wear a dodgy emerald green PVC trousers for her night out in Liverpool on Thursday.
Abbey Crouch hides new flame coloured hair in rollers  Nov 23, 2:46 pm
London, Nov. 23 (ANI): Peter Crouch's wife Abbey was recently spotted running out of the hairdressers with her new fiery red coloured hair in rollers.
Peter and Abbey Crouch enjoy family time with daughter Sophia   Nov 12, 5:11 pm
London, Nov 12 (ANI): Peter and Abbey Crouch took some time out of their busy schedule to enjoy some quality time with their daughter Sophia in Liverpool on Saturday.
Abbey Crouch appears naked as she steps out in tiny coat  Nov 5, 4:26 pm
London, November 5 (ANI): Abbey Clancy, the wife of Stoke City footballer Peter Crouch, showed off her enviable figure in a barely-there coat for her trip out in Liverpool on Saturday night, which made her look as she had no clothes on underneath
Abbey Crouch accidentally shows undie while doing a Jolie in side-split dress  Oct 26, 11:37 am
London, Oct 26 (ANI): Abbey Crouch has become the latest celebrity to try and copy Angelina Jolie's side-split look at this year's Oscars, as she showed up at the Lingerie London event on Wednesday night.
Abbey Crouch does a Jolie side-split at lingerie event  Oct 25, 2:31 pm
London, Oct 25 (ANI): Abbey Crouch has become the latest celebrity to try and copy Angelina Jolie's side-split look at this year's Oscars, as she showed up at the Lingerie London event on Wednesday night.
Abbey Crouch struggles to keep low-cut dress in place at fashion event  Oct 22, 2:19 pm
London, October 22 (ANI): Abbey Crouch, who attended the Liverpool Fashion Week on Saturday night in a very revealing low-cut dress, was left spending most of her evening trying to pull her outfit back up.
Abbey Crouch dwarfed by new SUV while toy shopping for daughter   Oct 13, 2:38 pm
London, Oct 13 (ANI): Peter Crouch's wife Abbey, who at 5 ft 9in is much taller than the average woman, looked tiny in front of her new Mercedes SUV as she shopped for toys with her daughter Sophia in Liverpool.
Super thin Abbey Crouch grabs smoothie drink on day out alone   Oct 10, 4:17 pm
London, Oct 10 (ANI): Abbey Crouch, who is known for her stunning looks and enviable figure, looked skinnier than normal after she was spotted on an afternoon stroll in Wilmslow.
Abbey Crouch watches brother's gig in Liverpool with hubby Peter  Oct 9, 2:41 pm
London, Oct 9 (ANI): Abbey Crouch tried to prove herself as a doting sister, as she and hubby Peter attended her younger brother John's gig in Liverpool with his indie band The Razz.
Abbey Crouch takes new 150k pounds Mercedes AMG for test run to supermarket  Oct 2, 4:06 pm
London, Oct 2 (ANI): Peter Crouch's wife Abbey took her new 150,000-pound Mercedes AMG for a test run during a shopping trip on Monday afternoon.
Peter Crouch gives competition to wife Abbey on skinny leg front  Sep 27, 4:53 pm
London, Sept 27 (ANI): Abbey Crouch faced tough competition from hubby Peter in the long and lean leg department on their day out shopping in Manchester on Thursday.