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Shia LaBeouf keeping sober to avoid embarrassing 'Fury' co-star Brad Pitt   Jul 23, 1:07 pm
Washington, July 23 (ANI): Shia LaBeouf has been staying sober as he's afraid he might end up embarrassing Brad Pitt during the upcoming international press tour for their film 'Fury.'
Pak's NA committee rejects alcohol ban for non-Muslims  Jul 22, 12:05 pm
Islamabad, July 22 (ANI): Pakistan's National Assembly Standing Committee on Law, Justice and Human Rights has opposed JUI-F MNA Maulana Mohammad Shirani's proposal to withdraw an exemption permitting non-Muslims in Pakistan to consume alcohol.
Energy drinks mixed with alcohol increase desire to drink  Jul 20, 9:46 am
Washington, July 19 (ANI): New findings show that combining alcohol with energy drinks can increase one's desire to drink more alcohol.
Fish oil may protect alcoholics from neurodamage, dementia   Jul 19, 11:35 am
Washington, July 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that Omega-3 fish oil might help in reducing the risk of brain cell loss and eventual dementia in alcoholics.
Scott Disick makes `great recovery` post alcohol poisoning incident  Jul 18, 3:35 pm
Washington, July 18 (ANI): Scott Disick, who was recently admitted to Southampton Hospital due to alcohol poisoning, is doing great recovery.
`LiLo-type` booze monitoring `bracelets` to enter UK markets  Jul 18, 1:43 pm
London, July 18 (ANI): UK will soon have the alcohol-monitoring ankle tags, similar to the ones that Lindsay Lohan had worn, to put a control on drinking.
'Mutant worms' show hope for curing drunkards  Jul 16, 11:32 am
Washington, July 16 (ANI): A new study, which claims that mutation in worms stops them from getting intoxicated, provides new hope for drunken people.
Moderate alcohol consumption fuels risk of atrial fibrillation   Jul 15, 1:44 pm
Washington, July 15 (ANI): A new research has shown that the moderate consumption of wine and hard liquor alcohol might be associated with increased risk for atrial fibrillation, an abnormally fast heartbeat that can lead to stroke, heart failure and dementia.
I suffered from a 'disease called addiction', says Amber Valletta  Jul 15, 10:17 am
Washington, July 15 (ANI): Amber Valletta has revealed her drug and alcohol addiction saying that she suffered from a disease called addiction and she had it for as long as she could remember.
Drink less to keep your heart healthy   Jul 11, 11:18 am
Washington, July 11 (ANI): Reducing the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed, even for light-to-moderate drinkers, may promote cardiovascular health, according to a new study by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.
'Impulsive, hopeless' kids likelier to become binge drinkers  Jul 10, 12:21 pm
Washington, July 10 (ANI): Researchers have discovered a variety of factors like impulsivity, hopelessness, sensation-seeking traits, lack of conscientiousness, with 70 percent accuracy that determines that kids will become binge drinkers.
John Wayne's heirs clash with Duke University over trademark issue  Jul 9, 6:40 pm
Washington, July 9(ANI): John Wayne's heirs have sued Duke University for getting in the way of registering 'Duke' for all alcoholic beverages except beer.
All it takes is just 2 questions to identify alcohol dependent people  Jul 8, 10:32 am
London, July 8 (ANI): A new study has claimed that two easy questions could help determine potential or real drinking problem in people.
Shia LaBeouf looking for 'alcoholism treatment'  Jul 2, 1:07 pm
Washington, July 2 (ANI): Shia LaBeouf is in search of treatment for addiction to alcohol.
Drunk texting puts your phone in danger  Jul 1, 6:49 pm
New York, July 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that using your phone while under the influence of alcohol damages your phones, as there are more chances of dropping the gadgets.
Mukherjee gives away awards for outstanding services against substance abuse  Jun 26, 4:47 pm
New Delhi, June 26 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee presented the national awards for outstanding services in the field of prevention of alcoholism and substance (drugs) abuse here today on the International Day against Drug Abuse.
Mukherjee to confer national awards for prevention of alcoholism and substance abuse  Jun 26, 10:37 am
New Delhi, June 26 (ANI): President Pranab Mukherjee will confer national awards for outstanding services in the field of Prevention of Alcoholism and Substance (Drug) abuse here today on the occasion of international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.
China's 2-yr-old world's youngest boozer prefers beer over milk  Jun 25, 11:06 am
London, June 25 (ANI): A two-year-old baby in eastern China is so addicted to drinking alcohol that he prefers beer over milk.
Study claims e-Cigarettes far less harmful than cigarettes  Jun 17, 3:11 pm
Washington, June 17 (ANI): A new study has revealed that consumption of e-cigarettes is much less harmful than cigarettes, with alcohol being the most dangerous substance.
Daniel Radcliffe used to consume alcohol to deal with celeb status  Jun 15, 4:06 pm
Washington, June 15 (ANI): Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he turned to alcohol when he was filming the 'Harry Potter' franchise because he was struggling to deal with his newly acquired celebrity status.
Zac Efron ready to date again post rehab stint  Jun 15, 4:06 pm
Washington, June 15 (ANI): Zac Efron is reportedly ready to date again following his stint in rehab for rumoured substance abuse and alcoholism.
Authoritarian parents up risk of drug use in adolescents  Jun 12, 1:38 pm
Washington, June 12 (ANI): A new study suggests that having authoritarian parents increases the risk of drug use in adolescents.
Paul McCartney's struggle with drugs post Beatles break up revealed in new tell-all book   Jun 10, 5:25 pm
New York, June 10 (ANI): Paul McCartney's struggle with drugs and alcohol after Beatles breakup has been revealed in new book titled, 'Man on the Run: Paul McCartney in the 1970s', penned by music journalist Tom Doyle.
Alcohol-related terms can also make you aggressive  Jun 6, 12:18 pm
Washington, June 6 (ANI): A new psychology research has shown that exposing people to alcohol-related words can influence aggressive behaviour in ways similar to actually consuming alcohol.
Dad's drinking habit does influence son's alcohol intake  Jun 5, 10:36 am
Washington, June 5 (ANI): A new study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine has found that a son's vulnerability for alcohol use disorders could be shaped by a father who chronically drinks to excess even before conception.