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Animals with bigger brains show more self control  Apr 23, 10:52 am
Washington, April 23 (ANI): Researchers have linked self-control in animals to their brain size.
New groundbreaking technique may help cure diseases by 'editing' DNA   Apr 22, 1:39 pm
Washington, April 22 (ANI): Researchers have for the first time cured a genetic disease in animals by editing their DNA.
Big cat strikes panic in Maharashtra's Chandrapur  Apr 21, 5:39 pm
Chandrapur (Maharashtra), Apr. 21 (ANI): Panic loomed large among the residents of Ballarpur village in Maharashtra on Monday(April 21) after a leopard hid on the rooftop of a house and on being found, ran amok, bringing back the horrors of man-animal conflict in settlements in the vicinity of wildlife.
Wild animals interbred with domesticated ones until recently: Study  Apr 19, 12:29 pm
Washington, Apr 19 (ANI): Recent research on the domestication of donkeys, camelids (which includes dromedaries, Bactrian camels, llamas and alpacas) pigs, cattle, sheep and goats suggests that neither intentional breeding nor genetic isolation were as significant as traditionally thought.
Warnie 'obsessed' with cute animals  Apr 18, 4:23 pm
Melbourne, Apr 18 (ANI): Shane Warne has developed a obsession with cute animals, particularly lions, according to reports.
Female Brazilian cave insects have penises  Apr 18, 1:32 pm
Washington, Apr 18 (ANI): Researchers have discovered that the Brazilian insects, which represent four distinct but related species in the genus Neotrogla, are the first example of an animal with sex-reversed genitalia.
How memories are born   Apr 15, 10:29 am
Washington, April 15 (ANI): Researchers have said that by tracking brain activity when an animal stops to look around its environment they can mark the birth of a memory.
Gene manipulation helps regenerate organs for first time ever  Apr 9, 11:38 am
London, April 9 (ANI): Researchers from University of Edinburgh have succeeded for the first time in regenerating an elderly organ in a living animal has been to a youthful state by manipulating DNA.
New study suggests Noah's Ark would have floated with all the animals on board  Apr 4, 11:52 am
Melbourne, Apr 4 (ANI): Physicists have claimed that based on the weight of the beasts and the buoyancy of the boat, Noah's Ark would have floated.
Berlusconi thinks being kind to dogs and cats will help party to win European elections  Mar 31, 10:23 am
London, Mar 31 (ANI): Italy's disgraced former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi thinks that being kind to animals will provide his party with the boost it needs in the May European Elections.
Why books with talking animals aren't good for your kids   Mar 26, 3:56 pm
London, March 26 (ANI): Researchers have warned against teaching children about the real world with books that feature animals with human characteristics, as it not only leads to less factual learning and influences their reasoning about animals.
Goats are intelligent animals after all  Mar 26, 1:54 pm
Washington, Mar 26 (ANI): Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have found that goats learn how to solve complicated tasks quickly and can recall how to perform them for at least 10 months.
Kellan Lutz admits lending voice to 'Tarzan' has made him an animal lover  Mar 22, 3:30 pm
New Delhi, March 22 (ANI): Kellan Lutz, who celebrated his 29th Birthday with a baby elephant in Phuket, has confessed that lending his voice to 'Tarzan 3D' has made him an animal lover.
Liam Neeson denies saving stray dog from rowdy teen boys  Mar 22, 11:53 am
London, March 22 (ANI): Liam Neeson has rebuffed reports that he came to a stray dog's rescue after he saw the animal being targeted by three thugs in NYC by stones.
Why some people remain thin  Mar 21, 10:17 am
Washington, March 21 (ANI): Researchers have found that aerobic capacity is a major predictor of daily physical activity level among humans and laboratory animals.
Consuming diet very low in nutrients could extend lifespan in humans  Mar 19, 12:44 pm
Washington, Mar 19 (ANI): A new evolutionary theory claims that consuming a diet very low in nutrients can extend lifespan in laboratory animals, a finding which could hold clues to promoting healthier ageing in humans.
Beating patch of cells could heal broken hearts  Mar 19, 11:31 am
Washington, March 19 (ANI): Researchers have now engineered tissue that closely mimics natural heart muscle that beats, not only in a lab dish but also when implanted into animals.
High protein diet may help prevent functional decline in elderly  Mar 12, 10:20 am
Washington, March 12 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that a diet high in protein, particularly animal protein, may help elderly individuals maintain a higher level of physical, psychological, and social function.
Vodka saves poisoned dog's life   Mar 11, 3:38 pm
Washington, Mar.11 (ANI): It is rare that a Vodka hangover can save someone's life but in a rare incidence, a Maltese terrier named Charlie was saved when the vets pumped Vodka straight into the doggie's stomach after he licked the antifreeze off the floor of his owner's garage.
Volcanoes helped plant and animal species survive ice ages  Mar 11, 10:19 am
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): Researchers has found evidence that the steam and heat from volcanoes and heated rocks allowed many species of plants and animals to survive past ice ages.
Real-life 'Dr. Dolittle' develops method to 'talk to animals'  Mar 10, 1:46 pm
Washington, March 10 ANI): A scientist has revealed that he has developed a method for "talking" to animals, which would allow owners to ask their pets questions about how happy they are.
Shadow of Petra reveals how celestial events influenced Nabataeans' construction  Mar 6, 10:03 am
Washington, March 6 (ANI): During the winter solstice, the Sun is filtered into the Monastery at Petra, Jordan, which illuminates the podium of a deity. Just at this moment, the silhouette of the mountain opposite draws the head of a lion, a sacred animal.
Limiting protein intake may increase longevity  Mar 5, 2:51 pm
Washington, March 5 (ANI): Two groups of researchers have claimed in two different studies that consuming high-quality animal protein in moderation is one of the keys to a long and healthy life.
And the funniest joke in the world is...  Mar 5, 12:44 pm
Washington, Mar 5 (ANI): Science has taken the task upon itself to discover which joke is truly the funniest in the world.
Museum showcases beautiful marine life of Andaman   Mar 3, 7:43 pm
Port Blair, March 3 (ANI): Marine Museum of Zoological Survey of India (ZSI) showcased a perfect blend of history, geography, anthropology and the beautiful marine life of Andaman and Nicobar archipelago, housing over 1200 species and a diverse range of exhibits with informative coverage of the islands' ecosystem, tribal communities, plant as well as animal life.