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Are luxury fashion brands going through their biggest turmoil?  Aug 28, 11:08 am
New York, Aug. 28 (ANI): Seems like turmoil is heading towards the luxury brands globally as these big players of the fashion industry are getting hit by protests and low stock prices.
Floods hit Assam's famed Kaziranga National Park  Aug 22, 6:43 pm
Kaziranga (Assam), Aug.22 (ANI): Animals are being forced to wade through water to reach highland areas as heavy rains flooded the Kaziranga National Park in Assam.
Little Mix teams up with PETA to save animals  Aug 19, 1:35 pm
Washington DC, Aug. 19 (ANI): Perrie Edwards' girl band has recently teamed up with PETA to help animals.
SC seeks government's response on modernisation of nation's slaughter houses  Aug 15, 9:29 am
New Delhi, Aug. 15 (ANI): The Centre has been asked by the Supreme Court of India to file a composite response on the number of licensed abattoirs in the country and the progress it is making towards ensuring their modernization as well as taking steps to end cruelty towards animals brought in for slaughter.
`Single` Miranda Lambert tries to mend `broken heart` with beloved horse  Aug 12, 1:01 pm
Washington DC, Aug 12 (ANI): Seems like Miranda Lambert is finding multiple ways to handle her divorce with husband Blake Shelton as recently she was spotted spending some quality time with her beloved animal i.e. horse and riding on it.
'Stripes' may not shield zebra's from predators   Aug 12, 12:07 pm
Washington DC, Aug 12 (ANI): While it was believed that "stripes" offer protection for animals living in groups, like zebra, a new research has rebuffed the assumption.
Tata Power organises seventh mega annual camel vaccination camp in Mundra  Aug 7, 2:12 pm
Mundra (Gujarat), Aug.7 (ANI): Tata Power, India's largest integrated power company, recently organised the seventh mega annual camel vaccination camp under its Kanthi Area Livelihood Programme (KALP) in collaboration with the animal husbandry department of Bhuj.
Donald Trump slams Rosie O'Donnell during misogyny debate with Megyn Kelly  Aug 7, 1:11 pm
Washington DC, Aug 7 (ANI): Donald Trump has cleared the allegations made by American journalist Megyn Kelly for referring to women as "fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals" and stated that his comments were targeted "only for Rosie O'Donnell".
Cecil the Lion to go on sale to raise money for wildlife charity  Aug 5, 7:14 pm
London, Aug 5 (ANI): Animal lovers can soon own their own Cecil as the toy tribute to much-loved lion will go on sale next month.
New York's Empire State flashes images of endangered animals  Aug 3, 1:51 pm
London, Aug 3 (ANI): New York's famed Empire State Building images of endangered animals across its faƧade recently, aiming at conversations about mass extinction.
First ever 'dolphin brain' scan shows likeness to bat  Aug 2, 1:51 pm
Washington DC, Aug 2 (ANI): Ever wondered, how are dolphins incredibly intelligent social animals? In a first, neuroscientists have mapped the sensory and motor systems in the brains of dolphins.
What is PETA, asks Lalu Yadav  Aug 1, 9:43 pm
Patna, Aug. 1 (ANI): Mocking animal rights group PETA for challenging his plan to take out a procession with 1,000 horse carts ahead of the Assembly polls in Bihar, Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on Saturday said he will take out 50, 000 such processions.
Prince William honours African rhino ranger  Aug 1, 3:32 pm
Washington DC, Aug 1 (ANI): Prince William has always been one of the royals who promotes animal rights, and in support of this he recently honoured an African man Edward Ndiritu, who had been fighting against the poachers in Africa.
US dentist Palmer regrets shooting lion Cecil in Zimbabwe  Jul 29, 11:15 am
London, July 29 (ANI): United States dentist Walter James Palmer, who killed the most famous lion Cecil in Zimbabwe, has said that he regrets shooing the animal, insisting that he thought he was on a legal hunt.
Nepal temple bans animal sacrifice  Jul 29, 8:49 am
New York, July 29 (ANI): A temple in Nepal that conducts mass slaughter of animals every five year at a festival has banned animal sacrifice, said Humane Society International.
Sloths, mammoth extinct due to rapid climate change, claim researchers  Jul 27, 6:03 pm
Washington DC, July 27 (ANI): A team of researchers claim that rapid climate change thousands of years ago played a key role in extinction of large animals like mammoths and giant sloths.
Evolution of animals facilitated by tiny boost in oxygen levels   Jul 27, 10:26 am
Washington DC, July 27 (ANI): A group of researchers have claimed that a minor jump in oxygen levels facilitated the early evolution of animals.
How we keep track of the seasons  Jun 30, 3:02 pm
Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): Researchers have discovered a key mechanism underlying how animals keep track of the seasons.
Judi Dench would love to play 'an animal that turns into something'  Jun 25, 5:22 pm
London, June 25 (ANI): With a career that spans to almost 60 years, Judi Dench, who likes doing "something different" every time, has recently said that she would love to play an animal that turns into something.
Would you eat 'animal poop-shaped' treats sold at Disney World?  Jun 25, 11:20 am
New York, June 25 (ANI): Disney World now has a disgustingly special treat for its visitors, as they introduce animal poop deserts onto the menu of an Animal Kingdom shop.
China defends its 'dog meat' festival post protests  Jun 25, 11:20 am
New York, June 25 (ANI): After the hype that was created due to the dog meat festival in China, where almost 10,000 dogs were feasted upon, the citizens of Yulin are now raising their voice in favour of this festival.
'Effective' human anti-HIV vaccine comes closer to reality  Jun 19, 1:25 pm
Washington, Jun 19 (ANI): An HIV vaccine research has generated key antibodies in animal models.
Heavy flooding sets zoo animals free in Georgia  Jun 14, 3:56 pm
London, June 14 (ANI): People in Georgia's capital, Tbilisi, have been asked to stay indoors after heavy flooding triggered by relentless rain has freed animals, including tigers, lions, bears, hippopotamus and wolves, from a city zoo.
Wildfire engulfs forest in India's Kashmir  Jun 14, 8:40 am
Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir), June 14 (ANI): A wildfire engulfed forest areas in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri District, damaging trees and robbing wild animals of their natural habitat.
Man arrested for teasing jaguar in Hyderabad zoo  Jun 11, 9:25 am
Hyderabad (Telangana), June 11 (ANI): Police in Hyderabad have arrested a 26-year-old man for trespassing into the enclosure of a jaguar and teasing the animal after bribing a zoo employee.