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Apple loses attempt to dismiss state-level e-book antitrust cases  Apr 16, 2:41 pm
Washington, Apr. 16 (ANI): Apple has lost a bid to get a judge to dismiss antitrust lawsuits filed against it.
Hackers can easily thwart Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint scanner  Apr 16, 12:42 pm
Washington, Apr. 16 (ANI): Researchers at Germany's Security Research Labs were able to break Samsung Galaxy S5's fingerprint security by using a fingerprint spoof.
Samsung's 'survival strategy' was to 'beat' Apple in mobile market  Apr 15, 4:50 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): A top Samsung executive reportedly said in a 2012 memo that was revealed in a court, that the company's survival strategy solely depended on beating Apple in the mobile market.
Apple developing 12-inch tablet, large iPhone  Apr 15, 2:26 pm
Washington, Apr 15 (ANI): Apple is reportedly manufacturing a 12-inch 'tablet' and a large iPhone, a Chinese-language report has revealed.
Google says it never copied iPhone features for Android  Apr 13, 6:44 pm
Washington, Apr. 13 (ANI): A Google executive has reportedly said that Google engineers have never copied Apple's iPhone features for use in Android.
Teens increasingly dumping Facebook in favour of Instagram: Survey  Apr 12, 3:24 pm
Washington, Apr. 12 (ANI): While teenagers continue to lose interest in Facebook, they are showing an increasing interest in picture-sharing site Instagram, a new survey has found.
Teens just can't get enough of Apple!  Apr 12, 3:24 pm
Washington, Apr 12 (ANI): A new survey has found that 61 percent of US teens have iPhones, up from 48 percent last year.
Apple confirms devices, website 'safe' from Heartbleed bug  Apr 12, 12:42 pm
Washington, Apr 12 (ANI): Apple has confirmed that their mobiles, desktop, and Web services are safe from the infamous Heartbleed bug, which has been attacking the internet.
Apple again brands Samsung 'copycat' in billion-dollar damages case  Apr 12, 11:51 am
Washington, Apr. 12 (ANI): Apple has reportedly accused Samsung as 'copycat' once again claiming billions of dollars in damages.
Amazon set to enter smartphone market to take on Samsung, Apple  Apr 12, 11:51 am
Washington, Ape 12 (ANI): Retail giant Amazon is reportedly set to expand their business with plans to enter the smartphone market.
Apple mulling head mounted display' eyewear to view videos  Apr 11, 3:05 pm
Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): Apple has filed for a patent of 'head mounted display,' which the tech company described as a system that provides a personal TV viewing experience to users.
Apple iWatch could come with a $1000 plus price tag  Apr 11, 10:30 am
New York, Apr 11 (ANI): Apple may launch its iWatch for an outrageous price, which is likely to cost over 1000 dollars.
Key iPhone engineer to leave Apple post fallout   Apr 10, 3:53 pm
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Greg Christie, vice president and a senior engineer who played an important role in developing the original iPhone, is reportedly leaving Apple following a scuffle with a senior executive.
Here's why Apple is seeking $2.2Bln claim from Samsung  Apr 10, 11:53 am
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Apple has accounted a claim of 2.2 billion dollars against Samsung Electronics, demanding money for the lost sales and royalties the company faced.
New report claims Apple will unveil two new iPhones this year  Apr 10, 11:03 am
Washington, Apr 10 (ANI): Apple is reportedly planning to launch a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 in July, followed by a 5.5-inch edition in September, a Japanese Web site EMSOne has revealed.
Amazon claims its now the third largest video site  Apr 9, 2:29 pm
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): Amazon has claimed its Instant Video streaming platform is now the third most popular of its kind in the US.
Apple seeks over $2 bln for patent infringement from Samsung   Apr 9, 11:38 am
Washington, Apr. 9 (ANI): Samsung should pay about 2.191 billion dollars in damages to Apple for patent infringement, an expert for the iPhone maker has argued.
Now, an iPhone case that lets users click photos discreetly  Apr 8, 12:25 pm
Washington, Apr 8 (ANI): Apple is reportedly planning to launch a new iPhone case called 'Covr'.
87 percent of Apple users now on iOS 7  Apr 8, 12:25 pm
Washington, Apr 8 (ANI): A recent research has shown that 87 percent of Apple users have switched to the new iOS 7.
Oasis' Liam Gallagher to divorce wife of six years Nicole Appleton   Apr 8, 10:21 am
London, April 8 (ANI): Lead vocalist of 'Oasis' Liam Gallagher has filed for a quickie divorce from wife and 'All Saints' singer Nicole Appleton after six years of marriage.
Apple document says 'consumers want what we don't have'  Apr 6, 4:47 pm
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): Apple's internal documents that were presented in a court have reportedly revealed that the company is concerned about the declining iPhone sales.
Microsoft reveals 'Windows in car' concept   Apr 6, 4:19 pm
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): Microsoft unveiled its 'Windows in the car' concept at the company's Build developer conference recently.
Steve Jobs email reveals grand 'Apple TV' ambitions  Apr 6, 2:17 pm
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): A new email correspondence between Steve Jobs and top executives has revealed that the Apple co-founder had grand ambitions when it came to the future of Apple TV.
Microsoft launches Cortana for Windows Phone 8.1 to answer Siri   Apr 3, 2:17 pm
Washington, Apr. 03 (ANI): Tech-giants Microsoft's new Windows Phone 8.1 reportedly features a new software named Cortana as an answer to Apple's Siri, Samsung's S Voice, and all the other voice assistance software suits out there.
Yahoo admits taking additional security measures to encrypt data  Apr 3, 1:39 pm
Washington, Apr. 03 (ANI): Yahoo has reportedly revealed that it has taken additional security measures in order to protect the data it handles and is also planning to encrypt additional services like Yahoo Messenger.