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From Harper to Obama, praise pours in, in speech, Modi says, not him, it's India   Apr 16, 7:55 pm
Toronto (Canada), Apr.16 (ANI): U.S. President Barack Obama writes an article on Narendra Modi in the Time calling him India's "Reformer-in-Chief". Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper heaps praise on him at a huge Indian Diaspora event in Toronto, all in a span of a day.
Obama's praise for PM Modi reflects world's sentiment: BJP  Apr 16, 7:55 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 16 (ANI): Overwhelmed by Barack Obama's statement wherein he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'India's Reformer-in-Chief', the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Thursday said that the U.S. President's remark reflected the 'sentiment of the world'.
PM Modi is India's 'Reformer-in-Chief', says President Obama  Apr 16, 6:07 pm
Washington, Apr.16 (ANI): Describing Prime Minister as India's "reformer-in-chief", U.S. President Barack Obama has said that the former's rise from poverty to be the leader of the world's largest democracy reflects India's rise in the comity of nations, as also its dynamism.
Cuba terms US decision to remove Caribbean nation from terror list 'fair'  Apr 15, 2:55 pm
London, April 15 (ANI): Shortly after White House announced that President Barack Obama was set to take off Cuba from the U.S. terror list, the Caribbean nation has welcomed the decision as "fair" and has said that it should not have been on the list in the first place.
IS releases animated video depicting Jihadi John beheading Obama  Apr 15, 12:00 pm
Washington, Apr. 15 (ANI): Pro-Islamic State (IS) activists have released an animated video that depicts the masked executioner Jihadi John beheading the US President Barack Obama.
Obama set to take off Cuba from US terror list  Apr 15, 10:40 am
London, April 15 (ANI): President Barack Obama is set to take off Cuba from U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism, the White House has said.
Obama may not get Congressional war authority against IS militants, says John Boehner  Apr 15, 10:40 am
Washington, Apr. 15 (ANI): United States House speaker John Boehner has said that it would be "virtually impossible" to pass the authorization that President Barack Obama sought to get the war authority against Islamic State (IS).
Jeb Bush urges Americans to 'Stop Hillary' as she announces presidential bid  Apr 13, 10:38 am
London, April 13 (ANI): As former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced her presidential bid, Republican Jeb Bush, brother of former US President George W. Bush, has took to Twitter to oppose her candidacy and has also urged others to follow suit by signing up on a website called, "Stop Hillary."
Obama, Castro start new era of US-Cuba ties   Apr 12, 12:11 pm
Johannesburg, Apr. 12 (ANI): US President Barack Obama and his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro have symbolically ended more than a half-century of official estrangement between the United States and Cuba in a meeting that Obama said put them on "a path toward the future".
'Impressed' Obama strikes lightning pose on meeting Bolt  Apr 11, 1:00 pm
Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): President of the United States Barack Obama was so impressed on meeting Jamaican sprint superstar Usain Bolt that he struck the decorated Olympian's famous lightning pose.
US, Cuban Presidents meet after more than 50 years in Panama City  Apr 11, 12:45 pm
Washington, April 11 (ANI): US President Barack Obama has met his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro on Friday after more than 50 years in Panama City for the Summit of the Americas.
Glendon Palmer to bring Obama's first date with Michelle on big-screen   Apr 11, 12:20 pm
Washington, Apr 11 (ANI): Veteran executive and producer Glendon Palmer has joined IM Global as senior vice president of development and production and his first project will be based on Barack Obama's first date with Michelle Obama.
Obama says US concerned over China 'using muscle' in 'disputed' South China Sea  Apr 10, 11:24 am
London, April 10 (ANI): U.S. President Barack Obama has voiced concerns over China using "sheer size and muscle" to intimidate smaller nations in the row over the South China Sea.
'Competitive' Obama talks smack to Paul Pierce during Easter basketball game  Apr 8, 6:01 pm
Washington, Apr 8 (ANI): Barack Obama got competitive while playing basketball on Easter as he was pictured talking smack to the basketball player Paul Pierce.
U.S. Special Representative for Af-Pak arrives in New Delhi  Apr 8, 9:14 am
New Delhi, Apr. 8 (ANI): U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan (SRAP), Ambassador Dan Feldman, arrived in the national capital on April 7 to continue high-level U.S.-India consultations on Afghanistan following President Barack Obama's visit in January 2015.
Michelle Obama doesn't think daughters Sasha and Malia are 'influential'   Apr 7, 10:46 am
Washington, April 7 (ANI): US President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama's daughters, Sasha and Malia, recently made the 25 Most Influential Teens by Time magazine, however their mom doesn't seem to agree with the credit.
Iran nuclear deal: Obama assures Israel he is 'absolutely committed' to its security  Apr 6, 12:49 pm
Washington, April 6 (ANI): United States President Barack Obama has said that he is "absolutely committed to making sure" that Israel maintained a military advantage over Iran, amid mounting criticism of the recently-struck framework nuclear deal.
Here's how your favourite celebs celebrated Easter 2015  Apr 6, 11:04 am
Washington, Apr 6 (ANI): US President Barack Obama and top Hollywood stars seemed excited about celebrating Easter 2015 and shared pictures on Twitter and Instagram.
Azealia Banks clarifies desire to sleep with Obama was a joke  Apr 4, 11:06 am
Washington, Apr 4 (ANI): American singer Azealia Banks has clarified that her desire to go between the sheets with the US President Barack Obama was a joke.
Iran nuclear talks: Israel terms newly-struck framework nuclear deal 'historic mistake'  Apr 3, 1:09 pm
Melbourne, April 3 (ANI): As Iran and six western nations chalked out an outline agreement on the future of Iran's nuclear programme following days of negotiation, Israel has voiced its concern over the newly-struck deal by branding it a "historic mistake."
Iran, western nations finally chalk out 'framework' nuclear deal  Apr 3, 10:28 am
London, April 3 (ANI): As Iran and six western nations chalked out an outline agreement on the future of Iran's nuclear programme following days of negotiation, United States President Barack Obama hailed the accord as a "historic understanding."
Obama channels Frank Underwood from 'House of Cards' in April Fools' Day clip  Apr 3, 10:14 am
Washington, Apr 3 (ANI): US President Barack Obama recently made an attempt to impersonate Frank Underwood from 'House of Cards' in a belated April Fools' Day clip.
Critics say Obama 'screwed up' US' bid to head off Asian Infrastructure Bank  Apr 2, 3:03 pm
Washington, April 2 (ANI): United States' bid to head off the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), proposed by China for the rapidly growing Asian region, ended in abject failure as organizers announced that about 46 countries, including some of U.S.' closest Asian and European allies, had applied to become founding members of the bank.
Michele Bachmann compares Obama to Germanwings' suicidal co-pilot for Iran deal  Apr 2, 2:13 pm
Washington, April 02 (ANI): American Republican and former member of the US House of Representatives Michele Bachmann has compared President Barack Obama to the Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz saying that Obama, with his Iran deal, is like Lubitz who flew his "entire nation into the rocks".
Obama is a rabid fan of hit TV show 'The Wire'  Mar 28, 12:02 pm
Washington, Mar 28 (ANI): President Barack Obama is a huge fan of the popular TV show 'The Wire' and thinks that the HBO series is "one of the greatest television shows" ever.