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Iggy Azalea confesses got boob job four months ago  Mar 25, 9:46 am
Melbourne, Mar 25 (ANI): Iggy Azalea has confessed it that she recently went under the knife to get herself a boob job.
Boob-jobs maybe cancerous  Oct 7, 1:36 pm
London, Oct 7 (ANI): The researchers have concluded that breast implants may cause cancer.
Amy Childs may have to remove breast implants  Apr 23, 6:19 pm
London, April 23 (ANI): Amy Childs may have to have her breast implants removed as one of them has come away from her body, it has been revealed.
Boob job was 'best decision' ever, says Kaley Cuoco  Apr 4, 2:41 pm
New York, April 4 (ANI): Kaley Cuoco has revealed that she got breast implants when she was 18 years old and has no regrets about undergoing the procedure.
Twin sisters who share one boyfriend undergo $200k plastic surgery to look identical  Mar 8, 3:45 pm
New York, Mar 8 (ANI): Twin sisters in Australia, who share a job, a Facebook account, a bed and a boyfriend, shelled out more than 200,000 dollars to look identical.
Posh finally admits to boob job and getting implants removed later  Feb 19, 10:06 am
Melbourne, Feb 19 (ANI): Victoria Beckham has admitted after years of silence that she had gone under the knife to get breast implants, but later got them removed.
Chantelle Houghton wants to get rid of breast implants   Feb 14, 5:19 pm
Washington, Feb 14 (ANI): Chantelle Houghton has confessed that she wants to have her breast implants removed.
Zoe Saldana 'obsessed with boobs'  Dec 28, 9:56 am
Washington, Dec 28 (ANI): Zoe Saldana is so "obsessed" with breasts that she is considering having implants when she is older.
Zoe Saldana wants to get breast implants in future  Dec 25, 4:14 pm
Washington, Dec 25 (ANI): Zoe Saldana is so "obsessed" with breasts that she is considering having implants when she is older.
Man demands ex-girlfriend to pay 200,000 dollars after facing rejection  Nov 16, 5:03 pm
Washington, November 16 (ANI): A man has demanded his former girlfriend to pay 200,000 dollars after she dumped him.
Heidi Montag goes from size-F breasts to C-cup  Nov 7, 3:45 pm
Washington, Nov 7 (ANI): Heidi Montag has reportedly gone under the knife again, to replace her size-F breast implants with C-Cups.
PIP breast implants don't increase risk of cancer in women  Oct 30, 12:06 pm
London, Oct 30 (ANI): Researchers have found no evidence to higher risk of cancer in women who have PIP breast implants.
Now, breast implants that can self diagnose problems  Oct 22, 12:08 pm
New York, Oct. 22 (ANI): A Florida- and Belgium-based company Establishment Labs has created new breast implants that are equipped with a radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip to help diagnose problems.
Breast implants do spice up women's sex lives  Oct 13, 10:11 am
Washington, Oct 13 (ANI): Women who got breast implants claimed that the surgery spiced up their sex lives, a new study has revealed.
Heathrow Airport on high alert amid breast implants suicide bombings intelligence  Aug 16, 11:05 am
London, Aug. 16 (ANI): London's Heathrow Airport has been put on high terror alert after intelligence that women suicide bombers were planning to strike with explosives concealed in breast implants.
Ex Oz Miss Universe Jesinta Campbell regrets having breast implants as teen  Jul 14, 11:08 am
Melbourne, July 14 (ANI): Former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell, who is the new face of Wonderbra, has revealed that she regrets undergoing breast augmentation as a teen.
Woman's breast implants explodes after four hours of gaming   Jun 26, 3:24 pm
Beijing, June 26(ANI): A woman's breast implants exploded after playing a video game for four hours.
Amanda Bynes goes under the knife to remove 'uncomfortable' breast implants  Jun 22, 11:08 am
Washington, June 22 (ANI): Amanda Bynes has revealed that she had her breast implants removed as they were "uncomfortable."
Chelsee Healey regrets boob job   May 8, 3:37 pm
London, May 8 (ANI): Chelsee Healey has admitted that getting breast implants at the age of 18 was the "biggest mistake of her life".
Implants may delay breast cancer detection, raise death risk   May 1, 1:58 pm
Washington, May 1 (ANI): Women who have breast implants and go on to develop breast cancer have a greater risk of dying from the disease than those without, a new study has warned.
Trial for making sub-standard breast implants begins in France  Apr 18, 1:05 pm
London, Apr. 18 (ANI): Hundreds of women attended the opening of the trial in France of five executives of a firm which supplied thousands of faulty breast implants.
New 'Gummy Bear' silicone breast implants approved by FDA  Feb 23, 5:29 pm
Washington, Feb, 23 (ANI): The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given its approval to a highly cohesive anatomically shaped silicone-gel filled breast implant.
Woman arrested in Spain for smuggling cocaine hidden inside breast implants   Dec 13, 2:07 pm
Washington, Dec. 13 (ANI): A woman has been arrested in Barcelona, Spain, for allegedly smuggling cocaine inside her breasts.
Dolly Parton reveals truth about pain caused by 40DD boobs in memoir   Dec 8, 2:59 pm
London, December 8 (ANI): Dolly Parton, who has made no secret of her preternatural breast implants, numerous nips and tucks and her passion for mile-high blonde wigs, has left out the more intriguing dark secrets from her new memoir, her friends have revealed.
Woman credits breast implants for surviving gunshots  Nov 30, 12:11 pm
Toronto, November 30 (ANI): A Canadian woman says her surgically enhanced breasts saved her life when her ex-boyfriend shot her.