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CII launches 'Sanitation of Schools' campaign  Oct 1, 9:04 pm
New Delhi, Oct.1 (ANI): Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) has launched a mission called 'Sanitation of Schools' (SoS), which is an initiative to work with companies on construction of toilets across the schools in the country. CII's mission is an effort to strengthen the 'Swachh Bharat' initiative announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Result of PM Modi's US trip 'disappointing': Congress  Oct 1, 4:09 pm
New Delhi, Oct.1 (ANI): Analysing Prime Minister Narendra Modi's trip to the US, the Congress on Wednesday needled him, calling the outcome of his much hyped visit as 'disappointing', and added that there were no major takeaways.
Alec Baldwin, Kevin Spacey to star in new comedy 'Boss Baby'   Oct 1, 3:05 pm
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): Alec Baldwin and Kevin Spacey will come together in DreamWorks Animation's newly announced comedy 'Boss Baby.'
Gut bacteria may contribute to obesity   Oct 1, 2:13 pm
Washington Oct 01 (ANI): A new animal study has revealed that a species of gut bacteria called Clostridium ramosum, coupled with a high-fat diet may be contributing to obesity.
Preet Bharara's mother hopeful about him replacing Eric Holder as US Attorney General  Oct 1, 2:13 pm
New York, Oct 01 (ANI): Manhattan Attorney Preet Bharara has although maintained a stoic silence on being the next attorney general of the United States but his "very proud Indian" mother has reportedly called newspapers and asked them to include his name on the list of possible successors to the current Attorney General Eric Holder.
Cricket fever catching up in Colombia   Oct 1, 1:52 pm
London, Oct 01 (ANI): Cricket in Colombia is reportedly growing at a slow but steady pace although it still remains basically a niche sport.
Viagra use can lead to vision disturbances in some  Oct 1, 1:25 pm
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): A new research has revealed that erectile dysfunction drugs can affect vision of genetically susceptible users.
Now, drink wine to hold back acne   Oct 1, 12:32 pm
Washington, Oct 1 (ANI): A new study has found that an antioxidant called resveratrol found in wine and grapes, restrain the growth of acne bacteria.
PayPal to break apart from eBay into separate company   Oct 1, 10:50 am
Washington, Oct 01 (ANI): PayPal is set to break apart from the online merchant eBay into a separate publically traded company.
Rajiv Shukla welcomes renewal of Indo-US defence agreement   Oct 1, 3:28 am
New Delhi, Oct. 1 (ANI): Congress leader Rajiv Shukla welcomed the renewal of the defence agreement between India and the U.S. for a further ten-year period, calling it a good development.
Android Lollipop may be Google's next Operating Software  Sep 30, 5:12 pm
London, Sep 30 (ANI): After Jelly Bean, KitKat and an Ice Cream Sandwich, Google's next operating system is likely to be called Android Lollipop, a report said.
Japan's latest reality TV show lets male fans date bikini-clad band  Sep 30, 5:12 pm
London, Sept 30 (ANI): Japan's latest reality show is about male fans auditioning to date the four-member bikini girls' band called 'Happening Girls.'
Traditional drummers in West Bengal hope to earn more during Durga Puja  Sep 30, 5:12 pm
Siliguri(West Bengal), Sept. 30 (ANI): Durga Puja, which commences on September 30 this year, is an occasion to celebrate the victory of good over evil but does not assume the festive aura without the beats that come from traditional drums called 'dhak'.
Annie Lennox calls Beyonce "feminist lite"  Sep 30, 2:39 pm
London. Sept 30 (ANI): Annie Lennox recently told a website that she has a major problem with Beyonce proclaiming herself to be a feminist and called the singer "feminist lite."
1D premiers new single 'Steal My Girl'   Sep 30, 12:56 pm
Washington, Sept 30 (ANI): One Direction has premiered their upcoming single called 'Steal My Girl' from their new album titled Four.
Kelly Brook wants to 'permanently settle' in US post split with David McIntosh  Sep 30, 10:19 am
London, Sept 30 (ANI): Kelly Brook, who recently called off her engagement with David McIntosh, is planning to move to the US permanently.
PM Modi hails rise of "new" middle-class  Sep 30, 2:25 am
New York. Sept. 29 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday hailed the rise of what he called a "new" middle-class, stating that India's policies will ensure empowerment of this section of people.
2013 IPS Trainees call on President Mukherjee  Sep 29, 6:27 pm
New Delhi, Sept.29 (ANI): Officer trainees of the 2013 Batch of Indian Police Service, including 28 lady officers and 15 Officers from Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives undergoing training along with them called on President Mukherjee today.
Now, men can wear one-piece business suit called 'Suitsy'  Sep 29, 5:13 pm
Washington, Sept 29 (ANI): A San Francisco real estate developer has created unique one-piece business suit called the 'Suitsy.'
Afghan President Ghani calls for peace talks with Taliban  Sep 29, 3:54 pm
Kabul, Sept.29 (ANI): President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan on Monday used his inaugural speech to call on Taliban insurgents to join peace talks after 13 years of war.
Defeating terrorism and reclaiming Islam  Sep 29, 12:05 pm
New Delhi, Sept.29 (ANI): The world today obsesses with the ISIS possibly for good reasons. But the one that is constantly swept aside is that the Global War on Terror was flawed and selective. Had tackling Al Qaeda and Taliban been not so selective with so-called Pakistan sensitivity in mind, the problem could have been contained or maybe not risen at all.
New iOS app 'Shootout' offers simplest way to share photos  Sep 29, 10:57 am
Washington, Sep 29 (ANI): A new iOS app called Shootout aims to be the easiest and fastest photo sharing app.
Mangalyaan is testament of India's talent, says PM Modi  Sep 29, 12:55 am
New York, Sept. 28 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday hailed the successful Mars Orbiter Mission 'Mangalyaan' and called it a testament of India's talent.
Al Qaeda's Al Nusrat Front calls foreign airstrikes 'war against Islam'  Sep 28, 11:41 am
Johannesburg Sep 28 (ANI): Al-Nusrat Front, al-Qaeda's Syrian franchise has said that the foreign airstrikes constituted 'a war against Islam' and threatened to attack the nations that were participating in launching these strikes.
PM Modi meets distinguished Indian Americans in New York  Sep 28, 10:59 am
New York, Sept. 28 (ANI): A group of 10 distinguished Indian Americans called on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New York on Saturday.