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Childhood bullying impact remains persistent even after 40 years  Apr 18, 5:14 pm
London, April 18 (ANI): The negative impact of being bullied in childhood remains persistent and pervasive, and lasts nearly 40 years later as well, it has been revealed.
Argentina's 'Josef Fritzl' fathered 5 kids with captive daughter   Apr 17, 11:40 am
London, April 17 (ANI): An Argentinean man has been arrested for repeatedly raping his daughter since childhood and fathering five children with her.
How brain regions develop as our ability to store memories improves  Apr 17, 9:57 am
Washington, April 17 (ANI): Researchers are now exploring how brain regions develop as our ability to store memories improves during childhood.
Congress has fielded a candidate who is yet to come out of childhood: Modi  Apr 15, 2:26 pm
Hazaribagh, (Jharkhand), Apr. 15 (ANI): Launching a direct attack on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the one hand where his party was trying to take up serious issues for discussions, the Congress has fielded such candidates who are yet to come out of their childhood.
Peaches Geldof 'never got over traumas' of her childhood  Apr 14, 11:56 am
London, April 14 (ANI): Peaches Geldof had claimed that she never got over the traumas of her childhood, in an interview she gave before her death.
Childhood obesity prevention programs can help lower BP levels later in life  Mar 31, 2:30 pm
Washington, Mar 31 (ANI): A new research suggests that even modest elevations in the BP of adolescents can pose cardiovascular problems later in life.
Public smoking bans led to 10 pc reductions in preemies and childhood asthma  Mar 28, 11:28 am
Washington, March 28 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that rates of both preterm birth and hospital admissions for asthma were reduced by 10 percent after laws that prohibited smoking in public places were implemented.
Emma Watson says she's 'envious' of other actresses  Mar 18, 11:12 am
Washington, March 18 (ANI): Emma Watson has revealed that even though she has a enjoyed a successful career since childhood, she's still 'jealous' of some of the actresses.
Ian Wright opens up about 'unhappy' childhood, early football struggles  Mar 12, 2:26 pm
London, Mar 12 (ANI): Former Arsenal footballer Ian Wright has revealed in an interview facts about his unhappy childhood, his determination to make it big in football and his friendship with former teammate David Rocastle, who died aged 33.
Murray shocked over childhood friend Elena Baltacha's cancer news  Mar 11, 10:19 am
Johannesburg, Mar. 11 (ANI): Recently retired tennis star Elena Baltacha's cancer news has reportedly shocked Andy Murry, but he believes that she can beat the disease.
Preterm birth could up asthma risk in childhood  Mar 8, 9:49 am
Washington, March 8 (ANI): Researchers have found that preterm birth could increase the risk of asthma and wheezing disorders during childhood.
Frequent childhood nightmares linked to psychotic traits in adolescence  Mar 1, 10:02 am
Washington, March 1 (ANI): A new study has revealed that children who suffer from frequent nightmares or night terrors may be at a higher risk of exhibiting psychotic traits during adolescence.
Kim Jong Un's childhood of 'vodka binges, pleasure girls' revealed   Feb 24, 2:00 pm
London, Feb. 24 (ANI): A former employee of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has revealed about his childhood - vodka binges, Big Macs and private yachts.
Dental cavities are contagious!  Feb 23, 10:43 am
Washington, Feb. 23 (ANI): A new study has revealed that tooth decay is not only the most common chronic childhood disease, but is infectious too.
Family problems during childhood could lead to mental health issues in adulthood  Feb 20, 1:35 pm
Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): A new research has found that exposure to common family problems during childhood and early adolescence affects brain development, and could lead to mental health issues later in life.
Controlling appetite could help in preventing childhood obesity  Feb 18, 3:29 pm
Washington, February 18 (ANI): Two studies have revealed that heartier appetite could help in tackling obesity and affect more rapid infant growth.
Chelsea Clinton opens up about her childhood in political household  Feb 18, 11:39 am
Washington, Feb 18 (ANI): Chelsea Clinton has shed light on what growing up in a political family was like, claiming that she was raised in a family where inertia was not an option.
Childhood bullying can negatively affect kid's health later in life  Feb 18, 10:04 am
Washington, February 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the negative impact of bullying on a child's health remains even after a long period of time.
Childhood sweethearts wed aged 78 after 5 decades of separation  Feb 13, 3:55 pm
London, Feb 13 (ANI): A couple, who met at a party when they were 17 and stayed in and out of touch over the 50 years, finally tied the knot when they realised they were meant to be together.
Childhood obesity could lead to type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease later in life  Feb 13, 11:05 am
Washington, Feb 13 (ANI): A new study has found that childhood obesity has long lasting consequences, even when kids lose weight.
It's confirmed! Cellphones do not cause cancer  Feb 12, 11:07 am
Wellington, Feb 12 (ANI): A new study has found that cellphones do not increase the risks of childhood cancer or leukaemia.
How to find if your child will grow up to be overweight  Feb 10, 11:48 am
Washington, Feb. 10 (ANI): Researchers, set up an interactive website to gather information about childhood predictors of adult body mass index (BMI) from the general public.
There's substance behind Boof's magic, says pacer Kane Richardson  Feb 4, 4:36 pm
Melbourne, Feb.4 (ANI): South Australian fast bowler Kane Richardson has praised childhood idol Darren Lehmann, saying the all conquering Australian coach has always possessed substance, and the recent results against England have proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt.
Leonardo DiCaprio opens up about 'dark' childhood  Feb 1, 6:22 pm
Washington, February 1 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio has revealed that he saw a darker side of Hollywood while growing up as a "very poor" kid living in a neighborhood filled with junkies and prostitutes.
Childhood depression ups heart attack risk in adulthood  Jan 31, 12:58 pm
Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): A new study suggests that children with depression are more likely to be obese, smoke and be inactive, which could show the effects of heart disease as early as their teen years.