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Shipment of smartphones to India declined for the first time in fourth quarter of 2014  Feb 26, 12:56 pm
Washington, Feb 26 (ANI): According to International Data Corporation (IDC), shipment of smartphones to India declined for the first time in the last quarter for the first time due to a surplus of inventory left over after India's festive season in October and November.
Tiger Woods advised to seek Beatles type Indian spiritual guru to revive career  Feb 13, 6:13 pm
London, Feb 13 (ANI): Former world number one golfer Tiger Woods may require a spiritual Indian guru to rediscover his on-field form and preserve his elite status in the sport as he would be a big loss if he quits, according to a golf commentator.
Practice can actually make you perfect even when it comes to singing   Feb 10, 1:04 pm
Washington, Feb 10 (ANI): A new study has suggested that singing accurately is not so much a talent as a learned skill that can decline over time if not used.
Sam Smith declines Russia gigs over country's anti-gay rights law  Feb 8, 2:17 pm
London, Feb. 8 (ANI): Sam Smith has vetoed Russia gigs in protest over country's president Vladimir Putin's negative stance on gay rights.
Worried team management not to include 'suspended' Ajmal in WC squad even if cleared by ICC  Feb 6, 2:47 pm
Karachi, Feb 06 (ANI): Pakistan team management has reportedly declined the proposal of its cricket board to include suspended ace off-spinner Saeed Ajmal in the World Cup squad even if he gets a green-signal by the ICC.
Tablet shipments fell by 12 percent worldwide in Q4 2014 recording first ever decline  Feb 4, 2:29 pm
Washington, Feb 04 (ANI): As phablets gain popularity, tablet shipments worldwide have dropped by 12 percent year-over-year to 67 million units in Q4 2014, which research firm Canalys has dubbed as the first ever decline after several quarters of sluggish demand.
How early Rapa Nui society declined on Easter Island revealed  Jan 28, 4:50 pm
Washington, Jan 28(ANI): A new study has provided a deeper insight into how did the Rapa Nui society really declined on Easter Island.
Ramdev declines to accept Padma Bhushan, says would like to remain 'detached'  Jan 24, 8:57 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 24 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has refused to accept the prestigious Padma Bhushan award citing his duty as an ascetic to continue working in a detached manner.
Great Barrier Reef can decline to less than 10 pc if ocean warming continues  Jan 23, 12:34 pm
Washington, Jan 23 (ANI): A new study has revealed that Australia's Great Barrier Reef could lose 90 percent of its living corals if ocean warming continues.
ILO warns 212 mln people across globe will be jobless by 2019  Jan 20, 5:07 pm
London, Jan 20 (ANI): As the global jobs market continues to decline in the coming years, rising income inequality and high youth unemployment rate will lead to more social unrest, a report said.
Depression, behavioral changes maybe precursors to Alzheimer's  Jan 15, 10:33 am
Washington, Jan 15 (ANI): A new research has said that depression and behavioral changes may precede the memory declines in people who later develop Alzheimer's disease.
Global PC market set for revival following growth of 1 percent in Q4 2014  Jan 14, 12:11 pm
Washington, Jan 14 (ANI): Global PC market sales saw a 1 percent growth in Q4 last year after more than two years of decline.
'Healthy' obese don't stay healthy for long  Jan 6, 2:34 pm
Washington, Jan 6 (ANI): Health of most adults who are considered "healthy obese" declines overtime, claims a new study.
Decline in crude oil prices has led to BSE downfall, say market experts  Jan 6, 2:26 pm
New Delhi, Jan. 6 (ANI): Market experts on Tuesday urged stock market investors not to panic after the Bombay Stock Exchange fell by 588.15 points in early trade, saying that the decline in prices of Brent crude oil has led to Indian market downfall which is a positive sign for us.
Celeb chef Jamie Oliver declined Peter Jackson`s offer to be hobbit   Dec 29, 10:56 am
London, Dec 29 (ANI): TV chef Jamie Oliver has revealed that he declined Peter Jackson's offer to play a hobbit in the on screen adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien's tale.
Google updates stats of govt requests to take down data showing decline in second half of 2013  Dec 23, 4:47 pm
Washington, Dec 23 (ANI): Google has updated its bi-annual statistics in which different governments requested the company to take down data showing a decline in the demands in the second half of 2013.
Losing teeth early linked with mental, physical decline   Dec 19, 1:17 pm
London, Dec 19 (ANI): A new study has revealed that losing teeth could be a sign of mental and physical disability.
Traci Bingham' arrest warrant issued after backing out from 'explicit' photo shoot  Dec 15, 10:38 am
Washington, Dec 15 (ANI): American actress Traci Bingham is facing legal arrest after she declined to pay amount she had taken for an explicit photo shoot.
Pope Francis declines meeting with Dalai Lama due to 'delicate relationship' with China  Dec 13, 11:42 am
London, Dec 13 (ANI): Pope Francis, who is visiting Rome, will not be meeting the Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama due to the "delicate situation" with China, said a Vatican spokesperson.
China's inflation rate plunges to five-year low of 1.4 pc  Dec 11, 3:05 pm
London, Dec 11 (ANI): The inflation rate in China fell to a five year low in November recording 1.4 percent fall against 1.6 percent in October.
Sampras bemoans decline of American Men's Tennis  Dec 9, 12:18 pm
Johannesburg, December 09 (ANI): 14-times Grand Slam champion Pete Sampras has expressed his disappointment over the decline of American men's tennis, saying that it would take time to witness resurgence in American tennis.
HIV ability to cause AIDS in decline   Dec 2, 1:38 pm
Washington, Dec 2 (ANI): A new study has examined that HIV's ability to cause AIDS is slowing down.
Ferguson shooting: 'Unapologetic' Darren Wilson says 'wouldn't do anything differently'  Nov 26, 10:21 am
Washington, Nov 26 (ANI): A day after the grand jury declined to indict police officer Darren Wilson for fatally shooting black teenager, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, the cop has gone on record to say that "he would not do anything differently."
Indo-Bangladesh tourism promotion proves beneficial for northeast  Nov 22, 5:39 pm
Agartala, Nov. 22 (ANI): Natural beauty, wildlife, handicraft, culture and food - the northeast region boasts abundant vibrancy and diversity to attract domestic and foreign tourists. With the decline in insurgent activities, the region is witnessing a rise in tourist inflows.
Thai girl creates online sensation by turning down adoption offer by Kim K  Nov 22, 4:27 pm
Washington, Nov 22 (ANI): A Thai orphanage girl has become an internet sensation after she declined Kim Kardashian's offer to get adopted.