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Did diet give humans evolutionary edge over Neanderthals?  Apr 28, 1:01 pm
Washington D.C, Apr 28 (ANI): Paleo-diet may be the latest thing, but the original version favoured by Neanderthals may have contributed to their extinction.
Mediterranean diet cuts stroke risk in heart patients  Apr 25, 7:45 am
Washington D.C, Apr 25 (ANI): If you want to keep your heart ticking over, then go for a 'Mediterranean' diet as a recent study suggests that it can lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes in cardiovascular disease patients.
Does your diet influence how well you sleep?  Apr 22, 11:09 am
Washington D.C, Apr 22 (ANI): Poor sleeping habits can lead to overeating, but can unhealthy diets keep you up at night?
Food high on fat can give you daytime sleepiness  Apr 21, 11:42 am
Washington D.C., April 21 (ANI): Recent study has revealed that men, who consume diets high in fat, are more likely to feel sleepy during the day, report sleep problems at night and are more likely to suffer from sleep apnea.
New design for Coke cans to give feel of 'the real thing'  Apr 20, 1:45 pm
Melbourne, April 20 (ANI): According to Coca Cola, it is giving cans and bottles of its flagship soft drinks a makeover, with plans to unify the appearance of regular Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero and Coke Life.
Diet for one year to keep weight off for good  Apr 18, 12:37 pm
London, Apr 18 (ANI): You may want to stick to your diet for a year to keep weight off permanently as a recent study suggests so.
Wolfsburg manager slams `actor` Marcelo over play-acting antics  Apr 7, 9:21 pm
London, Apr. 07 (ANI): Wolfsburg manager Dieter Hecking has slammed Marcelo, describing the Real Madrid defender as an 'actor' after footage of his dive in their Champions League clash went viral.
Protein-rich diet can help obese adults in weight loss: study  Apr 5, 1:04 pm
Washington D.C., April 5 (ANI): Obese older adults, who have limited ability to exercise to lose weight and increase physical function, can now shed kilos by eating more protein from foods like lean beef, as part of a reduced-calorie diet.
More the dietary calcium, lower the heart risk  Apr 3, 11:59 am
Washington D.C, April 3 (ANI): Older women can lower their risk for cardiovascular disease with higher calcium intake, according to a recent study.
Paleo diet can cut your future diabetes, heart risks  Apr 3, 9:22 am
Washington D.C, April 3 (ANI): Obese, postmenopausal women, you may want to start following a Paleolithic-type diet as a new study has found that it can help you lose weight, improve circulating fatty acid profile and lower your future risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Here`s the secret behind Jason Derulo's ripped physique  Apr 2, 1:27 pm
Washington D.C., April 2 (ANI): If you men want abs like Jason Derulo,here's his diet and fitness secrets.
Better diet, exercise can benefit older overweight, obese diabetics  Apr 2, 9:45 am
Washington D.C, April 2 (ANI): When you live with diabetes, regular exercise and better diet can help older overweight and obese adults improve glucose control, body composition, physical function and bone quality, according to a new study.
New healthcare machinery to curb modern-life stress  Mar 30, 3:11 pm
Tokyo, Mar 30 (ANI): Modern life stress and body ache is a growing concern among most of the people globally. There are many types of equipment available to de-stress the body. Japan's Dream Factory Corporation has introduced a circular cylinder which vibrates 10,000 times in 3 minutes and gives relaxation to the body.
Here`s how diet helped us evolve  Mar 30, 12:15 pm
Washington D.C, Mar 30 (ANI): A new study has revealed how diet helped shape our evolution.
Vitamin C can help keep cataracts at bay  Mar 24, 11:58 am
Washington D.C, Mar 24 (ANI): You may want to add vitamin C to your diet as a new study has suggested that it can help cut cataract progression risk.
Eat like Japanese to live longer  Mar 23, 11:58 am
Washington D.C, Mar 23 (ANI): Eating according to Japanese diet guidelines could add years to your life, a new study has revealed.
Kim K sheds off 42 pounds post second pregnancy  Mar 22, 3:21 pm
Washington, D.C., Mar. 22 (ANI): Kim Kardashian, who gained 52 lbs during her second pregnancy, recently revealed that she has shed off 42 lbs, thanks to her healthy diet regime.
Here's what you should actually be counting to lose weight  Mar 20, 8:28 am
London, Mar 20 (ANI): The go-to system for shedding extra kilos has long been calorie counting, but most diet plans make eating right seem like a game of numbers.
`Fish` depression out of your body  Mar 19, 9:46 am
Washington D.C, Mar 19 (ANI): Feeling blue? You may want to add fish to your diet as a recent study has revealed that healthy fat found in oily fish, such as salmon and trout, tuna, mackerel, herring and swordfish, can help you with depression.
Oprah Winfrey reveals her 'fishy' diet secret  Mar 17, 3:23 pm
Washington, D.C., Mar. 17 (ANI): Do you know the secret behind Oprah Winfrey's fit body, her diet, consisting of seafood.
What your parents eat can affect your health: study  Mar 15, 10:31 am
Washington D.C., Mar. 15 (ANI): In a recent study researchers used mice that had become obese and had developed type 2 diabetes due to a high-fat diet and then obtained their offspring solely through in vitro fertilisation (IVF) from isolated oocytes and sperm, so that changes in the offspring could only be passed on via these cells.
Fatty food ups bowel cancer risk  Mar 5, 3:36 pm
Washington D.C, Mar 5 (ANI): A team of researcher has found that a diet high in fat increases the risk of bowel cancer as it causes cells in the gut to mutate.
Eating yogurt daily can help women tame high BP  Mar 4, 2:33 pm
Washington D.C, Mar 4 (ANI): Ladies, you may want to include yogurt in your diet as a recent study has suggested that its daily consumption can reduce your risk of high blood pressure by a fifth.
Protein-rich diets make you feel fuller on fewer calories  Mar 4, 12:37 pm
Washington D.C, Mar 4 (ANI): For those of us who have the habit of binge-eating, opting for protein-rich diets can do wonders, according to a new study.
`Diet, exercise and motherhood` make the perfect J.Lo  Mar 4, 10:08 am
Melbourne, March 3. (ANI): The recent snaps of Jennifer Lopez in her workout clothes, flaunting her rock hard abs, will surely make you re-think about the fact that she is 46 and mother of twins.