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Know what made Elle Macpherson change her lifestyle   Oct 5, 9:11 am
Washington D.C., Oct. 5(ANI): The lump on Elle Macpherson's breast worked as a warning alarm in her life that made her change her diet and lifestyle.
Here`s what`s wrong with Paleo diet  Oct 5, 8:33 am
Washington D.C, Oct 5 (ANI): A recent theory has underpinned the Paleo diet, a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet that has grown in popularity.
Japanese spa and beauty products catch customer attention  Oct 1, 1:14 pm
Tokyo, Oct. 1 (ANI): More than 300 Japanese companies showcased a variety of products related to spa, cosmetics and food products at the recently-held "Diet & Beauty Fair 2015" in Tokyo.
Just when you thought calcium pills can protect your bones  Sep 30, 8:34 am
Washington D.C, Sept 30 (ANI): As per a recent study, increasing calcium intake through dietary sources or supplements is unlikely to improve bone health or prevent fractures in older people.
High fat diet leads to overeating because of faulty brain signaling  Sep 22, 5:35 pm
Washington D.C., Sept 22 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that a high fat diet leads to overeating because of faulty brain signaling.
Red Bull confirms split with engine partner Renault  Sep 19, 11:59 am
Johannesburg, Sept.19 (ANI): Former world champions Red Bull have confirmed that that their relationship with Formula One engine partner Renault is over and they will have a new engine partner later this year.
Here's how Kaley Cuoco scored `hot body` for Shape mag's cover  Sep 19, 11:04 am
Washington D.C., Sept 19 (ANI): Kaley Cuoco seems to have charmed everyone with her flat abs and sexy body on the cover of Shape magazine's October issue, thanks to her strict diet.
Diabetic? A high-protein diet can help you manage blood sugar  Sep 18, 8:20 am
Washington D.C, Sept 18 (ANI): If you are a diabetic, you may want to load up on a high-protein diet as it improves blood sugar control, according to a new study.
Sugary drinks` high consumption often part of overall poor diet  Sep 17, 10:52 am
Washington D.C, Sept 17 (ANI): High consumption of sugar sweetened beverages has been linked to overall poor diet in a recent study.
Shift in our ancestors` diet longer in the tooth than we believed  Sep 16, 6:32 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 16 (ANI): A team of scientists has reported an earlier date of shift in the diet of human ancestors.
Mediterranean diet with olive oil may lower breast cancer risk  Sep 15, 2:02 pm
Washington D.C., Sept 15 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the Mediterranean diet, which is supplemented with extra virgin olive oil, reduces the risk of breast cancer.
Eat protein-rich diet to keep your heart healthy  Sep 13, 12:38 pm
Washington D.C, Sept 13 (ANI): A new study has revealed that high protein foods boost cardiovascular health.
Going for pizza with that diet soda? You aren`t alone  Sep 12, 10:20 am
Washington D.C, Sept 12 (ANI): Think drinking diet soda helps? Think again as a new study has claimed that you may not be saving as many calories as you believe.
`Gut-bacterial personalization` may be the next big diet trend  Sep 11, 9:03 am
Washington D.C, Sept 11 (ANI): As per a new study, your stomach bacteria determine which diet is best for weight reduction.
What's killing us? Poor diet, high BP top risk factors  Sep 11, 8:27 am
London, Sept 11 (ANI): A new study has revealed that poor diet and high blood pressure (BP) are now number-one risk factors for death.
All you need is `fishy` diet to ward off depression  Sep 11, 8:10 am
Washington D.C, Sept 11 (ANI): A new study has suggested that eating a lot of fish may help curb depression risk, at least in Europe.
Gluten-free food for your pets  Sep 6, 4:27 pm
Auckland, Sept. 6 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that gluten-free food for your pets provides a balanced diet.
Good health, external beauty are two sides of same coin: Shahnaz Husain  Sep 5, 8:39 pm
New Delhi, Sept. 5 (ANI): Renowned beautician Shahnaz Husain has said that diet and nutrition play a crucial role in both health and beauty, adding that good health and external beauty are two sides of the same coin.
Children hesitant to try new food may suffer from anguish, anxiety   Aug 27, 6:03 pm
Washington D.C., Aug 27 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that children who experience dietary neophobia, display signs of anguish and anxiety, and added that this behaviour could turn into a habit in adulthood.
Omega-3 supplements have no effect on cognitive decline  Aug 26, 11:41 am
Washington D.C., Aug 26 (ANI): A new study has claimed that a diet high in Omega-3 fatty acids has no effect on cognitive decline in older persons.
Low-fat diet better than low-carb one in losing weight  Aug 14, 6:31 pm
Washington DC, Aug 14 (ANI): A new study has suggested that cutting dietary fat is more helpful in losing weight more than narrowing the carbs.
After Coca-Cola, here are the shocking affects of beer to your body  Aug 11, 4:11 pm
London, Aug 11 (ANI): After appalling affects of coke and diet coke were revealed by Niraj Naik recently, scientists have now shown what beer does to your body, and it's shocking!
Chomping on 'fried chicken' regularly may give you a heart attack   Aug 11, 10:25 am
Washington DC, Aug 11 (ANI): If you love gorging on buttery and fried food, it's time to take a hike as a new study suggests that consuming Southern diet regularly, like fried chicken, gravy-smothered liver, buttered rolls etc, could raise the risk of heart attack.
'Yo-yo dieting' not linked to cancer risk in men or women  Aug 9, 10:49 am
Washington DC, Aug 9 (ANI): A new study suggests that yo-yo dieting or weight cycling is not associated with increased risk of cancer in men or women.
Madge hires 'food police' to keep a check on her diet  Aug 7, 1:56 pm
London, Aug. 7 (ANI): Madonna is working out hard before hitting her Rebel Heart tour and has even got someone to watch what she eats every time.