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Rommel's last moments before committing suicide revealed in son's letter  Dec 31, 2:31 pm
London, December 31 (ANI): German general Erwin Rommel, who was accused of plotting to kill Hitler, told his teenage son he had been ordered to kill himself by the Nazi dictator, a newly discovered letter has revealed.
Row over new film portraying WWII general Rommel as more 'rat' than 'Desert fox'  Oct 29, 1:31 pm
London, Oct 29 (ANI): A new row has erupted over a film which suggests Germany's Second World War general, Erwin Rommel, was a deeply convinced Nazi and anti-Semite driven by an egotistical desire for fame, rather than the chivalrous 'Desert Fox' commander of legend who is reputed to have plotted against Hitler.
Hitler's 'Desert fox' turned love rat for another woman  Mar 23, 5:08 pm
London, Mar 23 (ANI): Adolf Hitler's favourite commander, Erwin Rommel, the "Desert Fox" who relentlessly fought allied forces across North Africa in World War Two, covered up love affair which led to illegitimate child for sake of his career, reveals his grandson.
German soldier Erwin Rommel's family brands upcoming film as 'lies'  Sep 20, 6:14 pm
London, Sept 20 (ANI): The family of Erwin Rommel, the famed general of German wartime, has branded an upcoming film about the late soldier as 'lies', as it wrongly shows him to be a Nazi criminal.
Brit camp that held Rommel's troops reveals 2nd World War secrets  Aug 29, 2:41 pm
London, Aug 29 (ANI): A trove of Second World War memorabilia from soldiers of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's Afrika Korps has been discovered from a wilderness camp where the British captivated them.