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PM Modi calls SAARC nations to join hands for disaster preparedness  Nov 29, 12:59 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 29 (ANI): Stressing on the need of preparedness to deal with disasters in the South Asian region, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said he had proposed to his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif that all SAARC nations must hold joint exercises for disaster preparedness.
Exercise doesn't help 'sedentary' heart patients much  Nov 26, 1:54 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 26 (ANI): Patients with heart disease, who sit a lot, have worse health even if they exercise, according to a new research.
Opposition dubs PM Modi's U.K visit as a 'publicity exercise'  Nov 12, 11:25 am
New Delhi, Nov. 12 (ANI): Opposition parties on Thursday launched a scathing attack at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his three-day visit to the United Kingdom, saying it was nothing but a 'publicity exercise'.
Short bursts of exercise make diabetics fitter quicker  Nov 11, 8:03 am
Washington D.C, Nov 11 (ANI): Diabetic? You may want to start alternating short bursts of intense activity with brief rest periods as a recent study has revealed that it delivers more benefits than lower-intensity exercise.
74 percent turnout in second phase of civic polls in Kerala  Nov 5, 10:12 pm
Kochi, Nov.5 (ANI): Over 74 percent voters exercised their franchise in the second and final phase of the local civic body elections began today across seven districts of Kerala.
India-Russia joint army exercise to focus on counterterrorism  Nov 5, 10:12 pm
New Delhi, Nov. 5 (ANI): Indian and Russian armies will be conducting a joint military exercise as a part of a continuing series of annual joint exercises under the banner 'Exercise INDRA-2015'.
Weight loss apps not enough to fight obesity  Nov 5, 12:06 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 5 (ANI): According to a recent study, a cell phone app that tracks exercise, calories and weight loss goals is not enough to create meaningful weight loss in young adults.
Spend 25% of day standing to cut obesity risk  Nov 4, 8:32 am
Washington D.C, Nov 4 (ANI): A new study has found a simple way to reduce the obesity risk. All you have to do is spend at least one-quarter of the day standing.
Drugs can help overcome workout laziness  Nov 4, 8:09 am
Washington D.C, Nov 4 (ANI): Tired of being too lazy to exercise? Well, a recent research has suggested that drugs can help lazy people with their keep-fit classes.
People who don't exercise likelier to become 'alcoholics'  Nov 3, 12:44 pm
Washington D.C., Nov 3 (ANI): A new study has revealed that men and women who rarely or never exercise have higher chances of abusing alcohol than those who exercised frequently.
First phase of civic polls held in Kerala  Nov 2, 10:54 pm
Thiruvananthapuram, Nov. 2 (ANI): The first phase of the civic polls across seven districts of Kerala was held today in which nearly one crore voters exercised their franchise.
Vitamin D pill a day keeps unfitness, heart risk at bay  Nov 2, 8:45 am
Washington D.C, Nov 2 (ANI): You may want to start popping Vitamin D pills as a recent research has found that taking the supplements can improve exercise performance and lower the risk of heart disease.
First phase of civic polls in Kerala tomorrow  Nov 1, 6:15 pm
Kochi, Nov. 1 (ANI): The first phase of the civic polls in Kerala will be held tomorrow where over one crore voters are expected to exercise their franchise in seven districts.
Aerobics can keep Alzheimer's at bay  Oct 30, 4:49 pm
Washington D.C., Oct. 30 (ANI): A new study has revealed that long-term aerobic exercise can prevent age-related brain changes.
Rising taxes push smokers toward more danger  Oct 29, 2:07 pm
Washington D.C, Oct 29 (ANI): Increasing cigarette exercise taxes may have the unintended consequence of encouraging consumers to seek higher nicotine content and more dangerous cigarette products, according to a study.
Intense 'light weight' exercise increases bone density in adults  Oct 27, 11:05 am
Washington D.C., Oct. 27 (ANI): A new study has revealed that indulging in low-weight, high-repetition exercise can increase bone mineral density up to eight percent in adults.
Shocker: House demolished with man still inside  Oct 25, 11:02 am
Cyderabad, Oct.25 (ANI): An elderly man in Cyderabad city in Telangana on Saturday suffered serious injuries after the authorities carried out the demolishing exercise of his house while he was there inside it.
Do workouts to keep your brain young  Oct 24, 8:47 am
Washington D.C, Oct 24 (ANI): The secret to a younger brain may lie in exercising your body, according to recent research.
Aerobics exercise helps to control asthma  Oct 20, 2:30 pm
Washington D.C., Oct 20 (ANI): A new study has found that aerobics is really helpful for asthma patients and is effective in controlling asthma.
Regular pre-pregnancy exercise helps ward off pelvic pains  Oct 18, 12:41 pm
Washington D.C, Oct 18 (ANI): You may want to start regularly exercising before pregnancy as a team of researchers has found that doing so may protect you against so-called pelvic girdle pain as the fetus grows.
India-US-Japan naval exercise on  Oct 15, 10:16 pm
New Delhi, Oct. 15 (ANI): The joint naval exercise among the United States, India and Japan has been kicked off the Chennai cost to deepen their maritime ties.
Here`s why diabetics not great at dealing with daily dozens  Oct 15, 8:01 am
Washington D.C, Oct 15 (ANI): Not great at dealing with daily dozen? Blame your diabetes as a recent study has revealed that type 2 diabetes patients find exercise more difficult than others.
India, Japan and U.S. navies to participate in Malabar 2015  Oct 14, 1:42 pm
Chennai, Oct. 14 (ANI): India, Japan and the U.S. navies will participate in exercise Malabar 2015 beginning today to advance multi-national maritime relationships and mutual security issues.
India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise "Mitra Shakti-2015" culminates  Oct 12, 7:10 pm
New Delhi, Oct 12 (ANI): The third India-Sri Lanka joint training exercise "Mitra Shakti-2015" culminated today after a grand closing ceremony held at Aundh Military Camp, Pune.
Got post-heart attack blues? Start exercising and stop smoking  Oct 11, 8:16 am
Washington D.C, Oct 11 (ANI): Smokers, you may want to start exercising and kick that habit if you are suffering from depression after a heart attack as a new study suggests so.