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NASA`s Kepler Space Telescope finds Earth's twin  Apr 18, 10:03 am
Washington, Apr.18 (ANI): NASA's Kepler Space Telescope has discovered what is supposed to be the first planet of Earth's size that reportedly orbits a star in the "habitable zone".
Planets having odd tilts could be habitable   Apr 16, 10:59 am
Washington, April 16 (ANI): A new modeling done by researchers has suggested that pivoting planets that lean one way and then change orientation within a short geological time period might be surprisingly habitable.
F-type stars 'could be good places to look for habitable planets'  Mar 26, 9:53 am
Washington, March 26 (ANI): Researchers have said that scientists looking for habitable planets beyond Earth shouldn't overlook F-type stars in favor of their more abundant, smaller and cooler cousins.
Forests key to sustainable development, existence of humans   Mar 23, 11:22 am
Washington, March 23 (ANI): A new study has warned that the destruction of forests, that made earth habitable for mammals in the first place, will lead to the decline of all mammals, including humans.
Why Earth continues to remain habitable   Mar 20, 10:29 am
Washington, March 20 (ANI): Researchers have suggested that geologic cycles act as a climate control, releasing and absorbing atmospheric carbon dioxide in a balance that helps keep Earth planet neither too hot nor too cold.
Scientists come closer to discovering habitable earths  Mar 6, 10:03 am
Washington, March 6 (ANI): Researchers have clicked photos of a planet outside our solar system with an Earth-based telescope using essentially the same type of imaging sensor found in digital cameras instead of an infrared detector.
Most Earth-like planets may be inhabitable  Feb 27, 10:12 am
Washington, Feb 27 (ANI): Scientists have looked at how Earth-like planets form and suggest that many of them may be a lot less clement than was thought.
Planets fartherer from stars than normal norm could also be habitable  Jan 8, 3:45 pm
London, Jan 8 (ANI): Researchers have claimed that Earth-sized planets that are at least 10 times further away from stars could support life.
One in five Sun-like stars in Milky Way galaxy harbour potentially habitable planets  Nov 5, 10:11 am
Washington, Nov. 5 (ANI): Scientists have statistically determined that one in five Sun-like stars in our galaxy have Earth-sized planets that could host life.
Exoplanet tally passes 1,000  Oct 23, 11:00 am
London, Oct 23 (ANI): Scientists have revealed that the number of observed exoplanets - worlds circling distant stars - has passed 1,000.
Humans to get extinct before Earth ends in 1.75 billion years  Sep 19, 8:58 am
Washington, Sept. 19 (ANI): Habitable conditions on Earth will exist for at least another 1.75 billion years, according to astrobiologists.
`Uninhabitable` Antarctic subglacial lake shows sign of diverse life forms  Sep 11, 11:44 am
Washington, Sept. 11 (ANI): Scientists have found proof of diverse life forms, dating back nearly a hundred thousand years, in an Antarctic subglacial lake's sediments.
Twinkle twinkle little star tell me whether habitable you are!  Aug 22, 2:01 pm
Washington, August 22 (ANI): NASA's Kepler space telescope has linked the patterns of stars' flicker to the amount of boiling taking place there, an important indicator of its size, mass and evolutionary state.
NASA claims Jupiter's moon Europa could be habitable  Aug 8, 11:20 am
Washington, August 8 (ANI): Currently whatever is known about Jupiter's moon Europa is what has been gleaned from a dozen or so close flybys from NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft in 1979 and NASA's Galileo spacecraft in the mid-to-late 1990s.
Planets' overheating into boiling Venuses easier than previously believed  Jul 30, 12:52 pm
Washington, July 30 (ANI): Astronomers have claimed that it may be easier for a planet to overheat into searing uninhabitable 'runaway greenhouse' stage than previously believed.
Study of Solar system's youth could aid search for new planets  Jul 25, 10:08 am
Washington, July 25 (ANI): Comets and meteorites contain clues to our solar system's earliest days, even though some of the findings don't fit well together.
Two sun system 'better suited for life'  Jul 21, 11:56 am
Washington, July 21 (ANI): FACom researchers and astronomers of the University of Texas (El Paso) and New Mexico State University have discovered a physical mechanism that could make binary stars more hospitable to habitable planets than single stars.
Early Earth was warm enough to support life 3 bln years ago  Jul 10, 3:27 pm
Washington, July 10 (ANI): A new study suggests that early Earth was warm and habitable for life more than 3 billion years ago even though the sun was 20 percent dimmer than today.
'Uninhabitable' Antarctica lake surprisingly found to harbour life  Jul 7, 10:22 am
Washington, July 7 (ANI): Scientists had believed that Lake Vostok, which is buried under a glacier in Antarctica, and is so dark, deep and cold that it was a place which was totally uninhabitable.
60 billion planets in Milky Way could support life  Jul 2, 10:28 am
Washington, July 2 (ANI): A new study estimates that there may be twice the number of habitable planets than previously thought - thanks to new calculations that include the effect of clouds on alien worlds.
New solar system discovered with 3 super-Earth planets in habitable zone  Jun 26, 10:04 am
Washington, June 26 (ANI): A team of astronomers has discovered a new solar system packed full of planets.
Uninhabitable planets can be moved into `Goldilocks Zone`  Jun 25, 3:22 pm
New York, June 25 (ANI): Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has said that the ability to move planets throughout the solar system at our choosing is possible.
2 new Earth-like planets orbiting Sun-like star found  Apr 19, 9:31 am
Washington, April 19 (ANI): Scientists have discovered two Earth-like planets in the habitable orbit of a Sun-like star.
'Earth-sized' habitable planets more common than thought   Mar 13, 10:27 am
Washington, March 13 (ANI): The number of potentially habitable planets is greater than previously thought and some of those planets are likely lurking around nearby stars, a new analysis by a Penn State researcher as concluded.
Icy surface of Jupiter's moon Europa provides window into ocean below  Mar 6, 11:09 am
Washington, March 6 (ANI): The surface of Jupiter's icy moon Europa could offer clues to the potentially habitable ocean beneath, according to an astronomer at the California Institute of Technology.