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Humans, monkeys share similar visual illusions  Sep 29, 6:07 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that monkeys and humans see visual illusions in a similar way.
Now, an antiviral drug that could protect humans from Ebola   Aug 26, 11:50 am
Washington D.C., Aug 26 (ANI): In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have developed anti-viral-based therapies that have the potential to protect humans from the deadly Ebola virus.
Meet the `oldest living` kitty in the world  Aug 15, 2:11 pm
Washington DC, August 15 (ANI): Even kitties are giving a tough competition to humans to earn Guinness World Record as recently a 26-year-old kitty, Corduroy broke the Guinness World Record for being oldest living cat in the world.
Youths to lead in reconstruction of quake-ravaged Nepal  Aug 13, 1:33 pm
Kathmandu, Aug. 13 (ANI): Nepal's Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam has welcomed an initiative by young Nepalese citizens to play an active role in the reconstruction of the nation following the April 25 and May 12 earthquakes that left a trail of devastation and displacement of humans.
'Stem cells' could help to study pollution effects on humans   Aug 11, 3:40 pm
Washington DC, Aug 11 (ANI): Researchers claim that embryonic stem cells can help in studying the effects of pollution on human health.
Research shows how humans see different colours in different seasons  Aug 6, 4:00 pm
Washington DC, Aug. 6 (ANI): Revealing that humans see things differently in winter compared with summer scientist are now sheding light on human's ability to process colours.
Humans and horses have same `facial expressions`  Aug 6, 12:24 pm
Washington DC, Aug. 6 (ANI): Next time you see a horse don't make a face at it because it can do the same, as a new study that claims horses have facial expressions similar to humans.
Long-term affects of `radioactive` exposure on human race  Jul 31, 9:52 am
London, July 31 (ANI): Scientists have published a series of papers which highlights the long-term radiological and psychological impact of nuclear disasters on humans.
Dolphin study shows `dairy fat` may help curb diabetes in humans  Jul 23, 3:02 pm
Washington DC, July 23 (ANI): A new study conducted on Dolphins has shown that eating foods rich in heptadecanoic acid, a saturated fat present in butter and some fish may help reverse diabetes in humans.
Destruction of Earth's plant life may make civilisation unsustainable   Jul 15, 1:06 pm
Washington DC, July 15 (ANI): Continuous destruction of Earth's plant life need to be halted if we want to avert civilization from becoming completely unsustainable, claims a new study.
This is how your brain navigate even in dark   Jul 12, 6:09 pm
Washington DC, July 12 (ANI): A new research has found a region of the brain that enables humans to do anything and navigate us in our every small task.
'Yoga teaches humans how to live': PM Modi  Jul 11, 5:39 pm
Ashgabat, July 11 (ANI): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that Yoga teaches human beings how to live, while inaugurating a Traditional Medicine and Yoga Centre in Turkmenistan.
Gene therapy shows hope for the deaf to hear again   Jul 9, 11:54 am
Washington DC, July 9 (ANI): The successful restoration of hearing in mice suffering genetic form of deafness with the help of gene therapy has opened doors for researchers to try the same on humans.
Now a method to find exact time of death, even after 10 days  Jul 3, 3:37 pm
Washington DC, July 3 (ANI): A new research has found a method that can help calculate the exact time of a human's death even after 10 days (240 hours) of the occurrence.
'Common beat' is the global 'taal sey taal'  Jun 30, 1:41 pm
Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): A new study has revealed that humans across the world dance to the same beat, suggesting taal sey taal reverberates around the world.
Soon, 'cheaper, efficient' trip to Mars may be possible   Jun 30, 1:35 pm
Washington DC, Jun 30 (ANI): A team of scientists has suggested that a step-wise approach can send humans to Mars in a much efficient and economical way.
How parrots can 'talk' like humans finally unveiled  Jun 25, 12:41 pm
Washington, Jun 25 (ANI): Researchers have uncovered key structural differences in the brains of parrots that may explain the birds' unparalleled ability to imitate sounds and human speech.
Humans, Neanderthals interbred in Europe  Jun 23, 12:20 pm
Washington, Jun 23 (ANI): As per a new study, early Europeans had recent Neanderthal ancestors.
Sixth mass extinction is here! We can be among victims  Jun 21, 11:27 am
Washington, Jun 21 (ANI): Researchers have declared that we are entering a mass extinction that threatens humanity's existence.
Humans, like pigeons, use 3-D sense of smell as 'radar'  Jun 18, 11:47 am
Washington, June 18 (ANI): Humans too, like homing pigeons, navigate but through their sense of smell.
45k-years-old Jordan stone tools show earliest division of labour in humans  Jun 14, 2:40 pm
Washington, June 14 (ANI): Thousands of stone tools unearthed from a cave in Jordan have revealed the first bosses emerged 45,000 years ago.
Like humans, chimps may know when they're 'spot on'  Jun 9, 10:46 am
Washington, Jun 9 (ANI): A new study has suggested that chimpanzees are capable of metacognition or thinking about one's own thinking and can adjust their behavior accordingly.
Here's why humans and animals are driven to help others  Jun 5, 3:51 pm
Washington, Jun 5 (ANI): A new study suggesting that like humans, rats too offer help without self-benefit has shed light on what drives us to help others.
Buffon: Messi an alien who plays with us humans  Jun 3, 1:26 pm
London, Jun 3 (ANI): Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon has described star Barcelona forward Lionel Messi as an "extra-terrestrial" who "plays with us humans."
Here’s how you make emotional decisions  May 29, 5:15 pm
Washington, May 29 (ANI): A new research has found a neural circuit in brains that help humans in making anxiety-provoking decisions.