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Here's how we're losing fight against bedbugs  Feb 1, 1:33 pm
Washington D.C, Feb 1 (ANI): In the ongoing war between bedbugs and the humans, the bugs may be winning as a new study has revealed that they have developed resistance to a class of insecticides known as neonicotinoids, or neonics, the shortened name.
Rodents empathise, just like you  Jan 22, 4:14 pm
Washington D.C, Jan 22 (ANI): A new study has pointed out that empathy is more common in animals than previously believed.
Faces and their emotions matter to dogs  Jan 20, 12:39 pm
Washington D.C., Jan. 20 (ANI): A new study has revealed that like humans, dogs too have social gazing behavior and so, emotional expressions do have an effect on their behavior.
Rats can cause health threats to poultry, humans: Study  Jan 18, 9:44 am
Washington D.C., Jan. 18 (ANI): A new study has revealed that rats can absorb disease agents from their local environment and spread them.
Now you can walk upright with this gene  Jan 8, 2:04 pm
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8 (ANI): A new study has found that a tweak in gene expression might help humans walk upright.
Presence of Helicobacter pylori in Ötzi's stomach detected: Study  Jan 8, 2:04 pm
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8 (ANI): A team of researchers have detected the presence of Helicobacter pylori in Ötzi's stomach contents, a bacterium found in half of all humans today.
Human-Neanderthal relationships may be root of modern allergies  Jan 8, 9:49 am
Washington, D.C., Jan. 8 (ANI): Passionate encounters between ancient humans and their burly cousins- the Neanderthals, may have left modern people more prone to sneezes, itches and other allergies, researchers say.
Chinese restaurant kicks out waiters, 'app' to now take orders   Jan 5, 9:52 am
Melbourne, Jan. 5 (ANI): Smartphones are replacing humans as a Chinese restaurant in Beijing has recently replaced its waiters with a smartphone application.
Are those slurpy dog licks good for you?  Dec 21, 1:18 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 21 (ANI): Dogs are known to boost a person's wellbeing and now, a new study suggests that their germs too might be good for humans' health.
We evolved to sleep better in less time  Dec 15, 11:08 am
Washington D.C, Dec 15 (ANI): Insomnia? You may want to blame evolution as a new study has revealed that humans have evolved to get better sleep in less time.
Millet bridged gap between hunter-gathering and farming  Dec 14, 7:54 am
Washington D.C, Dec 14 (ANI): Now a forgotten crop in the West, Millet, a cereal familiar today as birdseed, is the missing link in prehistoric humans' transition from hunter-gatherer to farmer, according to a new study.
World's first test tube puppies born  Dec 10, 1:45 pm
Washington D.C, Dec 10 (ANI): The first-ever litter of puppies conceived through in vitro fertilization was born recently in what scientists described as a possible eradication of genetic diseases in both dogs and humans
Like humans, dogs too have a conscience:Study  Dec 9, 2:47 pm
Washington D.C., Dec. 9( ANI): A new study has found that like humans, animals such as dogs, dolphins and wolves too have a conscience.
Army ants efficient in 'minding the gap'  Nov 30, 8:15 am
Washington D.C, Nov 30 (ANI): Army ants in South and Central America can teach humans a thing or two about efficient delivery as a new study suggests that they build bridges to shorten their journeys through the rainforest.
Human and bird's common sound production mechanism  Nov 28, 2:47 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 28 (ANI): When birds and humans sing, it sounds completely different, but now new research shows that the very same physical mechanisms are at play when a bird sings and a human speaks.
Scientists create malaria-blocking mosquitoes  Nov 24, 3:35 pm
Washington D.C., Nov, 24 (ANI): Scientists have created a strain of mosquitoes capable of rapidly introducing malaria-blocking genes into a mosquito population and eliminate its ability to transmit the disease to humans.
Artificial pancreas performs nicely in small research  Nov 22, 12:53 pm
Washington D.C, Nov 22 (ANI): A team of researchers has developed a functional artificial pancreas that has performed well in humans in the pilot study.
When robots get hurt, we feel it too  Nov 4, 8:32 am
Washington D.C, Nov 4 (ANI): A team of scientists has found that we empathise with humanoid robots in a similar fashion as with other humans.
Black Death plagued humans since Bronze Age  Oct 23, 8:03 am
Washington D.C, Oct 23 (ANI): It turns out the plague was plaguing humans far earlier than previously believed.
Most Earths yet to be born  Oct 21, 8:51 am
Washington D.C, Oct 21 (ANI): The search for the Earth-like planet suitable for humans is still on, but a recent theoretical study from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore suggests we may be wasting our time as most Earth-like worlds are yet to be born.
Extinct tree-climbing human was handy with its feet as well  Oct 12, 8:03 am
Washington D.C, Oct 12 (ANI): Scientists studying the 1,550 fossil bones of Homo naledi, a newly discovered human relative unearthed in a South African cave, has provided more insight into how modern humans descended from the trees and evolved to walk upright, bearing tools in their hands.
`Disappointed` Taylor Swift cried, binged on burgers when she lost 2014 Grammys  Oct 10, 10:30 am
Washington D.C., Oct. 10(ANI): Like all other humans Taylor Swift also gets upset and disappointed when she faces failure.
Humans, monkeys share similar visual illusions  Sep 29, 6:07 pm
Washington D.C., Sept. 29 (ANI): A new study has revealed that monkeys and humans see visual illusions in a similar way.
Now, an antiviral drug that could protect humans from Ebola   Aug 26, 11:50 am
Washington D.C., Aug 26 (ANI): In a breakthrough discovery, scientists have developed anti-viral-based therapies that have the potential to protect humans from the deadly Ebola virus.
Meet the `oldest living` kitty in the world  Aug 15, 2:11 pm
Washington DC, August 15 (ANI): Even kitties are giving a tough competition to humans to earn Guinness World Record as recently a 26-year-old kitty, Corduroy broke the Guinness World Record for being oldest living cat in the world.