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Sam Worthington and wife have run-in with Sydney paparazzi   Sep 23, 11:45 am
Melbourne, Sept. 23(ANI): After suing a paparazzi in February, Sam Worthington and his wife Lara Bingle have been involved in another run-in with the snap clickers.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle sued by photog over assault charges  Aug 31, 9:58 am
Melbourne, Aug. 31 (ANI): Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle seem to be heading for a US court soon as a photographer has filed a lawsuit against the couple claiming that he has sustained more than 5.2 million dollars damages in a street attack.
Lara Bingle reveals meaning of her baby's name post being mocked in an article  Apr 5, 5:31 pm
Melbourne, Apr 5 (ANI): Lara Bingle recently lashed out against media for criticizing her and Sam Worthington's decision to name her son 'Rocket Zot'.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle name their newborn 'Rocket Zot'  Apr 2, 12:37 pm
New York, April 2 (ANI): Sam Worthington and model Lara Bingle have finally revealed the name of their newly born baby boy as Rocket Zot Worthington.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle become proud first time parents   Mar 28, 10:27 am
Washington, March 28 (ANI): Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle have become parents for the very first time.
Has Lara Bingle welcomed baby boy with hubby Sam Worthington?   Mar 25, 9:46 am
Wellington, Mar 25 (ANI): Lara Bingle has reportedly given birth to a baby boy with her husband Sam Worthington.
Lara Bingle fuels marriage rumors with long-time beau Sam Worthington  Mar 10, 11:38 am
Washington, Mar 10 (ANI): Lara Bingle has fueled the rumors of her marriage with long time boyfriend Sam Worthington by stating that there is no mystery to it.
'Matured' Lara Bingle reveals why she stopped sharing pics on social media  Mar 9, 11:12 am
Melbourne, Mar. 09 (ANI): Lara Bingle has recently revealed the real reason behind not sharing intimate pics on social media with her fans.
Its official: Lara Bingle expecting first baby with beau Sam Worthington  Jan 29, 10:03 am
Melbourne, Jan 29 (ANI): Australian supermodel Lara Bingle is expecting her first baby with boyfriend Sam Worthington after she was spotted with a baby bump.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle facing $10.8m lawsuit from NY paparazzo  Jan 6, 3:23 pm
Melbourne, Jan 6 (ANI): Paparazzo Sheng Li has demanded 10.8 million dollars from Sam Worthington and his gal-pal Lara Bingle for assaulting him.
Lara Bingle sparks marriage rumors with Sam Worthington 'again'  Dec 30, 5:59 pm
Melbourne, Dec 30 (ANI): Lara Bingle has again sparked rumors that she has tied the knot with Hollywood actor Sam Worthington by changing her name on social media.
Lara Bingle 'bored' of talking about personal life  Dec 15, 12:58 pm
Melbourne, Dec 15 (ANI): Lara Bingle has said that she has pulled back from public life and is bored of talking about her personal life.
Sam Worthington says getting slugged is 'normal risk' for celeb photogs  Dec 12, 5:45 pm
New York, Dec 12 (ANI): Sam Worthington, who got sued for 10 million dollars for punching a New York paparazzo who was following him and his girlfriend Lara Bingle in Greenwich Village, has opined that paparazzi should expect punches.
Lara Bingle set to unveil beauty tanning range The Base  Nov 19, 1:30 pm
Melbourne, Nov 19 (ANI): Lara Bingle is set to launch her new tanning collection The Base by Lara Bingle.
The mysterious case of Lara Bingle's disappearing baby bump   Nov 1, 3:52 pm
Melbourne, Nov 1 (ANI): Lara Bingle raised eyebrows when she appeared to be missing her rumoured baby bump.
Sam Worthington expecting first kid with girlfriend Lara Bingle  Sep 26, 2:00 pm
Washington, Sept 26 (ANI): Sam Worthington is expecting his first child with girlfriend Lara Bingle, it has been revealed.
Is Lara Bingle expecting baby with beau Sam Worthington?  Sep 19, 6:28 am
Melbourne, Sept 19 (ANI): Lara Bingle is expecting a baby with her beau Sam Worthington, according to reports.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle face 10m dollars lawsuit over scuffle with paprazzo   Sep 14, 6:12 pm
Washington, Sept. 14 (ANI): Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle, are being sued for 10million dollars over scuffle with a photographer Sheng Li earlier this year.
Sam Worthington, Lara Bingle faces $10m lawsuit for 'punching' photographer  Sep 13, 1:59 pm
New York, Sept 13 (ANI): Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle have been sued for 10 million dollar by following the violent punch-up with photographer Sheng Li.
Lara Bingle fuels baby rumours with noticeable 'bump'   Aug 29, 5:04 pm
London, Aug 29 (ANI): Lara Bingle has fuelled rumours about being pregnant, as she was recently spotted with a visible 'bump' around her belly during her Hawaii holiday.
'Topless and nude' Lara Bingle enjoys sunbathing with Sam Worthington   Aug 28, 11:36 am
Melbourne, August 28 (ANI): Lara Bingle was spotted naked sunbathing with her boyfriend Sam Worthington in Hawaii.
Lara Bingle posts photo with boyfriend Sam Worthington  Aug 23, 2:14 pm
Melbourne, Aug 23 (ANI): Lara Bingle recently shared a photo of her with boyfriend Sam Worthington depicting their happy love life.
Lara Bingle uploads naked pics on Instagram for 'National Nude Day'  Jul 16, 2:12 pm
Melbourne, July 16 (ANI): Lara Bingle recently celebrated National Nude Day by posting some sexy topless snaps of her on instagram.
Lara Bingle gushes about beau Sam Worthington for playing soccer at UNICEF charity   Jun 10, 10:16 am
Melbourne, June 10 (ANI): Lara Bingle seemed to be proud of Sam Worthington as she tweeted about him when he played soccer at Old Trafford for a charity match organized by UNICEF.
Lara Bingle receives suspended jail time for driving offence  May 13, 3:11 pm
Sydney, May 13 (ANI): Lara Bingle has been given a six-month suspended jail time and a fine of 2000 dollars for her driving offence.