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Wreck hunter confident Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 wreckage site located  Apr 16, 12:08 pm
Sydney, Apr 16 (ANI): Wreck hunter expert David Mearns has reportedly said that he is confident that the missing Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 wreckage site has been found and that the recovery of the black boxes is inevitable.
Swamy asks Chidambaram to relocate to Uzbekistan as he is unpopular  Apr 13, 3:24 pm
New Delhi, Apr. 13 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramanian Swamy on Sunday stated that Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram has become so unpopular in Tamil Nadu that's why he is not contesting this time and suggested him to relocate in Uzbekistan which will be more suitable for him.
Experiment in South Dakota gold mine could help detect dark matter  Apr 9, 1:11 pm
London, Apr 9 (ANI): Scientists suggest that an experiment located at the bottom of a gold mine in South Dakota, US, could offer the best chance yet of detecting dark matter.
Tour de France's route turns into dogging site at night   Apr 6, 3:02 pm
London, Apr.6 (ANI): Tour de France's Holme Moss route which is located at 1,719ft is a mecca for cyclists at day, but the route becomes a dogging site at night where couples openly have sex in their motors, egged on by strangers.
Pinger locator deployed in search of MH370 black box  Apr 5, 12:52 pm
London, April 5 (ANI): A towed pinger locator has been reportedly deployed to locate the black box of the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.
Race to locate MH370 black box from 'Victoria sized' debris zone intensifies   Mar 29, 4:35 pm
Sydney, Mar. 29 (ANI): Recovering the debris of the missing Malaysia Airline passenger jet from the search area the size of Victoria is reportedly getting critical as the time to locate the black box is nearing its end.
Rescue ships trying to locate 'multiple, colourful objects' suspected to be MH370 debris  Mar 29, 10:10 am
Sydney, Mar. 29 (ANI): Chinese patrol ships are reportedly trying to locate multiple objects of various colours, which could be the potential debris from the ill-fated Malaysian passenger jet.
Mini-planet with two rings of ice and pebbles discovered  Mar 27, 9:01 am
Washington, March 27 (ANI): Researchers have discovered a miniature planet with two rings of ice and pebbles, located two billion kilometers out in the solar system between Saturn and Uranus.
Dwarf pink planet found lurking on fringes of our solar system  Mar 27, 9:01 am
Washington, March 27 (ANI): Scientists have discovered a dwarf pink planet located beyond the known edge of our Solar System.
Time ticking away for searchers to locate crashed MH370's black box  Mar 26, 10:56 am
Sydney, Mar. 26 (ANI): As it has been now confirmed that the Malaysia Airline passenger jet crashed into the southern Indian Ocean, the most important task for investigators is to locate the plane's black box.
Oprah relocating OWN HQ to West Hollywood  Mar 25, 3:31 pm
Washington, March 25 (ANI): Oprah Winfrey is moving her 3-year-old cable channel, Oprah Winfrey Network, from Miracle Mile offices to the new office space on The Lot in West Hollywood later this year.
NHRC issues notice to Tamil Nadu Government on reports of seven workers' death due to asphyxiation  Mar 24, 9:28 pm
New Delhi, Mar. 24 (ANI): The National Human Rights Commission has taken suo motu cognizance of media reports that seven workers of a private dyeing unit located in the Erode Industrial Complex of State Industries Promotion Corporation of Tamil Nadu died of asphyxiation and several others were taken ill on the 18th March, 2014 after inhaling toxic gas from a waste treatment tank.
18 days left to locate missing MH370's black box  Mar 19, 10:22 am
Sydney, Mar. 19 (ANI): As the desperate search for the missing Malaysian Airline Flight 370 continues for the 11th day, authorities are running out of time before the crucial black box stops giving a signal to unlock the mystery.
Russian forces seize gas plant on Crimean border  Mar 16, 10:34 am
Washington, Mar. 16 (ANI): Russian forces have taken control over a gas installation located between Crimea and Russia.
Netizens turning to satellite imaging site to locate missing Malaysian jet  Mar 12, 10:16 am
Washington, Mar. 12 (ANI): Netizens have reportedly taken to satellite imagery crowdsourcing platform to help locate the missing Malaysian Airline MH370.
Guam - the 'tip' of the USA's strategic triangle  Mar 11, 11:29 am
Guam, the westernmost territory of the USA, possesses great strategic importance to the world's leading superpower. Located nearly 2,600km due east of Manila, Guam is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands. 'Largest' is obviously a relative term, as Guam is still only about three-quarters the size of Singapore.
NASA offering $35k to citizen scientists to help locate incoming asteroids  Mar 11, 10:12 am
Washington, Mar 11 (ANI): NASA's Asteroid Data Hunter contest series will reward citizen scientists 35,000 dollars, who develop improved algorithms that can be used to identify asteroids, over the next six months.
Black boxes can solve riddle of mysteriously missing Malaysia Airlines flight   Mar 9, 11:09 am
Washington, Mar. 9 (ANI): Mystery over missing Malaysia Airlines plane can be solved if its 'black boxes' are located.
Rapidly spinning supermassive black hole located 6 bln light-years away found  Mar 6, 10:03 am
Washington, March 6 (ANI): Astronomers have used NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and the European Space Agency's (ESA's) XMM-Newton to show a supermassive black hole six billion light-years from Earth is spinning extremely rapidly.
Placement of clitoris might be key to orgasm!  Feb 25, 11:24 am
Washington, February 25 (ANI): A new study has revealed that the size of clitoris matters, and that women with orgasm problems may have smaller clitoris, which is located farther from the vagina.
NDMC allocates Rs.141.44 crores for educational services   Feb 18, 9:39 pm
New Delhi, Feb.18 (ANI): New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Chairman Jalaj Shrivastava on Tuesday announced that Rs.141.44 crores has been allocated for Educational Services with capital outlay of Rs.4.04 crores in budget estimate for 2014-15.
Missing Nepal plane's wreckage found  Feb 17, 11:46 am
London, Feb. 17 (ANI): The wreckage of a passenger plane that crashed into the side of a snow-covered mountain in Nepal, killing all 18 people on board, have been located in the western district of Arghakhanchi.
New galaxy clusters located 10 billion light years away found  Feb 13, 3:23 pm
Washington, Feb. 13 (ANI): Researchers have identified four new galaxy clusters located 10 billion light years away.
Terai's Gujjar community prepared to resettle for tiger conservation  Feb 4, 10:14 am
Washington, Feb. 4 (ANI): Researchers have revealed that people in the western Terai Arc Landscape, India, are prepared to relocate their homes and families to help conserve tigers.
Leonardo DiCaprio's six-year-old missing niece now in safe custody  Jan 31, 4:56 pm
Washington, Jan 31 (ANI): Leonardo DiCaprio's six-year-old niece Normandie Farrar, who was listed as missing by the Department of Justice, has been located by the authorities, and is safe and sound.