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Low glycemic index diets not necessarily beneficial for heart, diabetes   Dec 17, 9:57 am
Washington, Dec 17 (ANI): A new research has indicated that a low glycemic diet does not improve insulin sensitivity, lipid levels or blood pressure.
Low-glycemic breakfast can control BP throughout the day  Apr 5, 12:44 pm
Washington, Apr 5 (ANI): Eating meals at breakfast that have a low glycemic index may help prevent a spike in blood sugar throughout the morning and after the next meal of the day, a new study has revealed.
Setting specific goal can help improve dietary habits of diabetics  Feb 9, 5:01 pm
Washington, Feb 9 (ANI): A specific goal to eat a set number of daily servings of low-glycemic-index foods can improve dietary habits of people with Type 2 diabetes, researchers say.