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Mattel's USD 300 3D printer let kids design their own toys  Feb 16, 6:06 pm
New Delhi, Feb.16 (ANI): American multinational toy manufacturing company Mattel has unveiled a 3D printer which works with an iOS and Android app and let children and adults design new figurines and send them wirelessly from their phone or tablet straight to the printer.
Barbie gets realistic with latest makeover  Jan 29, 10:12 am
Johannesburg, Jan. 29 (ANI): Get ready to see your favourite Barbie all decked up in new realistic avatars with three body types - curvy, tall and petite.
Now, Barbie to wear 'flats' for first time in 56 yrs  Jun 5, 2:46 pm
Washington, June 5 (ANI): Times have certainly changed, as now Barbie will be stepping out in flats for the first time in 56 years.
DC entertainment set to launch superhero universe for girls, from toys to TV   Apr 23, 5:19 pm
Washington, April 23 (ANI): DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Mattel announced to unveil a whole new line of products and media for girls featuring familiar superheroes and supervillains as "relatable teens."
Hacked Sony mails reveal Margot Robbie frontrunner for real-life Barbie role   Apr 21, 10:31 am
Melbourne, Apr 21 (ANI): The leaked emails of Sony Pictures have revealed that Margot Robbie could play the real-life version of Barbie in a film based around the Mattel toy.
New 'Hello Barbie' doll draws ire for uploading private conversations on net   Mar 16, 12:19 pm
Melbourne, Mar. 16 (ANI): A new "Hello Barbie" doll has earned immense amount of criticism from parents and privacy advocates for uploading private conversations on the net.
New 3D-printed battle armor 'Faire Play Battle Set' developed for Barbie  Jul 17, 5:23 pm
Washington, July 17 (ANI): A 3D designer has created the 'Faire Play Battle Set' comprising three full sets of 3D-printed battle armor for Mattel's stereotyped Barbie.
'Real-life' mattell doll Alina Kovalevskaya not in talking terms with human barbie   Jul 12, 6:21 pm
Washington, July 12 (ANI): Alina Kovalevskaya, a real-life Mattell doll who claims that she has never gone under the knife, has revealed that she is not in talking terms with the controversial human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova.
'Chemo Barbie' helps young girls with cancer  Jun 29, 2:12 pm
London, June 29 (ANI): Mattel's "Chemo Barbie", Ella, can help young girls fight cancer.
'Slumping' Barbie sales hurt toy giant Mattle's Q1 earnings  Apr 19, 4:31 pm
New York, Apr 19 (ANI): Toymaker Mattle's sales of its iconic Barbie dolls have reportedly tumbled 14 percent in the first quarter.
Barbie's latest 'Entrepreneur' gig unveiled   Feb 19, 2:46 pm
London, February 19 (ANI): Mattel has unveiled the Barbie Entrepreneur for its "I can be" line at the American International Toy Fair in New York.
'Unapologetic' Barbie graces cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit mag  Feb 13, 3:41 pm
Johannesburg, Feb 13: After being involved in a debate over her unattainably perfect figure for the last 5 decades, Barbie has graced the cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit 50th anniversary issue.
Barbie designer defends doll's exaggerated curves  Feb 4, 12:00 pm
Washington, February 4 (ANI): The designer of Barbie doll has defended its controversial body shape and said that it was never designed to be "realistic".
Mattel's earnings slump as Barbie sales tumble   Feb 2, 1:15 pm
Washington, Feb. 2 (ANI): Sales of Mattel's doll plunged 13 percent worldwide during the crucial fourth quarter.
Monster High collection eating into 'iconic' Barbie doll sales  Jul 18, 2:37 pm
New York, July 18 (ANI): Toy maker giant Mattel has revealed that sales of their Barbie dolls have tumbled 12 percent in the second quarter because of its fast-growing Monster High franchise.
Royal Caribbean launches Barbie themed cruises  Jun 10, 5:09 pm
New York, June 10 (ANI): Royal Caribbean International and Mattel have launched a new initiative- a Barbie themed fashion show while aboard.
Barbie selling 'iconic' pink Malibu 'dreamhouse' for $25m  Feb 8, 12:10 pm
New York, Feb. 8 (ANI): One of America's most recognizeable fashionistas Barbie has decided to sell her three-story dreamhouse in Malibu for 25 million dollars.
Barbie 'Dreamhouse' to go on display in March  Jan 16, 3:01 pm
Melbourne, Jan 16 (ANI): The world's first real life Barbie "Dreamhouse" is set to go on display as part of the latest reinvention for the 54-year-old wonder doll.
Meet real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyonova  Nov 13, 3:40 pm
Wellington, Nov 13 (ANI): Real life Barbie doll Valeria Lukyonova, who made everyone go bananas with her 50cm waist - similar to Mattel's most famous plaything, has an entire spread in V magazine dedicated to her.
Meet the new Barbie doll in drag queen avatar  Aug 17, 4:45 pm
London, August 17 (ANI): Toymakers Mattel is now aiming to inspire male fans with a new 'drag queen' Barbie Doll, after serving as a role model to little girls for so many years.
Barbie to get bald makeover for kids with cancer   Apr 1, 4:04 pm
London, Apr 1 (ANI): Barbie's makers Mattel are going to make a bald version of the doll after two mothers whose daughters lost their hair due to cancer treatment, launched a campaign.
US cancer society blogger apologizes for 'callous' comment on Bald Barbie  Jan 19, 5:19 pm
Washington, Jan 19 (ANI): A blogger who wrote that the Bald Barbie movement could "do more harm than good for kids and parents" has apologized after catching the wrath of the nearly 130,000 people who have joined a social media campaign urging Mattel to make a bald Barbie.
Pattinson and Stewart to be turned into dolls  Jan 12, 3:11 pm
Washington, Jan 12 (ANI): Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are set to be the feature of a new set of 'Twilight' toys released by Barbie manufacturer Mattel.
Campaign calls for 'bald' Barbie for young cancer survivors  Jan 8, 12:15 pm
Melbourne, Jan 8 (ANI): A campaign that has taken roots on Facebook and other social networking sites has put tremendous pressure on toy company Mattel to create a bald Barbie for young cancer survivors.
Nicki Minaj Barbie doll to be auctioned for charity  Dec 4, 3:16 pm
Washington, Dec 4 (ANI): Nicki Minaj has revealed that she is very thrilled that toy company Mattel has created a Barbie Doll in her likeness.