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Kim Jong-un's sister assumes role of senior party official   Nov 27, 4:43 pm
London, Nov 27 (ANI): The younger sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly been introduced for the first time as senior party official in state media.
North Korea threatens more nuclear tests in response to UN human rights censure   Nov 20, 1:45 pm
Washington, Nov 20 (ANI): North Korea has reportedly threatened more nuclear tests in response to a United Nations draft resolution referring the country to the International Criminal Court for prosecution of crimes against humanity.
North Korea aggressively denies UN charges of committing crimes against humanity  Nov 19, 1:22 pm
London, Nov 19 (ANI): Shortly after a committee of the United Nations General Assembly called on the Security Council to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court over its human rights record, the nation has denied the charges flatly.
North Korean weightlifters make country proud  Nov 16, 12:20 pm
London, November 16 (ANI): North Korea is on course to give a hero's welcome for their team of six male and six female weightlifters this week who secured the greatest sporting triumph in the country's history at the International Weightlifting Federation championships being held in Kazakhstan.
Rodman was advised by Miami drag queen to not let North Korea trip 'be in vain'  Nov 11, 4:06 pm
New York, Nov 11 (ANI): American basketball legend Dennis Rodman's foreign police is reportedly a Miami drag queen Elaine Lancaster and she advised him to make the most of his trip to North Korea.
Kim Jong-un 'crueler' than his father, says former bodyguard  Nov 10, 12:45 pm
London, Nov 10 (ANI): The ex-bodyguard of the former Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il believes that current leader of the country Kim Jong-un is ever "crueler" than his father.
North Korea frees last two US prisoners  Nov 9, 11:55 am
London, Nov 09 (ANI): A report has said that the last two Americans who were being detained in North Korea, Matthew Todd Miller and Kenneth Bae, have been released and are on their way home.
Bodyguard describes Kim Jong Il's terror: 'He could chop off our heads'   Nov 8, 3:42 pm
London, Nov 08 (ANI): The bodyguard of the former Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Il described his terror and how "even when he was happy he would be rude and could chop off their heads".
North Korea accused of sending labourers to work as 'state-sponsored slaves' in Qatar   Nov 8, 3:05 pm
London, Nov 08 (ANI): North Korea has been accused of sending labourers to work as 'state-sponsored slaves' on construction sites in Qatar for scanty or no wages at all.
North Korea develops own ballistic missile-carrying submarine   Nov 3, 11:27 am
Melbourne, Nov 03 (ANI): North Korea has reportedly developed its own submarine capable of firing ballistic missiles.
North Korea publicly executes officials for watching South Korean soap operas  Oct 30, 11:48 am
London, Oct 30 (ANI): At least 50 North Koreans, including several officials from Kim Jong-un's Workers' Party, were publicly executed for watching South Korean soaps this year.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un underwent ankle operation to remove cyst  Oct 29, 10:39 am
Washington, Oct 29 (ANI): A lawmaker has said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un who went missing from public view for about six weeks, underwent a surgery to get a cyst removed from his left ankle.
US official says North Korea capable of building miniaturized nuclear weapons  Oct 25, 11:58 am
Washington, Oct 25 (ANI): A top US general has reportedly said that North Korea is capable of building miniaturized nuclear warhead.
Has Kim Jong-Un had six top North Korean officials 'executed'?  Oct 24, 11:56 am
London, Oct 24 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly got six of his top officials executed.
North Korea releases U.S. citizen detained over 'anti-state' charges  Oct 22, 1:24 pm
London, Oct 22 (ANI): One of the three United States citizens Jeffrey Fowle who was detained over charges of 'anti-state' crimes in North Korea has been released, said U.S. officials.
Kim Jong-Un hosts banquet for gold medal winners  Oct 20, 1:41 pm
London, Oct 20 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un hosted a banquet for athletes who bagged gold medals for the country at the 17th Asian Games held in South Korea.
North, South Korea exchange fire across border  Oct 20, 10:41 am
London, Oct 20 (ANI): North and South Korean border guards exchanged gunfire across their heavily militarized border on Sunday, South Korea said.
Kim Jong-un finally makes public appearance after mystery month long hiatus  Oct 14, 9:58 am
London, Oct 14 (ANI): According to North Korean official news agency, leader Kim Jong-un has finally made his first public appearance since September 3 at a newly built scientists' residential district.
Kim Jong-Un takes business tips from Alan Sugar's hit show 'The Apprentice'  Oct 13, 4:09 pm
London, Oct 13 (ANI): North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un reportedly gets his business tips from watching "The Apprentice"- a hit TV show starring Lord Alan Sugar.
'Missing' Kim Jong-un may have fled after attempted military coup in North Korea: Report  Oct 10, 11:19 am
London, Oct 10 (ANI): Rumours are rife that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who has been keeping away from the public eye for over a month now, may have fled following an attempted military coup.
South Korean official dispels rumors about Kim Jong Un's ill health  Oct 6, 11:35 am
Beijing, Oct 06 (ANI): Dispelling rumors about North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's poor health, Ryoo Kihl-jae, the Unification Minister of the Republic of Korea (ROK), has reportedly said that top notch North Korean official, Kim Yang Gon, had revealed during his visit to South Korea that there was "no problem" with the king's health.
North Korea envoy says country not planning any missile, nuclear tests  Oct 3, 2:40 pm
London, Oct 3 (ANI): North Korean ambassador to the UN in Geneva, So Se Pyong, has reportedly assured that the country is not planning any missile or nuclear tests.
North Korea admits Kim Jong-un unwell amid reports of Supreme Leader suffering from gout  Sep 27, 10:26 am
London, Sep 27 (ANI): North Korea has publicly confirmed that Kim Jong-un is suffering from a medical problem, after reports of the Supreme Leader suffering from gout surfaced.
Has Kim Jong-un developed an insatiable cheese fetish?  Sep 18, 11:40 am
London, Sep 18 (ANI): North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's addiction to cheese is reportedly taking a toll on his health.
North Korea sentences U.S. man to six years hard labour for 'hostile acts'  Sep 15, 10:26 am
London, Sep 15 (ANI): North Korea has sentenced a man from the United States to six years of hard labour for 'hostile acts', say reports.